Financial Analysis

  1. 10 Stocks That Will Thrive On Buybacks

    Buyback Boost: Repurchases are more likely to bolster these stocks
  2. Why The Stock Market May Fall 50%: Niles

    Big Bear: Niles says stock declines could approach the bear market of 10 years ago
  3. Fully Funded

    Fully funded is a term that describes when a pension plan has sufficient assets to provide for all accrued benefits.
  4. 6 Stocks That Can Soar With The Dollar

    Soaring Dollar: Domestic-oriented stocks may thrive
  5. SEC Form 24F-2

    SEC Form 24F-2 is a filing that must be submitted annually by open-end fund companies, face-amount certificate companies ...
  6. Nvidia's Stock Poised For Big 8% Jump On Earnings

    High-Flyer: Nvidia needs robust results to keep its stock rising
  1. What are the different ways corporations can raise capital?

    Find out about raising capital for corporations with debt and equity capital. Learn how interest and dividend payments factor ...
  2. Reverse Greenshoe Option

    A Reverse Greenshoe Option in a public offering underwriting agreement that gives the underwriter the right to sell the issuer ...
  3. Weather Insurance

    Weather Insurance is a type of protection against a financial loss that may be incurred because of rain, snow, storms, wind, ...
  4. SEC Form N-54A

    SEC Form N-54A is filing with the SEC by business development companies that want to be subject to the provisions of the ...
  5. Generic Securities

    A generic security is backed by recently issued loans or mortgages. Its value is less than that of a security, whose backing ...
  6. Price Improvement

    Price improvement involves attaining a higher bid price, if selling a stock, or a lower ask price, if buying a stock, than ...
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