Business Writer and Consultant

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Streator, Illinois


Illinois State University


Tech Writing, Business Writing, SaaS Writing, Telecom Writing, Cloud Computing Writing, Restaurant and Hospitality Writing

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  • Over 24-years in public-facing positions in the hospitality and restaurant industry and public housing management.
  • More than five years of writing about cryptocurrency, cloud computing, technology, business marketing, finance, and operations.
  • Online work with publications such as U.S. News, the Chamber of Commerce, Fast Capital 360, MapQuest for Business, J.P. Morgan Chase, 8x8, Paychex, The Motley Fool, Fit Small Business, and Cox Communications.


Jessica Elliott is a crypto, marketing, and technology writer in Streator, Illinois. She is a former public housing property manager, certified hazardous materials trainer, and restaurant manager. Since 2016, she has focused on technology’s role in business and personal lives, including how individuals can use crypto platforms and business software to improve investment decisions and business operations. In addition to writing for Investopedia, Jessica covers telecommunications and health technology, e-commerce marketing, and cybersecurity for several online channels. She uses real-life experience and the latest research to derive insights and help professionals make data-based decisions.

As a business owner, Jessica understands the pressure of finding the best tools and making informed decisions. Therefore, as a writer, she’s diligent about finding solutions that work well for the average person, both on paper and in operations.

Outside of writing, Jessica has also worked in several facets of the restaurant industry, served as a tax preparer, and marketing consultant.


Jessica Elliott attended Illinois State University. She continually updates her skills via professional development opportunities, certificates, and college courses.