• Firm: Solutions for Tuition
  • Job Title: President


Jay Murray has worked with over 600 families and speaks regularly to students, parents, grandparents, CPA’s, financial advisors, service organizations, business owners, employees, and many others about the dramatic changes taking place in college funding today and how to implement effective strategies to save money, reduce stress, and properly integrate college funding into their lifestyles.

Jay and his team show clients how to qualify for financial aid awards and how to maximize their award. For those clients not qualifying for financial aid, Jay can show them how to capture powerful tax scholarships for their children and grandchildren. They have even helped wealthy families qualify for financial aid. Every family is different. That's why they offer a complimentary consultation—to discover how they can help their clients save money.

Disclaimer: Advisory Services offered through Solutions for Tuition, LLC—a Registered Investment Advisor with the State of Colorado.


Quote from Jay Murray

“As the founder of Solutions for Tuition and Solutions for Tuition Education, Jay Murray helps parents, grandparents, and students avoid costly mistakes.”