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  1. AMD Seen Facing Huge 20% Stock Swings Amid Earnings

    AMD has fallen 22% from its intraday high in September.
  2. 10 Stocks With High Return on Equity

    Goldman Sachs says dozens of stocks with fast ROE growth can outperform.
  3. Macy's Stock Seen Dropping 13% As Earnings Plunge

    Macy's stock rose 60% in 2018 before pulling back in August.
  4. Microsoft May Rebound To New Record After Pullback

    Microsoft stock is up 30% in 2018.
  5. The Big Declines Aren't Over For Techs and Growth Stocks

    Morgan Stanley sees big risks ahead for 3 sectors despite the S&P 500's bounce.
  6. Facebook Seen Rebounding 9% Despite Falling Profits

    Facebook stock is down more than 10% this year.
  1. What are the differences between solvency ratios and liquidity ratios?

    Liquidity ratios measure a company's ability to convert its assets to cash. Solvency ratios measure a company's ability to ...
  2. What is the difference between book value and salvage value

    Book value attempts to approximate the fair market value of a company, while salvage value is an accounting tool used to ...
  3. When is it better to use unlevered beta than levered beta?

    Calculating a security's unlevered beta gives potential investors valuable insight into the performance of that security ...
  4. Why is the EBITDA margin considered to be a good indicator of a company's financial health?

    The EBITDA evaluates a company's performance without needing to take into account financial decisions, accounting decisions ...
  5. How do you calculate net debt using Excel?

    To calculate net debt using Microsoft Excel, examine the balance sheet to find: total short-term liabilities, total long-term ...
  6. What is accounting fraud?

    Accounting fraud is intentional manipulation of financial statements to create a facade of a company's financial health.
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