Freelance Writer and Small Business Strategist

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Tampa Bay, FL


George Mason University, St. Petersburg College


Finance, Insurance, Travel & Hospitality, Small Business

Company Info

LilyMarie Creative


  • Articles have appeared on sites such as TIME, Microsoft News, Bankrate, The Simple Dollar and Fiscal Tiger
  • Manages marketing and content for NFL star Rob Gronkowski’s companies
  • Spent over a decade as a wedding planner for elite Washington, D.C. venues before turning her attention to writing full-time


With a diverse professional background, Lena spent time in finance, web marketing, and hospitality before settling into full-time life as a freelance writer. Today, she spends most of her time nestled on her back porch in the Tampa Bay sunshine, enjoying the Gulf breeze and chirping seabirds as she writes for sites like TIME, Next Advisor, The Simple Dollar, Bankrate, Fiscal Tiger, ADT, and Investopedia.

Lena has managed to make her career a family affair. Her mother is an editing extraordinaire, while her little brother WWE wrestler Mojo Rawley and NFL BFF Rob Gronkowski keep fun and entertaining content coming their way. Still, she has been a small business owner since 2013, so she loves working with growing businesses. She uses her words to help entrepreneurs find success in their endeavors, whatever they may be.


Lena attended George Mason University before turning her full-time attention to working at Morgan Stanley. After working in finance, event management and marketing, she is back in school studying Marketing at St. Petersburg College in order to broaden her deep knowledge of the area.