Dunkin' Donuts (NASDAQ: DNKN) has for some time now been revamping its menu, dropping items and generally trying to simplify its offerings. However, that doesn't mean the chain has stopped adding new offers and special deals.

Case in point: The cafe chain recently debuted a new, value-menu type promotion it calls Dunkin' Go2s that offers customers a pair of breakfast sandwiches at a single discounted price.

What is Dunkin' doing?

The chain has decided to offer value, but keep it simple. These aren't combo meals that include coffee or another beverage. Instead, the company has made it cheaper to get pairs of its most-popular breakfast sandwiches at any time of day. The Go2s offers are:

  • Two Egg & Cheese Wake-up Wraps for $2;
  • Two Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches served on English Muffins for $3, or;
  • Two Egg, Cheese & Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches served on Croissants for $5.

"Dunkin' Donuts is committed to offering our guests quality products at compelling prices, and we are excited to introduce a new national value menu,"said Chief Marketing Officer Tony Weisman in a press release. "Dunkin' Go2s is focused on delivering more choices and great value for our most popular go-to breakfast sandwiches."

Why is Dunkin' doing this?

Price remains a key competitive factor in the fast-food market. This deal gives Dunkin' a breakfast-sandwich offer that rivals those of McDonald's and Yum! Brands Taco Bell. And its simplicity dovetails with the company's recent strategy in a broad sense.

Perhaps most importantly, Dunkin' has kept its beverages out of these deals. That will help cushion its margins, as it's likely that most people who order a sandwich special will also buy a drink of some sort.

This is a limited-time deal, and it's likely to be only the first of many promotions the company uses in an attempt to drive sales in conjunction with its simplified menu. If it boosts sandwich sales without hurting the chain's coffee business, Go2s could become part of the chain's regular promotional rotation.

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