UK Companies with the Best Shareholder Perks

The main benefit to owning stocks is to gain value from a company growing its business. But some stocks offer side benefits in the form of shareholder perks.

Perks can range from discounts on products the company sells to free services. Some perks only require shareholders to have at least other share. Others have a higher minimum holding requirement. While perks should not be the sole reason to own a stock, they are an attractive benefit to many shareholders.

Here are three U.K. companies with substantial shareholder perks:

Carnival Corp.

Carnival Corp. (LON: CCL) offers shareholders who hold at least 100 shares onboard credit when they travel on the American-British cruise lines.

Those traveling 14 days or longer get $150 British pounds per stateroom toward onboard credit on U.K. cruise line brands P & O Cruises, Cunard, and Princess Cruises UK. Those traveling 7 to 13 days get $60 British pounds of credit, and those traveling less six days get $30 British pounds in credit.

As of Sept. 16, 2022, Carnival shares were down 46.5% this year.

InternContinental Hotels Group

InterContinental Hotels Group plc (LON: IHG) celebrates shareholders with discounts on hotel says through a controlled access website. Discounts vary according to availability.

Headquartered in Denham, U.K., the company has more than 6,020 hotels in 100 countries. Its brands include hotels like Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts and Candlewood Suites.

As of Sep. 16, 2022, InterContinental shares are down around 11% versus a year ago.

Mulberry Group

Mulberry Group plc (LON: MUL) shareholders can also get a 20% discount on up to £5,000 British pounds worth of merchandise. But they must present their discount card. And to get a discount card, customers must have at least 500 shares in the company.

Based in Somerset, England, Mulberry is a luxury fashion company known for its leather handbags that typically cost more than £1,000 British pounds.

As of Sept. 15, 2022, shares of Mulberry are trading at about £237 British pounds. 

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