Financial stocks have been rising since the U.S. presidential election in anticipation of fewer regulations. The question is whether the run is over or just beginning.

The answer to that question may lie with the Federal Reserve Bank (FED). If it keeps raising interest rates, the financial sector will most likely benefit. Couple rising interest rates with an expanding economy, and there is much that bodes well for the financial sector. (See also: Yellen Sees More Rate Hikes With Economic Growth.)

On the other hand, it could be time for financial stocks to pull back a bit. Investors may take profits and doubters may decide to get out. These pullbacks could be buying opportunities for investors who think the financial sector is going higher.

We have selected the top financial stocks that are already doing well and have good prospects for 2017. They were selected based on two factors: they are in an uptrend and they pay a dividend. We looked for stocks whose uptrend has been sustained for at least three months. All figures are current as of May 26, 2017.

KKR & Co. L.P. (KKR)

KKR is a private equity firm. The company works in the area of acquisitions and buyouts, especially in the software sector. KKR invests globally, so this is one to watch in terms of the world economy, not just the United States economy.

Since the November 2016 election, the stock has been rising. There has been some notable volatility, but the stock may have settled into a relatively tame upward price channel.

Avg. Volume: 2,589,538

Market Cap: 15.17B

PE Ratio (TTM): 10.60

EPS (TTM): 1.76

Dividend & Yield: 0.68 (3.63%)

1y Target Est: 21.73



Bank of America Corporation (BAC)

Bank of America has said that a move in interest rates of 100 basis points would increase the company’s interest income by $7.5 billion. The Fed has indicated it will be raising rates for the foreseeable future, so BAC is in a position to prosper from the hikes.

This financial stock is in an uptrend that started in October 2016. Daily trading ranges have been small, indicating that buyers have a slight edge over sellers, but no one is making any dramatic moves. This can make it easier to buy into the stock. Investors may want to buy on the dips.

Avg. Volume: 90,578,358

Market Cap: 231.28B

PE Ratio (TTM): 14.30

EPS (TTM): 1.62

Dividend & Yield: 0.30 (1.30%)

1y Target Est: 26.07



KeyCorp (KEY)

KeyCorp is a bank holding company. It deals in loans, including mortgages, as well as loans to businesses and individuals. KEY also provides wealth management for high-net-worth customers.

The stock has been rising since October 2016. It formed a base after the original breakout. 

Annual income and revenues have been rising for the past four years.

Avg. Volume: 10,405,238

Market Cap: 19.72B

PE Ratio (TTM) 20.94

EPS (TTM): 0.86

Dividend & Yield: 0.38 (2.10%)

1y Target Est: 20.54



The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS)

Goldman Sachs continues to dominate the financial sector. This investment banker has worldwide influence and is benefiting from rising interest rates, as well as the economic expansion.

GS handled a record amount of mergers and acquisitions in 2016 and continues to lead in market share. Its third-quarter earnings report beat analyst estimates. (See also: Analysts See Strong Growth at Goldman Sachs.)

Avg. Volume: 3,750,701

Market Cap: 91.49B

PE Ratio (TTM): 11.89

EPS (TTM): 18.79

Dividend & Yield: 3.00 (1.39%)

1y Target Est: 244.08%



The Bottom Line

If you think the economic expansion is likely to continue, it is reasonable to expect the financial sector to lead the way. There have already been some big winners in the sector, and the four financial stocks we have chosen here look have a good outlook for 2017. This is a good sector to buy on the dips and build a position slowly.


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