Financial Analysis

  1. Why Stock Market's Big Rally Won't Last

    The rebound may be a prelude to more plunges - and more volatility - in 2018
  2. High Speed Traders Feast Off Stock Market's Woes

    High Speed Profits: These firms are thriving with help from a big market loophole
  3. 12 Stocks To Buy For Market's Upturn: Goldman Sachs

    Rallying Point: Goldman Sachs says steep pullbacks like this one are time to buy
  4. How Amazon Is Outperforming The FAANGs

    Super Stock! Amazon's shares have beat the techs and the broader market
  5. The Biggest Market Sell-Offs in History (DJI, SPX)

    Here are the Dow's ten-largest single-day percentage declines.
  6. Why Stocks Won't Crash Like 1987: Goldman Sachs

    Relax, take a breath: a market crash is unlikely, Goldman says
  1. Detective Control

    Detective control is an accounting term that refers to a type of internal control intended to find problems within a company's ...
  2. Non-Marginable Securities

    Non-marginable securities are securities that are not allowed to be purchased on margin at a particular brokerage or financial ...
  3. Usance

    In international trade, usance is the allowable period of time, permitted by custom, between the date of bill and its payment. ...
  4. Net Current Asset Value Per Share - NCAVPS

    Net current asset value per share (NCAVPS) is a measure created by Benjamin Graham as one means of gauging the attractiveness ...
  5. Activity Cost Pool

    An activity cost pool is an aggregate of all the costs associated with performing a particular business task, such as making ...
  6. Executive Director

    An executive director is the senior operating officer or manager of an organization or corporation, usually a non-profit. ...
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