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Accidental Death Benefit: What It Is, Examples of What It Covers
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What Is a Free Look Period and How Does It Work?
Young Adult Talks to Older Adult
Death Benefit: How It’s Taxed and Who Can Claim It
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What Is a Nonforfeiture Clause? 4 Payout Options Explained
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Embedded Value (EV): Definition, Calculation, and Example
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Waiver of Premium Rider: Definition, Purpose, Benefits, and Cost
Overview of main health effects on humans from some common types of pollution
What Is the Morbidity Rate? Factors and Vs. Mortalitiy Rate 
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What Is a Collateral Assignment of Life Insurance?
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What Is an Irrevocable Beneficiary? Definition and Rights
Working on Mortgage Rates
Policy Loan: Definition, How They Work, Benefits, and Downsides
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Level-Premium Insurance: Definition, Advantages, Example
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What Are Surrender Charges? Definition, How They Work and Example
Life insurance, key to financial security
What Is a Participating Policy? Definition and How It Works
Applicant Filling in Company Application Form Document Applying for Job, or Registering Claim for Health Insurance
Company-Owned Life Insurance (COLI): Definition, Purpose, Taxes
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What Is an Accelerated Death Benefit in Life Insurance?
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Accumulated Value Basics, Role in Life Insurance Policies
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Accelerated Benefit Riders: How They Work
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Defining an Incontestability Clause
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Allocated Loss Adjustment Expenses (ALAE) Definition, Examples
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Viatical Settlement: What it is, How it Works
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Automatic Premium Loan: Meaning, Overview and FAQs
Mode of Premium: Meaning, Overview in Life Insurance, FAQ
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Life Settlement
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Actuarial Life Table
Unsolicited Application
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Yearly Renewable Term (YRT)
Convention Statement Definition
Transfer-for-Value Rule
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Dread Disease Rider
Understanding the Insurance Transfer-for-Value Rule
Free of Particular Average (FPA)
Life Insurance Clauses Determine Your Coverage
Hazardous Activity
Noncancellable Insurance Policy
Incidents of Ownership
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Understand Permanent Life Insurance Illustrations
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Level Death Benefit
Life Expectancy: It's More Than Just A Number
Accumulation Option
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Family Income Rider Definition
Valuation Mortality Table
Actuarial Age
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Group Carve-Out Plan
Variable Death Benefit
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Mirror Fund
you can exchange an annuity for one with a lower cost
Surrender Rights
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Underlying Mortality Assumption
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Accelerated Option
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Joint-Life Payout
Life Insurance Policy
United States Government Life Insurance (USGLI)
Sprinkling Provision
Maturity Guarantee
Adjusted Premium Method
Waterfall Concept
Comparative Interest Rate Method
Transferable Insurance Policies (TIPS)
Yearly Probability of Living
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Aggregate Mortality Table