Fact Checker


University of Missouri


Personal Finance, Performance Marketing, Copy Editing, Legal Topics


  • Worked with a variety of media outlets and nonprofits to polish their work and edit copy to appeal to different audiences
  • Developed style guides for growing companies to help navigate the nuances of legal language
  • Produced an award-winning international news and human rights program


Lakshna Mehta is a fact-checker, copy editor, and journalist who has covered a variety of topics ranging from global press freedom, to bankruptcy, and everything in between. A member of the American Copy Editors Society, Lakshna has edited numerous articles and books for Law360, Erewhon Books, The Augusta Chronicle, Center for International Relations, among others. While at The August Chronicle, she wrote the publication’s in-house style guide for copy editors and page designers. 

From 2015 to 2016, Lakshna worked as a producer for Missouri public radio station KBIA’s Global Journalist, a program covering international news and human rights issues. There, her team produced a program on climate change that won a 2016 Telly Award.  

Lakshna studied journalism and international relations at the University of Missouri, where she was a senior staff writer and copy editor for The Maneater. She has also peeked behind the curtain of political campaigning by leading a voter contact campaign in Georgia.


Lakshna received a Master of Arts in Journalism, a Bachelor of Journalism, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of Missouri.