Financial Analysis

  1. Bank Deregulation Could Cause Repeat Of 2008 Crisis

    Repeat Crisis: The risks of a new financial meltdown may be rising
  2. 9 Takeover Targets Broadcom May Pursue After Qualcomm

    Broadcom may be eyeing a long list of acquisitions
  3. Why a 20% Plunge In Tech Stocks Is a Buying Opportunity

    Still Bullish: Paul Meeks says techs will plunge short-term, soar longterm
  4. Amazon, Netflix Selling At 'Crazy' Prices Poised For Big Sell-Off

    Amazon's and Netflix's soaring shares risk melting down
  5. Chip Stocks At Record Highs Still a Bargain

    Big Upside: chips stocks may be dramatically undervalued
  6. Why Housing Stocks Won't Crash Like 2007

    Housing stocks may be in the early stages of a long-term rebound
  1. Earnings per share (EPS) versus diluted EPS

    Does EPS worth more than Diluted EPS? Learn about EPS and diluted EPS, how they are calculated, and the difference between ...
  2. Retirement Method of Depreciation

    Retirement method of depreciation describes the accounting practice of delaying the depreciation of a fixed asset until it ...
  3. What you should know about real estate valuation

    Accurate real estate valuation is important to mortgage lenders, investors, insurers, and buyers and sellers of real property. ...
  4. Value Change

    Value change is an adjustment to a stock's price to reflect the number of outstanding stock shares issued and currently held ...
  5. Consolidation Phase

    Consolidation phase is a stage in the industry life cycle where companies start to come together, reducing the number of ...
  6. Wide Economic Moat

    A wide economic moat is a type of sustainable competitive advantage that makes it difficult for a business' rivals to erode ...
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