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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a Home Warranty?

    Unlike homeowners' insurance, which covers your house and property in the event of an accident or natural disaster, home warranties cover repairs and replacements for appliances and home systems.

    In exchange for a monthly or annual fee, you pay a service fee every time a technician comes out to repair or replace an appliance or system instead of paying out of pocket for the full repair or replacement of that appliance or system.

    Most home warranties offer plans that cover certain appliances, certain home systems, or both.

  • How is a Home Warranty Different from Homeowners' Insurance?

    Homeowners' insurance is a requirement before you complete your home purchase. It protects your home and property in the event of damages sustained from an accident or natural disaster.

    A home warranty is optional coverage for appliances and home systems, like your refrigerator or your home's heating or cooling system. If an appliance or system breaks down, a technician will come to repair or replace the item or system, and you'll pay a service fee instead of paying for the complete replacement or repair of that item. This is all in exchange for a monthly or annual plan fee.

  • How Can a Realtor Use a Home Warranty?

    Yes. In fact, a transferable home warranty is one way to sweeten the deal for a Realtor or for anyone selling a home. And should something break down in the house before closing, the Realtor or home seller can use the warranty as intended to repair or replace those items.

  • How Much Do Home Warranties Cost?

    The average home warranty plan costs about $534.18, based on the eight companies we reviewed in our Best Home Warranty Companies roundup.

    Keep in mind that in addition to the annual (or monthly) fee associated with a home warranty, you'll also have to pay a trade service fee, which you pay when a technician comes to your home and repairs or replaces an item or system. This fee is a sort of deductible that will lower your monthly or annual plan cost. We've found that trade service fees run between $50 and $125 per visit.

  • What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

    Home warranty coverage varies greatly from company to company and plan to plan. Most home warranty providers have plans that cover major appliances, like refrigerators, dishwashers, and ranges, as well as plans that cover larger home systems like the heating and cooling systems and water heaters. Most companies offer a plan that covers both appliances and major systems.

    It's important to understanding that all home warranties have exclusions for covered items, so be sure to read the fine print before purchasing a home warranty plan.

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