Financial Analysis

  1. Analyzing Operating Margins

    Learn how to analyze operating margins and how to put this aspect of equity analysis to work.
  2. 5 Retail Stocks That May Ruin Your New Year

    The 16% rebound in retail stocks may be short-lived
  3. Time To Lock In Profits, Hunt Bargains: TD Ameritrade

    The firm sees bargains in energy and select financial and tech stocks
  4. 7 Stocks To Ride The Bitcoin Wave: Fundstrat's Lee

    Some stock investors expect to post rich profits as bitcoin's price soars
  5. 50% Chance of Stock Selloff May Kill Santa Claus Rally

    Byron Wien says "overbought" conditions could lead to a 10% correction
  6. Why Apple Needs to Copy Netflix's Subscription Model: Bernstein

    The strategy could unlock value and boost Apple's stock, Bernstein
  1. Why Do a Reverse Merger Instead of an IPO?

    Reverse mergers are often the most cost-efficient way for private companies to trade publicly.
  2. What Investors Can Learn From M&A Payment Methods

    How a company pays in a merger or acquisition can reveal a lot about the buyer and seller.
  3. Determining a Firm's Percentage of Credit Sales

    Find out where to look for information about determining a company's percentage of credit sales.
  4. What Does the Diluted Share Price Reveal?

    Learn how diluted share price affects earnings and the company's overall financial performance.
  5. 4 Leverage Ratios Used In Evaluating Energy Firms

    These four leverage ratios can help investors evaluate how energy manage their debt.
  6. How Can Institutional Holdings Be More Than 100%?

    No entity can own more than 100% of a company's outstanding shares, but it can be reported that way.
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