Financial Analysis

  1. How Prime Day Impacts Amazon Stock

    Here's how the AMZN stock moved on the success of Prime Day in the past.
  2. Structured Investment Products (SIPS)

    Structured investment products or SIPS are types of investments that meet specific investor needs with a customized the product ...
  3. What does the current cost of living compare to 20 years ago?

    Find out how inflation has affected the dollar since 1998, and how the cost of living has changed above and beyond what can ...
  4. Dividend Aristocrat

    A dividend aristocrat is a company that has continuously increased the amount of dividends it pays to its shareholders.
  5. Information Circular

    An information circular is a document for a company’s shareholders, outlining important matters on the agenda at the annual ...
  6. Informationally Efficient Market

    The informationally efficient market theory moves beyond the definition of the efficient market hypothesis.
  1. How Is Equity and Shareholders' Equity Different?

    A company's equity typically refers to the ownership of a public company. Shareholders' equity is the difference between ...
  2. Cost-Plus Contract

    A cost-plus contract is an agreement to pay expenses in a contract plus a dollar amount of profit over and above expenses.
  3. Credit Analyst

    A credit analyst is a financial professional who possesses expertise in assessing the creditworthiness of individuals, companies ...
  4. Non-Cash Charge

    Non-cash charges are expenses that can be found in a company's income statement, but they are unaccompanied by a cash outflow.
  5. The Top 4 eBay Shareholders (EBAY)

    Learn about the activities, achievements and backgrounds of the four individuals who hold the largest positions in the stock ...
  6. Price to Free Cash Flow

    Price to free cash flow is an equity valuation metric used to compare a company's per share market price to its per share ...
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