Professional Researcher and freelance writer

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University of Calgary


Financial literacy and education, Psychology of money, Credit and debt, Women and money

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The Financial Graduate


  • 10+ years of academic and professional writing experience
  • Research psychologist  
  • Degrees in Communications and Psychology and a Masters in Cognitive Research Psychology from the University of Calgary


Jessica is a professional researcher and freelance writer who specializes in personal finance, financial literacy, and the psychology of money. She is interested in the emotional side of money and understanding what drives people to make financial decisions, both good and bad. She managed to graduate with two degrees and zero debt after 10 years of University education, and she managed to save enough money while attending school to travel internationally and put a down payment on a home three months later.

Jessica's work has appeared on The Balance, Money Crashers, Money Under 30, Scotiabank, and more.


Jessica graduated from the University of Calgary with Bachelor's degrees in Communications and Culture and Psychology. She then went on to pursue her Masters of Science degree in Cognitive Research Psychology.