Hedge fund analyst, manager and director of research


Vassar College, Columbia Business School


  • 20+ years of experience conducting in-depth fundamental analyses of companies across industries and geographies as a hedge fund analyst, manager and director of research, specializing in media, technology, banks, and auto dealerships
  • An investor-turned car loan revolutionary recognized for his skills in forensic financial analysis and ability to explain complex financial transactions in simple terms
  • Designed a proprietary financial model to compare offerings across dealerships, which resulted in his desire to bring more transparency and consumer-driven approaches to auto-financing practices


Jon Friedland has over 20 years of experience in the investment business. His deep fundamental research has influenced multi-billion dollar investment decisions. His career has spanned the internet boom and bust of the late 90s, the internet revolution, the global financial crisis, and the longest bull market in history. He is inspired to find ways to help consumers better understand their car financing options and investments in the nation’s largest auto dealerships.


Jon is earned his MBA at Columbia Business School with Beta Gamma Sigma Honors and bachelor's degree at Vassar College. He also participated in Google’s CMO Academy.

Quote from Jon Friedland

"The back office of a car dealership is about the worst place you could choose to make an important financial decision, yet that’s where 80% of us finance the second biggest purchase most of us will ever make. I’m on a mission to help people understand their car loan options, and make good choices - outside of the dealership. I believe this can significantly improve the financial condition millions of American families." - Jon Friedland