Financial Analysis

  1. Why Holiday Sales Won't Boost Macy's Stock

    Macy's stock has fallen despite posting strong quarterly earnings.
  2. The Worst Is Yet to Come for Stocks: Morgan Stanley

    Sharply lowered earnings estimates may push down stocks even more, says Morgan Stanley.
  3. AMD's Breakdown Seen Sparking 16% Stock Decline

    AMD's stock already has plunged more than 40% from its highs.
  4. PayPal Stock Seen Rising 10% Amid Raised Forecasts

    Analysts see earnings rising by 20% in both 2019 and 2020.
  5. Wells Fargo Option Traders Bet Stock Will Drop 8% Further

    Wells Fargo's stock is poised to fall 26% off its high.
  6. 6 Headwinds Facing Stocks In 2019: Goldman Sachs

    Goldman sees no immediate threat of a bear market or recession, but the firm spots big red flags.
  1. How to Calculate the Equity Risk Premium in Excel

    It is fairly straightforward to calculate the equity risk premium for a security using Microsoft Excel; you can even find ...
  2. Who Enforces GAAP?

    A deeper look at the private enforcement mechanisms behind the generally accepted accounting principles for American businesses.
  3. What Is a "Non Linear" Exposure in Value at Risk (VaR)?

    The value at risk (VaR) is a statistical risk management technique that determines the amount of financial risk associated ...
  4. Monsanto's Main Competitors

    Monsanto Company has two main operating divisions and main competitors within each sector, including The Mosaic Company, ...
  5. Cash Back

    Cash back often refers to a benefit that pays the credit card holder a small cash reward for each purchase.
  6. How to Use Volume to Improve Your Trading

    Volume is a simple yet powerful way for traders and investors and traders to increase profits and minimize risks.
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