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Everything you need to know about the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) forms required to pay your U.S. income taxes.

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Human Fills out the W-4 Tax Form
Form W-4: What It Is, Who Needs To File, and How To Fill It Out
You may be able to get a tax credit for childcare expenses
IRS Form 2441: What It Is, Who Can File, and How To Fill it Out
What Is Schedule C? Who Can File and How to File for Taxes
IRS Building in Washington
The Purpose of IRS Form 8949
An IRS building facade.
Form 5498: IRA Contribution Information
Form 1310: Purpose for Taxes, Who Files, and How to File
Affordable Care Act
Form 8962: Premium Tax Credit Definition
What Is Schedule D: Capital Gains and Losses? Example With Taxes
The directors who sit on a company's board of directors are responsible for determining a company's dividend payout policy; one of the most important decisions they will make. An intelligent dividend payout policy depends upon several factors, including opportunities for profitable growth, current tax laws, and a host of other considerations.
What Is Schedule B (Form 1040): Interest and Ordinary Dividends?
Form 4868 Definition
Tax time
Form 4797: Sales of Business Property Definition, How to File
Schedule F: Profit or Loss from Farming: Definition, Uses, Filing
Executor of estate sitting at desk with papers
Form 706: United States Estate (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax Return
4506-t form for tax time
Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return
Mortgage Investment Credit Tax Form 8396
Form 8396: Mortgage Interest Credit Definition
1040 form surrounded by dollar bills
Form 8379: Injured Spouse Allocation Definition
Section 1341 Credit Definition
usa taxes concept
W-4 Form
Internal Revenue Service building
Form 843: Claim for Refund and Request for Abatement Definition
P45 Form
Internal Revenue Service Building
Form 2848: Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative Definition
Form 9465: Installment Agreement Request Definition
Internal Revenue Service building, with stop light
Form 6251: Alternative Minimum Tax-Individuals
Tax refund on tax form, with pencil
Form 8888: Allocation of Refund (Including Savings Bond Purchases) Definition
Form 990: Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax Definition
Schedule L: Transactions with Interested Persons Definition
Form 6252: Installment Sale Income Definition
Form 2439: Notice to Shareholder of Undistributed Long-Term Capital Gains
The Purpose of IRS Form 2848
Tax papers with a cell phone on them
Form 8689: Allocation of Individual Income Tax to the U.S. Virgin Islands
Panel Recommends Major Tax Law Changes
IRS Publication 525
Free File Fillable Tax Forms
NR6 Form
Form 4070A: Employee's Daily Record of Tips Definition
IRS Form 4868
IRS Publication 721: Tax Guide To U.S. Civil Service Retirement Benefits
IRS Form 706-GS(D): Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Return For Distributions
IRS Publication 17
IRS Building, Constitution Avenue, Washington D.C. )Closed since 2006 due to flooding)
IRS Publication 544
IRS Publication 225 or Farmer's Tax Guide
Form 4563 Definition
IRS Publication 570: Tax Guide For Individuals With Income From U.S. Possessions
IRS Publication 939
IRS Publication 556: Examination Of Returns, Appeal Rights And Claims For Refund