• Independent consulting economist
  • 12 years of experience in economic development, research, teaching, forecasting, and consulting
  • Former managing economist and lead editor at ITR Economics¬†


Jim Chappelow has written and edited hundreds of reports, articles, and economic analyses for the general public, policy officials, academic audiences, and private consulting clients. Jim has been a practicing economist since 2007. He has worked in the public sector as an economic development specialist and labor market analyst, in academia as a researcher and instructor of strategic management, and in the private sector as managing economist at a boutique economic forecasting and management consulting firm and in his own private consulting practice, Barbarian Economist.

In addition to his economic background Jim is a decorated combat veteran of the US Army infantry and an avid participant in strength athletics and target sports.


Jim holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Alaska and Master's from the University of Maine. Jim was awarded the 2013 Douglas E. French Prize for excellence in the study of Austrian economics.

Quote from Jim Chappelow

 "Entrepreneurship means taking risks and bearing ultimate responsibility for them. It is the courage of the leader, and the essence of human progress."