Delivery will save us.

That seems to be the current mantra for many struggling restaurant chains. Bringing food to customers at their homes or offices opens up a major new market. That, in theory, allows for increased sales without significantly increased expenses, assuming the chain uses a third-party delivery service.

Delivery, however, has become a crowded space, and the various chains moving into it are looking for ways to stand apart. Buffalo Wild Wings (NASDAQ: BWLD) thinks it may have found one: It has begun offering beer and wine delivery in select markets through a partnership with DoorDash.

What is Buffalo Wild Wings Doing?

So far, this pilot program is only operating in California, following an test run last summer in parts of Wisconsin and Ohio. At 19 California Buffalo Wild Wing locations, customers over age 21 can "build their own six-pack by mixing and matching domestic, craft and imported beers, and even add a bottle of red or white wine to their order," according to the company.

Those orders can be delivered by DoorDash or picked up as a "Beer-To-Go" takeout option. The chain promises that its prices for the alcohol are competitive.

Will this work?

Beer and wings do go together well, and it seems logical that Buffalo Wild Wings customers might want to get both in a single delivery. The challenges -- aside from the legal ones involved in delivering alcohol -- will involve how to gain traction with consumers. The delivery space is increasingly competitive, and DoorDash is just one player among many.

Offering the option to order beer and wine is a gimmick that may help the company rise above the pack. It may even be a deciding factor when consumers decide between multiple options on the DoorDash platform.

Buffalo Wild Wings should benefit from its relatively simple menu and the fact that its core product -- wings -- reheats well. The questions that remain to be answered, however, are be how much delivery demand exists for the chain's cuisine, and whether consumer interest will be short-term or long-term if it does.

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