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  1. Legal Monopoly

    A legal monopoly is a company that is operating as a monopoly under a government mandate.
  2. National Association Of Purchasing Managers Index

    The National Association of Purchasing Managers Index is a monthly index of U.S. manufacturing compiled by the Institute ...
  3. Investment Climate

    Investment climate refers to the economic conditions that dictate whether individuals, banks and institutions are willing ...
  4. Pending Home Sales Index - PHSI

    Pending Home Sales Index is an index that tracks homes sales in which a contract is signed but the sale has not yet closed. ...
  5. Misery Index

    The original misery index was popularized in the 1970s as a measure of America’s economic health during a president’s term ...
  6. Leverage Build Up

    Leverage build up is the accumulation of additional debt to enter a position that has the potential for large returns.
  7. Kappa

    Kappa tells investors how much an option's price will change for a given change in implied volatility, even if the price ...
  8. Initial Targeted Cash Value

    Initial targeted cash value is the gross amount of collections expected to be obtained through the liquidation of assets ...
  9. SEC Form NT 10-K

    SEC form NT 10-K is a document a company must file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) when it is unable to ...
  10. Crude Stockpiles

    Crude oil stockpiles are reserves of unrefined petroleum, measured in numbers of barrels.
  11. Currency Substitution

    Currency substitution is the use of a foreign currency in transactions in place of the domestic currency.
  12. Fair Trade Price

    Fair trade price is the minimum price paid for certain agricultural products imported from developing countries.
  13. Piggyback Registration Rights

    Piggyback registration rights grant an investor the right to register an unregistered stock when a another company or investor ...
  14. Menu Costs

    Menu costs is an economic term used to describe the cost incurred by firms in order to change their prices.
  15. Durable Goods Orders

    Durable goods orders is an economic indicator that reflects new orders placed with domestic manufacturers for delivery in ...
  16. Nil-Paid

    Nil-paid is a security that is tradeable but that originally posed no cost to the seller.
  17. Joint Supply

    Joint supply is an economic term referring to a product or process that can yield two or more outputs.
  18. Equation Of Exchange

    Equation of exchange refers to a model that shows the correlation between money supply, price level, and other elements of ...
  19. Rate Of Adoption

    Rate of adoption represents how quickly members of a society use new technology as it is introduced over a period of time.
  20. First World

    First World is a phrase that has been used to describe industrialized, democratic countries with relatively low poverty levels.
  21. Call Auction

    A call auction is where participants buy or sell units of a good at a certain time at set buying or selling prices.
  22. How does FINRA differ from the SEC?

    Discover how Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is different from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) ...
  23. Changer

    A changer is a clearing member of an exchange who's willing to assume the opposite position of a futures contract.
  24. Fiscal Drag

    Fiscal drag refers to a situation where a government's net fiscal position does not meet the net savings goals of the private ...
  25. Patents are assets, so learn how to value them

    Learn how companies protect their innovative ideas with different types of patents and figure out how much these assets are ...
  26. Capital Markets Group

    A capital markets group is a division within a larger company that uses its financial expertise to provide financial services ...
  27. Subprime Credit

    Subprime credit is a loan or credit made to a borrower with a low credit rating, or a security backed by subprime loans.
  28. Key Currency

    A key currency used is currency issued by stable, developed country such as the United States.
  29. Social Choice Theory

    Social Choice Theory is an economic theory that considers whether a society can be ordered in a way that reflects individual ...
  30. Himalayan Option

    A Himalayan option is an exotic equity option that is based on a basket of underlying securities, not just one security as ...
  31. Blocked Currency

    A blocked currency is one that can not be used on the forex market, usually due to government restrictions.
  32. Currency Strategist

    A currency strategist evaluates economic trends and geopolitical moves to forecast price moves in the foreign exchange market.
  33. Robinson-Patman Act

    The Robinson-Patman Act is a federal law passed in 1936 to outlaw price discrimination. It amends the 1914 Clayton Antitrust ...
  34. Monetary Conditions Index - MCI

    The monetary conditions index - MCI offers a tool for economies to gauge the relative ease or tightness of monetary conditions ...
  35. Trade War

    A trade war is a side effect of protectionism that occurs when one country (A) raises tariffs on another country’s (B) imports ...
  36. Credit Money

    Credit money is any future monetary claim against an individual that can be used to buy goods and services.
  37. SEC Form 424B5

    SEC Form 424B5 is the prospectus form that companies must file to disclose information referred to in forms 424B2 and 424B3.
  38. Scale In

    Scale in is the process of purchasing shares in increments once a stock dips to a certain price and continuing to buy until ...
  39. Inconvertible Currency

    Inconvertible currency is a currency that can't be exchanged for another currency for a variety of reasons, such as high ...
  40. Prediction Market

    A prediction market is a collection of people speculating on events such as exchange averages, election results, commodity ...
  41. Hybrid Market

    A hybrid market is a securities exchange that facilitates trading through an automated electronic trading platform and a ...
  42. Unsterilized Foreign Exchange Intervention

    An unsterilized foreign exchange intervention is a method by which a country's central bank can try to influence exchange ...
  43. Musawamah

    Musawamah is an Islamic finance term describing a sale where the seller does not disclose the price paid to create or obtain ...
  44. Linked Exchange Rate System

    A linked exchange rate system is method of managing a nation's currency by linking it to another currency at a specified ...
  45. Response Lag

    Response lag is the time it takes for corrective monetary and fiscal policies to affect the economy once they have been implemented. ​​​​​​​
  46. Oprah Effect

    The Oprah Effect refers to the overnight success that many businesses and people enjoyed after appearing on The Oprah Winfrey ...
  47. Media Effect

    The media effect describes how certain stories that the media publishes may influence and/or amplify current market trends.
  48. Financial Innovation

    Financial innovation has come through advances over time in financial instruments and payment systems used in the lending ...
  49. Breakup Value

    The breakup value is the sum-of-parts value of a publicly traded company.
  50. Statutory Debt Limit

    The statutory debt limit is the limit to the amount that the U.S. government can borrow to meet its obligations. It's also ...
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