Landmark Home Warranty has provided home appliances and systems protection since 2005. The company offers a selection of two plans designed to cover repair or replacement costs when items break down, often due to long-term wear and tear. Plans are only offered in six states: Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah.

Compared to some of the other industry providers, Landmark Home Warranty has a slightly lower cost than average for its Home Systems plan, but a slightly higher average cost for its Total Protection plan. We reviewed Landmark Home Warranty based on price, coverage, caps, exclusions, and more.

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  • Allows you to request repairs through phone, online, or by email

  • Plans provide pest and termite treatment

  • Heating and air conditioner tune-ups are a standard part of the coverage

  • Plans are only available in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah

  • Trade service fee price information not clear on the website

Company Overview

Landmark Home Warranty was founded in 2005 with its headquarters located in Phoenix, Arizona. The company operates under the umbrella of Landmark Home Warranty, LLC and has a sister company under the same parent known as OneGuard Home Warranty. The latter only provides service to Arizona, Texas, and Nevada, whereas Landmark Home Warranty offers plans to six states: Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah.

Available Plans

Landmark Home Warranty offers a selection of two plans to choose from that include a Home Systems plan and a Total Protection plan. There is a slight difference in price depending on which state you live in, although the coverage is the same. The company also allows you to purchase additional add-on coverage by way of either enhancing the Total Protection plan or adding items to the Home System plan as needed.

For example, you can add a kitchen refrigerator or a built-in microwave for an additional monthly cost if you want the coverage but don’t feel that you need the entire Total Protection plan.

Landmark Home Warranty also provides optional coverage on some other items for an additional cost.

Plan Pricing

Plan pricing varies depending on your state. It is $0.84 more per month for the Total Protection plan and $0.83 more per month for the Home Systems plan in Arizona, Texas, and Nevada. The trade service fees (TSF) also vary from $60 to $100, depending on your state. The TSF is the fee paid to the technician at the time they arrive at your home to provide service.

Getting a quote is relatively easy. Simply put in your name, email address, phone number, and zip code into the online form and you can access your quote immediately. Expect a call from a customer service representative once you do.

Plan Exclusions

Compared to the exclusions of some home warranty companies, Landmark Home Warranty actually covers many things that its competitors do not always include in their policies. For example, all heating and cleaning components of a dishwasher, ice maker, and beverage dispenser are covered. Things that are not covered include knobs, rollers, and interior linings: these types of exclusions seem to be industry-standard when compared with other home warranty companies.

Payout Caps

Unlike most warranty providers, Landmark Home Warranty does not have a specific payout cap for appliances or home systems as a whole—this means multiple claims can add up to thousands without a cap to the aggregate value. However, payout caps exist (and vary) based on what needs to be fixed. Some items have no payout cap and are either fixed or replaced regardless of cost.

As an example of caps, Landmark Home Warranty will pay up to $1,000 for the diagnosis, repair, or replacement of a drain line if a problem occurs, which may not be enough to replace it. However, the company will replace a toilet tank or bowl if necessary as part of your regular coverage. It will also cover the cost of replacement for a heating or air conditioning unit, but there is a payout limit of $500 if modifications to the ductwork or flex piping are required for the repair.

When it comes to appliances, Landmark will pay up to $2,000 per set for a washer and dryer, but only $1,000 for a built-in microwave with a fan.

These are all examples of coverage caps. We recommend that you study the policy limits carefully to ensure that you understand the amounts covered for each item before you purchase a plan.

Repair Times

Landmark Home Warranty works to assign customers with a service technician within 24 hours of opening a claim. Once assigned, your customer service representative works with you until the repair or replacement has been completed.

Customer Service and Claims

Customer service is available 24/7, and Landmark Home Warranty offers three different ways for you to request service: over the phone (866-306-2999), via email, or on its website. To use the online service, log into your account by selecting the green “Request Service” button at the top right-hand corner of the website.

Complaints and Third-Party Assessments

Landmark Home Warranty has a B rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It appears that the majority of negative reviews against the company have to do with misunderstandings about what types of repairs the home warranty plans cover. For example, a customer with a 75-gallon hot water heater discovered that Landmark Home Warranty only covers hot water heaters up to 70 gallons. To the company’s credit, after reviewing the complaint, it chose to honor the contract. It appears that the company has reversed decisions like this on more than one occasion, suggesting that it's willing to work with customers if a problem arises.

Competition: Platinum Home Warranty vs. Landmark Home Warranty

We compared Landmark Home Warranty with Platinum Home Warranty. Both are small regional companies headquartered in and servicing Arizona. Landmark Home Warranty also provides home warranty plans to residents in Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah.

Platinum Home Warranty offers three plans compared to the two home warranty plans offered by Landmark Home Warranty. For our comparison, we looked at Platinum Home Warranty’s Bronze plan ($551), which is the most comparable to Landmark Home Warranty’s Total Protection plan ($672). The price range between the two is significant, but Landmark closes the gap considerably by including washer and dryer coverage—a $79 add-on for Platinum. 

Landmark Home Warranty not only offers tune-ups on heating and air conditioners as part of its normal plan cost, but it provides pest and termite control as well. Since this is not common in the home warranty industry, it becomes a good incentive to choose Landmark Home Warranty over the competition. When you add in that you can’t purchase Platinum Home Warranty in any state but Arizona, Landmark Home Warranty has the edge as our overall winner between the two.

Our Verdict

If you live in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, or Utah, Landmark Home Warranty offers a lot for the price. Plan costs are straightforward and the company states right up front what you’ll pay for add-on coverage if you want more protection.

While there are home warranty plans out there that are lower in price, we think that the heating and air conditioning tune-up, along with the pest control and termite treatment, brings a lot to the table and make the slightly-above-average cost worth it to homeowners who want a standard plan that is easy to understand.

How We Review Home Warranties

There are a variety of factors that we look at when reviewing a home warranty company. This includes the price of plans, out-of-pocket costs, service fees, as well as plan limitations and exclusions. We also look at customer satisfaction, the number of complaints, and how it compares to the competition in the industry.

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