Manager of Staffing

Resides In

Oklahoma City, OK


University of Central Oklahoma


Early childhood education, adult education, prenatal education, instructional design, curriculum development, facilitation


  • A professional educator for 22 years
  • Manager of staffing for the Oklahoma City Public School system
  • Member of the Investopedia Financial Review Board


Kara Cordell began her career as an early childhood educator in various school settings: parochial, private, and public. She found her home in the district that made her, Oklahoma City Public Schools. Throughout her career, she has served the district as an educator, instructional coach, professional development coordinator, and manager of staffing. New teacher development is a large focus of the work she does currently. As a prenatal educator, she helped prepare more than 2,000 families for childbirth at two local hospitals. Recently, she joined the Investopedia Financial Review Board as a contributor and consultant developing financial literacy curriculum for kindergarten through fifth grade.


Kara holds a B.S.Ed. In Early Childhood Education and a M.Ed. In Adult Education with an emphasis on Training and Development, both from the University of Central Oklahoma. She was a Nationally Board Certified Early Childhood Generalist and Internationally Certified Childbirth Educator.