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New York, New York


Clark University, Northwestern University, Columbia University


Investing, Personal finance, Commercial banking, Corporate management, National politics


  • 30 years of experience as a financial journalist at publications including Barron's and CNBC.
  • As executive editor of, John oversaw a staff of writers and editors covering diverse topics such as corporate management, commercial banking, and investing. 
  • John has also served as a content creator with various companies including Morgan Stanley and Korn Ferry International. 


With over 30 years experience in the world of financial journalism, John Kimelman has a accumulated a wealth of knowledge on diverse topics including corporate management, commercial banking, and investing.

John began his career in financial journalism at the trade publication American Banker, where he covered a variety of banking topics in depth, establishing his strong base of financial expertise. From there, he went on to work bringing financial news to a general audience at CNBC, writing its daily email column on the stock market, Money Mail.

After CNBC, John moved on to Barron's where he would serve as executive editor, ultimately editing four different features in the magazine including Striking Price and Getting Tech, Barron's columns on options trading and technical analysis, respectively.

Now working as a freelancer, John Kimelman continues working to explain the many complexities of the finance industry.


John Kimelman has a bachelor's degree in history from Clark University, a master's in journalism from Northwestern University, and a master's in business administration from Columbia University.

Quote from John Kimelman

“My goal as a financial writer and editor is to take complicated concepts and translate them into language that any lay reader can understand. I stand ready to demystify all financial jargon, and, yes, that even includes ‘contango’ and ‘backwardation’.”