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Orlando, FL


West Chester University, Elizabethtown College


Credit cards, Student loans, Personal loans

Company Info

Kat Tretina LLC


  • Working as a freelance writer for over five years covering debt repayment, student loans and investing
  • Paid off $35,000 in her own student loan debt several years ahead of schedule
  • Her work has been published by Experian, Credit Karma, Student Loan Hero, and more


 Kat left graduate school with a master's degree in Communications -- and over $35,000 in student loan debt. On a small income, she worked several side hustles to pay off her debt ahead of schedule, and got involved in the personal finance community.

She's written for a wide range of finance websites, including Credit Karma, Experian, and The Penny Hoarder. She is focused on helping people pay down debt, boost their incomes, and teaching them how to use credit cards wisely. 


 Kat went to Elizabethtown College, where she double-majored in English and Communications. She then went to West Chester University, where she got a master's degree in Communications. 

Quote from Kat Tretina

 "If you want to build financial security and long-term wealth, work to create multiple income streams. It will help you weather any major changes that come your way."