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Brooklyn, NY


McGill University


Politics, History, Economics, Philosophy


  • Published in peer-reviewed cultural studies journal
  • Worked as research assistant for economics projects, analyzing social trends in civil war postal data
  • Served as content writer and editor for numerous companies


Julian Binder studied American history, winning the North American Studies book prize and ultimately graduating with distinction from McGill University. They worked as an economics research assistant for the department chair analyzing civil-war era postal data for new insight into diversity amongst the postmaster elite, and then went on to publish cultural studies work in a peer-reviewed academic journal.

Before joining Investopedia, Julian worked on the content side at two different companies, focusing on copywriting and editing.


Julian received a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University, with an emphasis in American Studies, East Asian Studies, and Marketing.

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Clear, concise, and accurate information is a powerful tool to help us take control of our lives, and I'm glad to be helping people on that journey toward self-actualization.