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  1. Wall Street's Exuberance May Signal Coming Bear Market

    Untamed Bull: analysts' extreme bullishness on corporate profits often precedes a big market drop
  2. Using Options to Bet on Netflix's 20% Gain: Todd Gordon

    Netflix could surge close to 20% in the near term.
  3. How Apple, Amazon, Nvidia May Push Techs To New Highs

    Helping Hand: Apple, Amazon and Nvidia may push techs and the overall market higher
  4. How The Fed May Kill The 2018 Stock Rally

    Hawk Attack: A more hawkish Fed may spell trouble for stocks
  5. Why Bank Of America Sees 2018 Stock Returns Near 20%

    Bull Run: The BofA indicator that forecast strong 2017 gains sees the same for 2018
  6. Why Nvidia, AMD Aren't Including Bitcoin In Forecasts

    Hedging Bitcoin: Nvidia and AMD aren't betting on cryptocurrencies for growth
  1. Berry Ratio

    The Berry ratio measures a company's gross profit to operating expenses. Used in transfer pricing methods, this ratio is ...
  2. Depreciated Cost

    Depreciated cost is the original cost of a fixed asset less accumulated depreciation; this is the net book value of the asset.
  3. Renounceable Right

    A renounceable right is an offer issued by a corporation to shareholders to purchase more shares of the corporation's stock ...
  4. What are the key differences between financial risk and business risk to a company?

    Understand the difference between a company's financial risk and its business risk, along with some of the factors that affect ...
  5. 4 Factors Ray Dalio Uses to Construct his All-Weather Portfolio

    Renowned investor Ray Dalio spoke with Editor-In-Chief Caleb Silver about the four factors he uses to build the all-weather ...
  6. Operating Earnings

    Operating earnings are profit earned after subtracting from revenues those expenses that are directly associated with operating ...
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