Investing Basics

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  1. Who are Thomson-Reuters (TRI) main competitors?

    Research the main competitors of Thomson Reuters in order to better understand the company's position in the publishing and ...
  2. Foreign savings accounts: Should you open one?

    Find out whether opening a savings account in a foreign bank might make sense for your money. Learn the pros and cons – as ...
  3. Trade War

    A trade war is a side effect of protectionism that occurs when one country (A) raises tariffs on another country’s (B) imports ...
  4. Credit Money

    Credit money is any future monetary claim against an individual that can be used to buy goods and services.
  5. SEC Form 424B5

    SEC Form 424B5 is the prospectus form that companies must file to disclose information referred to in forms 424B2 and 424B3.
  6. Quoted Price

    A quoted price is the most recent price at which an investment (or any other type of asset) has traded.
  7. Form 1120S

    Form 1120S is a tax document used to report the income, losses and dividends of S corporation shareholders
  8. Scale In

    Scale in is the process of purchasing shares in increments once a stock dips to a certain price and continuing to buy until ...
  9. Income Stock

    An income stock is an equity security that pays regular, often steadily increasing dividends.
  10. Sponsored ADR

    A sponsored ADR is an American depositary receipt (ADR) that a bank issues on behalf of a foreign company whose equity serves ...
  11. Accounts Receivable Conversion - ARC

    Accounts receivable conversion (or ARC) is a process that allows paper checks to be electronically scanned and converted ...
  12. How to Calculate Required Rate of Return

    The required rate of return is used by investors and corporate-finance professionals to evaluate investments. In this article, ...
  13. Called Away

    Called away is a term for the elimination of a contract before its planned maturity or conclusion date, due to the obligation ...
  14. Lehman Brothers Government/Corporate Bond Index

    The Lehman Brothers Government/Corporate Bond Index is an index that includes government and investment grade corporate debt ...
  15. Media Effect

    The media effect describes how certain stories that the media publishes may influence and/or amplify current market trends.
  16. Financial Innovation

    Financial innovation has come through advances over time in financial instruments and payment systems used in the lending ...
  17. Investment Crowdfunding

    Investment crowdfunding is a way to source money for a company by asking a large number of backers to each invest a relatively ...
  18. Breakup Value

    The breakup value is the sum-of-parts value of a publicly traded company.
  19. Fed Model

    The Fed model is a too used to determine whether the U.S. stock market is bullish or bearish at a given time.
  20. Execution Only

    Execution only is a trading service that is restricted to the execution of trades only, without the client receiving any ...
  21. Doing the Reverse Desk

    Doing the reverse desk is an informal term to describe a deceptive practice employed by hedge funds to deceive other funds ...
  22. Business Ethics

    Business ethics is the study of proper business policies and practices regarding potentially controversial issues, such as ...
  23. Repeat Sales

    Repeat sales are purchases made by consumers that replace a previous purchases that have been consumed.
  24. Is '100 Minus Your Age' Outdated?

    A longstanding rule of thumb says that your stock allocation should equal "100 minus your age." Now, some experts suggest ...
  25. Incremental Cost of Capital

    Incremental cost of capital is a capital budgeting term that refers to the average cost a company incurs to issue one additional ...
  26. Competitive Equilibrium

    A competitive equilibrium is when profit-maximizing producers and utility-maximizing consumers arrive at an equilibrium price, ...
  27. C-Share

    C-shares are classes of mutual fund shares that are charged a fee throughout the lifetime of the investment, as opposed to ...
  28. Vancouver Stock Exchange (VAN) .V

    Vancouver Stock Exchange (VAN) .V is a defunct stock exchange formerly located in Vancouver scrutinized for listing many ...
  29. SEC Form 10-KT

    SEC Form 10-KT is a transition report filed in lieu of a standard 10-K annual report when companies change its fiscal year-end. ...
  30. SEC Form N-PX

    The SEC Form N-PX is completed by mutual funds to disclose the voting proxies of a security held in the fund.
  31. Dow Jones U.S. Total Market Index

    The Dow Jones U.S. Total Market Index is a market-capitalization-weighted index maintained by Dow Jones Indexes, providing ...
  32. Counter-Cyclical Stock

    A counter-cyclical stock is a type of stock with financial performance that is negatively correlated to the overall state ...
  33. Employment Situation Report

    The Employment Situation report is a monthly report compiling a set of surveys in an attempt to monitor the labor market.
  34. Mobile Banking

    Mobile banking is the act of making financial transactions on a mobile device (cell phone, tablet, etc.).
  35. Base Rate Fallacy

    Base rate fallacy, or base rate neglect, is a cognitive error whereby too little weight is placed on the base (original) ...
  36. Trust Certificate

    A trust certificate is a bond or debt investment, usually in a public corporation, that is backed by other assets.
  37. Profitability Index Rule

    The profitability index rule is a regulation for evaluating whether to proceed with a project or investment.
  38. Nonbank Banks

    Nonbank banks are financial institutions that are not considered full-scale banks because they do not offer both lending ...
  39. Stated Annual Interest Rate

    A stated annual interest rate is the return on an investment (ROI) that is expressed as a per-year percentage.
  40. Going Private

    Going private is a transaction or a series of transactions that convert a publicly traded company into a private entity.
  41. Sidecar Investment

    A sidecar investment is an investment strategy in which one investor allows a second investor to control where and how to ...
  42. Inward Investment

    An inward investment involves an external or foreign entity either investing in or purchasing the goods of a local economy.
  43. Melt Up

    A melt up is a dramatic and unexpected improvement in the investment performance of an asset class, driven partly by a stampede ...
  44. Ethical Investing

    Ethical investing refers to the practice of using one's ethical principles as the main filter for securities selection.
  45. Conscious Capitalism

    Conscious capitalism is a philosophy with a central premise that businesses should serve all major stakeholders, including ...
  46. Pot Stock Winners of the Week

    Here are the week's four biggest marijuana stock winners.
  47. Direct to Consumer Advertising (DTC Advertising)

    Direct to consumer advertising (DTC advertising) is marketing that is aimed toward consumers when access to a product may ...
  48. Gross National Product (GNP) Deflator

    Gross national product deflator is a economic metric that accounts for the effects of inflation in the current year's gross ...
  49. Heavy Industry

    Heavy industry refers to a type of business that usually carries a high capital cost (capital-intensive), high barriers to ...
  50. Dog

    A dog is a business unit that has a small market share in a mature industry. It neither generates strong cash flow, nor does ...
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