Financial Analysis

  1. 4 Reasons Techs Stocks Will Outperform Short Term

    Magic Touch: Strong earnings and revenue may bolster tech stocks
  2. Bank Deregulation Could Cause Repeat Of 2008 Crisis

    Repeat Crisis: The risks of a new financial meltdown may be rising
  3. 9 Takeover Targets Broadcom May Pursue After Qualcomm

    Broadcom may be eyeing a long list of acquisitions
  4. Why a 20% Plunge In Tech Stocks Is a Buying Opportunity

    Still Bullish: Paul Meeks says techs will plunge short-term, soar longterm
  5. Amazon, Netflix Selling At 'Crazy' Prices Poised For Big Sell-Off

    Amazon's and Netflix's soaring shares risk melting down
  6. Chip Stocks At Record Highs Still a Bargain

    Big Upside: chips stocks may be dramatically undervalued
  1. Absolute Auction

    An absolute auction is a type of auction where the sale is awarded to the highest bidder.
  2. Risk Lover

    A risk lover is an investor who is willing to take on additional risk for a relatively low additional expected return in ...
  3. Earnings Momentum

    Earnings momentum occurs when corporate earnings per share (EPS) growth is accelerating or decelerating from the prior fiscal ...
  4. Throwback Rule

    The throwback rule is a measure that states can adopt to ensure corporations pay state taxes on 100% of their profits.
  5. Repricing Opportunity

    A repricing opportunity is a change in the market environment that allows for a reassessment of the value of an investment.
  6. Non-Core Item

    A non-core item is an engagement considered to be outside of business activities or operations that are the main revenue ...
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