Home Loan Company Helps Honor U.S. Veterans

We profile 5 of the honorees who served their country and communities

This Veterans Day, Investopedia is highlighting an effort by Veterans United Home Loans, a company which helps veterans across the U.S. become homeowners. This effort is more important than ever as U.S. home prices have risen enormously over the past year, with the S&P/Case-Shiller home price index having risen 19.8% year-over-year in August, its most recent reading. This means that U.S. veterans, including the many U.S. military personnel returning home after the end of the longest war in U.S. history, face steeper challenges to homeownership with 37,252 U.S. veterans were experiencing homelessness as of January 2020. This year, until Dec. 31, U.S. veterans can enter to win up to $500,000 toward purchasing a new home.

Ten contestants have already won this competition, with the 11th slot still open. Because we want to show how veterans continue to enrich and improve their communities, we want to highlight the good work of five of the winners here:

  • Andre, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, delivered food to people facing food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic, just the latest instance of his work helping fight hunger in his community.
  • Regina, a U.S. Navy veteran, helped feed veterans facing food insecurity, as well as managing her son's football team. Believing that helping raise children "takes a village," she works to ensure her children, and all the children in her neighborhood are taken care of.
  • Jim, an avid hunter and U.S. Army veteran who served in the Vietnam War, who, donated the meat from his hunts to those in his community who needed it. He now serves as a mentor for his teenage grandson, helping instill his spirit of selfless generosity in a new generation.
  • Samuel, an Iraq War veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, helped use his strength and training to empower those in his community. He teaches self-defense classes for children experiencing bullying and women looking to defend themselves.
  • Jonathon served in both Iraq and Afghanistan in the U.S. Army, and now works to protect his community as a police officer.

We want to thank all of the U.S. military personnel for their service, whether they are still serving in uniform or serving their communities back home.

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