Getting married changes your financial life including bank accounts, prenups, QDROs and other issues. Learn how to handle property, loan contracts, and the pros and cons of being married.

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Keeping Your Name After Marriage
Rainbow flags at U.S. Supreme Court
LGBTQ+ Marriage and Personal Finance
Managing Money as a Newly Married Couple
Form 8857: Request for Innocent Spouse Relief Definition
Dual Income, No Kids (DINK): Definition, Types, Marketing To
5 Signs You Need a Postnup
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Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA)
Create a Pain-Free Postnuptial Agreement
The Tax Benefits of Having a Spouse
Retirement: The Best Timing Strategies for Couples
Internal Revenue Service Building
Married Filing Separately Explained: How It Works and Its Benefits
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Gift Splitting: Definition, Example, and Tax Rules
What to Do Before Marrying: Student Debt
Innocent-Spouse Rule
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What You Need to Know About Marriage and Money
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How to Save and Plan for a Wedding
What Is a Marital Trust? Benefits, How It Works, and Types
Joint Owned Property: Definition, How It Works, Risks
What Is a Postnuptial Agreement? How It Works and What's Included
Uniform Premarital and Marital Agreements Act
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Equitable Distribution: Definition, State Laws, Exempt Property
Prenuptial Agreement
What to Do Before Marrying: Saver vs. Spender
Does Marrying Someone with Bad Credit Affect My Credit Score?
Prenup vs. Postnup: How Are They Different?
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5 (Financial) Things to Consider Before Marrying Later in Life
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Who Pays for What in a Wedding?
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The Four Cs of Buying Diamonds—and the Fifth C Defined
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Should You Insure Your Wedding Rings?
Why Marriage Makes Financial Sense
The Economics of a Successful Marriage
How to Create a Budget With Your Spouse (in 7 Steps)
Top 6 Marriage-Killing Money Issues
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How a Financial Planner Can Save Your Marriage
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What Caused America's Wave of Financial Infidelity?
How to Stop Fighting About Money
What Is Marital Property (Common Law vs. Community States)?
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Marriage vs. Common-Law Marriage: What's the Difference?
Community Property State: What It Is, How It Works, State List
Postnuptial Agreements: Are They Enforceable?
Newlyweds: 6 Money-Saving Tips for Filing Your Tax Return
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What You Should Know About Same-Sex Marriage Tax Benefits
Happily Married? You May Still Want to File Taxes Separately
Marriage Penalty Definition, Who Gets Hit With It

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