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Budget-friendly protection for your dogs and cats

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The policy options available at Geico’s lower price points are impressive, but you may end up overpaying for full coverage.

Based on our review of almost two dozen pet insurance companies, Geico was not one of the best companies we found. To see other options that may be better, visit our list of the best pet insurance companies.

  • Pros & Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview
Pros & Cons
  • Suitable for any budget

  • Three wellness options

  • Great discounts

  • Choose your own coverage

  • Barebones website

  • Some policy term limitations

  • Policies not serviced by Geico

  • Low-value wellness plans

Key Takeaways
  • Geico refers pet parents to Embrace Pet Insurance to enroll in coverage.
  • Just one accident and illness plan and a set of optional wellness riders are available, but policy customizations can be combined in different ways to create a personalized plan.
  • Prices are fairly low for basic coverage, but more complete options tend to be overpriced.
  • Several discounts are available to help you save 10% or more on premiums.
Company Overview

Geico was founded in 1936 as an auto insurance provider but soon expanded its product line to meet additional needs. Today, the company offers policies for cars, homes, businesses, boats, and more. More recently, Geico has begun to advertise pet policies via a partnership with Embrace Pet Insurance, a pet insurance company that has been in the business since 2006. While Geico lists policy information on its own website, clicking on the button to request a quote takes you directly to the Embrace website, which is also where policyholders can go to manage their plan and file claims.

  • Year Founded 1936
  • Waiting Period Two to 14 days
  • Deductible $200 to $1,000
  • Customer Service Forms Phone, chat, email
  • Customer Service Telephone (800) 793-2003
  • Company Website

One of the largest insurers in the country, Geico offers pet policies to U.S. animal lovers through Embrace Pet Insurance, a well-known veterinary insurance provider for dogs and cats. These flexible plans are easy on the budget and cover treatment your pets might need if they're sick or hurt. But Geico’s policies are better suited for some pets than for others. In this review, we’ll explore how to decide whether Geico pet insurance is the best option for your furry family members.

Pros Explained

  • Suitable for any budget: Geico offers pricing for pet owners looking to save and for those who are willing to splurge.
  • Three wellness options: Get flexible preventive care coverage with total annual benefits that range from $250 to $650.
  • Great discounts: Geico will give you a discount just for spaying or neutering your pet. You can also save up to 10% by paying premiums annually and enrolling multiple pets.
  • Choose your own coverage: There are various ways to combine Geico’s coverage options into a policy that suits your needs.

Cons Explained

  • Barebones website: Owners looking for pet insurance information on Geico’s website will only find a single page with sparse information.
  • Some policy term limitations: Geico doesn’t offer unlimited annual benefits, $0 deductibles, or 100% reimbursement like some competitors.
  • Policies not serviced by Geico: These pet policies are all administered by Embrace Pet Insurance
  • Low-value wellness plans: After you pay premiums for preventive care, you’ll only get $25 in savings if you use the plan’s full potential value.

Available Plans

Geico’s pet insurance offering consists of a single but highly customizable accident and illness plan, along with a wellness plan with three reimbursement percentages. Covered treatments include everything from exam fees to treatment and medication for most accidents and illnesses that aren’t pre-existing.

Coverage can be supplemented with a wellness rider that pays for preventive care services up to $250 to $650 per year, depending on which option you choose. By combining all the above options, there are 300 different ways to personalize your Geico pet insurance policy.

Covered Treatment Accident and Illness Plan Wellness Rewards
Exam Fees  
Lab Tests  
Continued Treatment  
Genetic Conditions  
Preventive Care  
Spay/Neuter Surgery  
Dental Treatment  
Behavioral Treatment  
Alternative/Holistic Care

Plan Pricing

Geico’s flexible policy options mean that pricing is equally flexible. If you’re on a tight budget, basic coverage starts at just pennies per day. Those with a bit more flexibility will find that even the pricier high-limit, low-deductible plans are surprisingly affordable.

Wellness plans are a bit more expensive for what you get in return. You pay a flat rate for every animal regardless of age, breed, or size. But when you subtract the maximum annual benefit from the cost of 12 months of premiums, each plan only nets $25 in savings—and that’s assuming you take advantage of the full potential reimbursement amount.

Geico’s wellness plan isn’t so much an insurance policy as it is a way to budget for your pet’s preventive care. The monthly fee essentially just distributes the cost of annual checkups and vaccinations over the course of the year.

