Strategic Content Editor

Resides In

New York, NY


New York University, The University of Manchester


Personal finance, Retirement planning


  • Strategic Content Editor at Investopedia
  • 5+ years of experience covering personal finance, technology, and careers
  • Passionate about sustainable investing and emerging markets


A writer and editor with a keen interest in helping others, Irene Huhulea began her career as a content manager for an educational nonprofit. After developing an interest in personal finance and careers, she moved into the technology sector to work as an editor for HR tech company WayUp before transitioning to a finance-focused role at Meredith Corp. In addition to covering personal finance topics, she’s also passionate about emerging market trends and impact investing. 


Irene received her bachelor's degree from New York University with a major in English and American literature and her Ph.D. from The University of Manchester with a concentration in English and American studies. 

Quote from Irene Huhulea

“I’ve seen firsthand the impact financial literacy can have in people’s lives and I’m deeply invested in helping others make sense of complex financial topics.”