Bonds & Fixed Income

  1. The Bond Market is Trying to Warn Us of Trouble

    Are central banks to blame if the bond market collapses?
  2. U.S. Yields Hit Fresh Highs on Report China May Slow U.S. Bond Purchases

    U.S. long-dated Treasury yields hit fresh 10-month highs on Wednesday with traders citing a report by Bloomberg that Chinese ...
  3. Bonds Could Spur ESG ETF Growth

    Expect bonds to generate increased interest in ESG funds.
  4. Vanguard Doing Vanguard Things With New Bond ETF

    Vanguard's newest ETF is a corporate bond fund, and of course, it's cheap.
  5. Alibaba Said to Plan Dollar Bond Return

    By Frances Yoon
  6. Fixed Income: A New Smart Beta Frontier

    Fixed income could be the next engine of smart beta ETF growth.
  1. Pass-Through Security

    A pass-through security is a pool of fixed-income securities backed by a package of assets.
  2. Brokered Deposit

    A brokered deposit is a deposit to a bank that is placed by a third-party called a deposit broker.
  3. Dwarf

    Dwarf is a slang term used to describe a pool of mortgage-backed securities (MBSs) issued by Fannie Mae with a maturity of ...
  4. Contingent Credit Default Swap (CCDS)

    A contingent credit default swap (CCDS) is a tailored credit default swap that depends on two triggering events for payout. ...
  5. Principal Only Strips - PO

    Principal-only strips are the portion of a stripped MBS that benefits when the underlying mortgages in the pool are paid ...
  6. MBS Pool Number

    A number or alphanumeric character assigned to a mortgage-backed security (MBS) by the issuer to identify that security. ...
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