  Accident and Illness Plan Wellness Rewards
Dog: 1 Year $11.35 to $44.11 $18.75 to $52.09
Dog: 3 Year $11.60 to $45.06 $18.75 to $52.09
Dog: 6 Year $14.28 to $55.50 $18.75 to $52.09
Dog: 12 Year $31.13 to $120.96 $18.75 to $52.09
Cat: 1 Year $5.68 to $22.06 $18.75 to $52.09
Cat: 3 Year $6.77 to $26.31 $18.75 to $52.09
Cat: 6 Year $8.76 to $34.02 $18.75 to $52.09
Cat: 12 Year $14.71 to $57.15 $18.75 to $52.09

Waiting Periods

Geico offers fairly competitive waiting periods for injuries is two days and illness is 14 days. An exception is made for orthopedic conditions, which aren’t covered until six months after your policy starts.

Pre-Existing Conditions

A downside of all pet insurance is that it doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. If your pet had an illness or injury before the policy start date, Geico will deny coverage for any related claims. Conditions are determined as pre-existing depending on the date that symptoms first appeared, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve received an official diagnosis from a veterinarian yet.  

Coverage Limits

Annual limits for accident and illness coverage come in five tiers that start at $5,000 and go up to $30,000, with the latter being the most expensive. Unfortunately, Geico doesn’t offer an option to choose unlimited annual benefits, which helps explain how premiums are kept so low. With that said, $30,000 is more than enough coverage for an overwhelming majority of pets.

Wellness plans are available at three levels with annual limits of $250, $450, and $650. If you don’t meet the limit before the year is up, you’ll lose any remaining benefits.

Wellness coverage from many pet insurers is scheduled, meaning each preventive treatment carries its own annual limit. Geico’s plan provides much greater flexibility, with a single limit that can be used for any of several treatments covered under your plan.

Plan Exclusions

Geico lacks most of the glaring exclusions that are common among pet insurers, but there are a couple that still deserve mention. The provider reserves the right to discontinue coverage if a veterinarian has recommended that treatment be discontinued and the pet euthanized for humane reasons. You’ll also be on the hook for medical bills if your pet contracts a preventable disease for which you neglected to have them vaccinated.


Geico pet policies are administered by Embrace Pet Insurance, so any claims will be filed directly with this provider. Embrace offers digital claim filing methods through its website and a smartphone app which, combined with direct deposit, make getting reimbursed easy. You can also receive payment via check if you prefer. Overall, the claims process takes about 10 to 15 business days for review and an additional three to 10 days for payment to be received.

Customer Service

Like claims processing, customer service is also carried out by Embrace. Policy support is available by phone and email Monday through Friday during business hours and on Saturday mornings. For emergency health advice and other medical assistance, a 24/7 pet health line is accessible by phone, video call, and chat whenever you need it.

Third-Party Ratings

While Geico is generally a well-rated company, we evaluated third-party data on Embrace to get a more accurate picture of these pet policies’ industry reputation. Embrace has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau; its top listed underwriter, American Modern Insurance Group, has been given an A+ financial stability rating by AM Best.

Competition: Geico vs. Nationwide

Geico and Nationwide are long-standing rivals in the auto insurance industry. But when it comes to pet insurance, the two take vastly different approaches. Nationwide administers its own policies, which are available not just for dogs and cats but also birds, reptiles, and small mammals.

The provider’s top-tier plan includes benefits for accidents, illnesses, and preventive care and was priced at $66.57 for a two-year-old mixed breed dog. To build a comparable policy with Geico, you’d have to add a wellness rider to the provider’s highest coverage level for a total of $79.53, and even then you wouldn’t quite get the same level of care. For pet owners who want a more robust policy, Nationwide comes out on top.

  Geico Nationwide
Animals Covered Dogs and cats Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, small mammals
Example Cost $79.53 to insure a two-year-old dog with 90% coverage, a $30,000 annual limit, and a $200 deductible with wellness benefits $66.57 to insure a two-year-old dog with 90% coverage, no annual limit, and a $250 deductible with wellness benefits
Coverage Type Accident, illness, and wellness Accident, illness, and wellness
Waiting Period Injuries: 2 days;
Illnesses: 14 days
Injuries: 14 days;
Illnesses: 14 days

Geico offers affordable policies with personalized levels of coverage that make them suitable for pet owners on a budget. When you sign up for a plan, you’ll be taken care of by Embrace, a well-respected pet insurer with around 15 years of industry experience. However, Geico might not be the most cost-effective for policies with higher limits and lower deductibles. It’s always worth shopping around for a few quotes to find the best rate for your pet.


Our methodology for reviewing pet insurance consists of quantitative data that includes policy pricing, coverage options, limitations, and much more. We also evaluate customer service strength and the convenience of the claims process, including any available technology. Finally, we take third-party data into consideration from companies like AM Best and the Better Business Bureau.

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