• Firm: Prudent Wealthcare, LLC
  • Job Title: Founder
  • Certifications: CFP®


Gage DeYoung, CFP®, is the founder of Prudent Wealthcare, LLC, which utilizes a passive portfolio structure for a low-cost and an asset allocation investment strategy to balance portfolio risk and return.

Gage has 20+ years of professional experience and collaborated with hundreds of affluent families in the South Denver area from 2001-2014. He has been quoted in U.S. News & World Report, The Fiscal Times, Investopedia, and Bankrate.

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Gage received his BBA from the University of North Texas.

Quote from Gage DeYoung

“Gage is the founder of Prudent Wealthcare, LLC. Prudent Wealthcare provides Low-Cost Investment Portfolio Solutions with a Dynamic Financial Plan. Gage is focused on empowering his clients and collaborates with them much like a personal trainer.”