Senior Editor

Resides In

Corona del Mar, California


California State University, Long Beach


Personal Finance, Credit Cards, Banking Products, Mortgages


  • Writer and editor with 20+ years of experience in print and online, both staff and freelance
  • Broad experience as a writer and editor producing content in travel, marketing, business, and personal finance
  • Nearly 15 years of experience writing and editing personal finance and small business content for online publishers including American Express OPENForum and US News


After earning an MFA, Lars joined a small southern California publisher and led its transformation from digital entertainment packager to trade publisher, shepherding dozens of titles from pitch to shelf. Topics ran the gamut, including titles in personal finance. Several years as a freelance writer and editor followed.

In 2010 Lars' freelance career evolved to focus on small business and personal finance writing and editing. Stints as a freelancer with personal finance site Wise Bread led to a role co-managing Amex OPENForum's small business content, and eventually a staff role with Wise Bread as Managing Editor. Later, with The Balance, Lars's primary areas of focus were credit cards, banking, mortgages, and financial products and services. He was also responsible for maintaining existing content on the site.

For Investopedia, Lars is focused on personal finance product reviews including banking, loans, credit, and other products.


Lars earned a bachelor's and a master's in English, both from California State University, Long Beach.

Quote from Lars Peterson

"Wealth, therefore, is 'The possession of the valuable by the valiant'; and in considering it as a power existing in a nation, the two elements, the value of the thing, and the valor of its possessor, must be estimated together." - John Ruskin