Writer & Editor

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Jupiter, FL


Liberty University


Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Technology, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Digital Marketing


  • Award-winning digital marketing strategist and content creator specializing in helping crypto brands connect with their perfect audience
  • 7+ years of experience working with brands such as Snapple, J.D. Byrider, and Tai Pei Frozen Asian Food, fintech platforms, blockchain and cryptocurrency products, and pharma giants such as Bayer and Merck
  • Contributed to PR campaigns that have received coverage on Good Morning America, The Wendy Williams Show, and more.


Katie Clinebell is bringing the best industry-standard digital marketing practices to the world of blockchain to help crypto brands create mesmerizing, research-driven communications that match them with their perfect audience. With experience in the technology, cryptocurrency, blockchain, pharmaceutical, consumer, non-profit, and higher education industries, she and her team develop and deploy any digital marketing communication from start to finish.

Katie holds a double major in Advertising & Public Relations and Journalism and gained experience in global marketing at Merck. With a bend toward creating compelling content, she has created award-winning marketing campaigns for Snapple and Tai Pei Frozen Asian Food, received an Adobe Academic Achievement Award for content surrounding Olympic athletes, and worked on PR campaigns that have received coverage on Good Morning America, The Wendy Williams Show, and more.

Her tech journey began when she oversaw all marketing and development for a fintech SaaS product. Since then her passion for creating accessible, effective communications surrounding highly technical journeys has blossomed into launching her own crypto-specific digital marketing agency. She has helped various crypto clients reach their audiences with research-driven branding and marketing strategy, public relations, social media campaigns, website design and copy development, long-form content creation, strategic counsel, and more.

While Katie currently lives in Florida, she can be found elsewhere in the world a majority of the time striving to dive deeper into life-giving wisdom, grounding conviction, and active compassion by living stories that matter. You can connect and learn more about her at


Katie Clinebell holds a bachelor of Science in communications studies with a double major in journalism and advertising/public relations from Liberty University.