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Medina, OH


Ohio University


Residential Real Estate, Health Insurance, Healthcare, Consumer Finances


  • Developed marketing programs, activities, and budgets to promote and grow insurance outsourcing business via trade shows, mail campaigns, white papers and articles, sales collateral, website, videos, and product demos
  • Lead cross-functional teams to develop and execute a multi-channel direct marketing program
  • Directed and advised marketing strategy for healthcare clinics, capturing a larger share of insured patients
  • Licensed REALTOR®️ focused on residential real estate


Lori Stagliano is a residential REALTOR®️ and marketing professional, whose expertise in residential real estate, health insurance, healthcare, and financial services have helped ensure the reliability of Investopedia's content. Since 2017, Lori has been a REALTOR®️ for eXp Realty, where she works with clients to accomplish their real estate goals.

Prior to real estate, Lori held various marketing roles in the health insurance, healthcare, and financial services industries. As a direct marketing program manager for PNC Financial Services Group, she oversaw a $1 million direct marketing budget and lead cross-functional teams to increase product utilization, cross-sell, and retention. As a marketing specialist for The MetroHealth System, she advised healthcare clinics on strategies to capture a larger share of insured patients.

Lori was also a senior marketing specialist for Antares Management Solutions, where she developed marketing programs and led the design of communications and sales materials.


Lori received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Ohio University.

Quote from Lori Stagliano

I've always been passionate about helping consumers make educated decisions. It's important to have reliable resources available that provide accurate information. I'm happy to have a role in this.