Mutual Funds

  1. Top 5 Mutual Fund Holders of Electronic Arts

    Learn more about the five largest mutual funds backing Electronic Arts (EA).
  2. Investors Save Billions as Funds Cut Fees, Fight for Market Share

    U.S. investors will save billions annually in mutual fund fees as money managers keep chopping them in a widening war for market share. ...
  3. Fidelity Adds to Zero-Fee Fund Suite

    Fidelity is doubling the number of zero-fee index fund offerings in its stable.
  4. Top Mutual Fund Holders of FedEx (FDX)

    Discover FedEx's five largest mutual fund investors, why these fund portfolio managers choose FedEx, and whether you should ...
  5. China ETF

    A China ETF is an exchange-traded fund that invests in and tracks the equity stakes of China-based companies.
  6. China’s Stance on Tariffs Would Boost Tesla Most

    Lower tariffs on US auto imports would benefit the EV maker, which has no factory in China.
  1. A Good Turnover Ratio for a Mutual Fund

    Mutual fund turnover ratios have an ideal ratio that may differ based on the type of mutual fund and your investment goals.
  2. Best and Worst Performing Hedge Funds in 2018

    Some hedge funds have been doing quite well in 2018. Others, not so much. Here's a look at the best and worst performing ...
  3. How Often Do Mutual Funds Pay Capital Gains?

    Find out how often mutual funds distribute capital gains income, including the basics of how mutual funds work and why frequent ...
  4. What are the best mutual funds for investing in the aerospace sector?

    Discover mutual funds and some other possible investments that can be utilized by investors seeking exposure to the aerospace ...
  5. Is NAV the best way to assess the value of an REIT?

    Examine and understand the usefulness of net asset value as an accurate metric with which to assess the value of a REIT investment.
  6. George Soros: 3 Best Investments Ever

    Learn about the most successful trades billionaire George Soros has made during his career, including his billion dollar ...
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