Financial Analysis

  1. How Prime Day Impacts Amazon Stock

    Here's how the AMZN stock moved on the success of Prime Day in the past.
  2. Structured Investment Products (SIPS)

    Structured investment products or SIPS are types of investments that meet specific investor needs with a customized the product ...
  3. What does the current cost of living compare to 20 years ago?

    Find out how inflation has affected the dollar since 1998, and how the cost of living has changed above and beyond what can ...
  4. Dividend Aristocrat

    A dividend aristocrat is a company that has continuously increased the amount of dividends it pays to its shareholders.
  5. Information Circular

    An information circular is a document for a company’s shareholders, outlining important matters on the agenda at the annual ...
  6. Informationally Efficient Market

    The informationally efficient market theory moves beyond the definition of the efficient market hypothesis.
  1. Patent

    A patent is the grant of a property right by a sovereign authority to an inventor.
  2. SEC Form F-7

    SEC Form F-7 is a filing with the SEC that publicly-traded Canadian foreign private issuers are required to use for rights ...
  3. SEC Form PILOT

    SEC Form PILOT is a filing with the SEC by self-regulatory organizations to report operating activities of pilot trading ...
  4. SEC Form 10SB12B

    SEC Form 10SB12B, until 2008, was a filing with the SEC for "small business issuers" to register new securities for sale ...
  5. Jerry A. Hausman

    Jerry A. Hausman is an economics professor and director of the MIT Telecommunications Economics Research Program.
  6. When Is Managerial Accounting Appropriate?

    Understand the difference between managerial accounting and financial accounting. Learn common scenarios in which managerial ...
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