Mutual Funds

  1. Fidelity Adds to Zero-Fee Fund Suite

    Fidelity is doubling the number of zero-fee index fund offerings in its stable.
  2. Top Mutual Fund Holders of FedEx (FDX)

    Discover FedEx's five largest mutual fund investors, why these fund portfolio managers choose FedEx, and whether you should ...
  3. China ETF

    A China ETF is an exchange-traded fund that invests in and tracks the equity stakes of China-based companies.
  4. China’s Stance on Tariffs Would Boost Tesla Most

    Lower tariffs on US auto imports would benefit the EV maker, which has no factory in China.
  5. Top 5 Mutual Fund Holders of Electronic Arts

    Discover which five mutual funds are the largest investors in Electronic Arts, Inc., one of the largest and best-known creators ...
  6. The Value in Socially Responsible Investing

    Socially responsible investing has been growing in popularity. Discover if it's the right strategy for you.
  1. Are hedge funds registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?

    Learn the conditions that require hedge fund advisors to register with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  2. How do mutual funds split?

    Learn when mutual funds split their shares and why this practice is primarily a marketing tactic aimed at encouraging investors ...
  3. Do mutual funds pay interest?

    Find out how and why some mutual funds pay interest, and which types of funds make regular dividend distributions to shareholders ...
  4. How do I judge a mutual fund's performance?

    Evaluating a mutual fund's performance and choosing one or several that meet your investment goals and risk tolerance involves ...
  5. How do real estate hedge funds work?

    Understand what a hedge fund is, how it differs from a mutual fund, and the function of real estate hedge funds.
  6. Dollar-Cost Averaging: Keep Your Costs Even in Any Market

    Get the most out of your mutual fund by using this simple yet powerful strategy: dollar-cost averaging.
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