Financial Analysis

  1. Red Flags Waving Amid Bull Market's Record Gains

    Morgan Stanley sees major cracks in the bull market.
  2. Chip Stocks Face More Declines As Billings Plunge

    Chip stocks may fall as much as 12% from their highs.
  3. Apple Traders Bet Stock Will Soar To New Record

    Apple options traders see the stock rising as much as 14%.
  4. 2 Video Game Stocks That Will Win the Holiday Sales Rush

    Activision and Take-Two may the big winners by selling new versions of popular games.
  5. Stock Seen Plunging 10% Further

    JD's stock has already dropped by 50% from its 2018 highs.
  6. 5 Ways The S&P 500 Stock Shuffle Will Affect Investors

    Goldman Sachs details how investors should respond to major changes in the S&P 500's sectors.
  1. The Top Nike Shareholders (NKE)

    Learn about the history of Nike Inc. and the top shareholders who continue to benefit from the company's explosive success.
  2. How Does Eventbrite Make Money?

    Eventbrite's recent IPO resulted in a 60% pop in its stock price. How does the San Francisco-based company make money?
  3. J

    J is a temporary designation appearing as the fifth letter for Nasdaq-listed stocks, specifying that the stock has voting ...
  4. SEC Form 10-SB

    SEC Form 10-SB was a filing with the SEC used to register the securities of small businesses looking to trade on U.S. exchanges.
  5. Assign

    An assign is an act where clearing houses and brokerages select short option and future contract holders to deliver underlying ...
  6. SEC Form 15F

    SEC Form 15F is a voluntary filing with the SEC used by publicly traded companies to revoke the registration of their securities.
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