• Firm: Wilson David Investment Advisors
  • Job Title: Financial Planner
  • Certifications: CFP®, EA


Kathryn Hauer fixes things. Her specialties are financial planning, financial literacy education, taxes, and investment advice, but over her 30-year career, she's been able to help people fix problems with money, construction projects, meetings, sentence construction, culinary disasters, and academic difficulties.

Kathryn help clients using her knowledge, experience, and hard work... although she likes to think that working together has its own magic. Her work as a lecturer, teacher, copy-editor, writer, presenter, negotiator, researcher, and office manager in a diverse cross section of business, educational, and government organizations has helped jer gain the depth of knowledge needed to advise her clients in all aspects of sound financial planning and investment.

She have been described as a fast, cheerful, flexible worker who rapidly resolves unexpected problems and project difficulties. She manages work quality and time based on guidelines provided and uses her talents to provide customers with top-notch service.

As a champion for financial literacy, she speaks at high schools, libraries, career fairs, churches, businesses and community groups to raise awareness about financial knowledge and safety.

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Kathryn received her Bachelor of Arts from College of William and Mary, her Master of Arts from College of William and Mary, and her Master of Business Administration from University of South Carolina.

Quote from Kathryn Hauer

“Kathy, author of "Financial Advice for Blue Collar America," helps you plan and manage your money while teaching you about financial matters and financial safety. She was named one of Investopedia's Top 100 Financial Advisors of 2018.”