Mastercard Adds Two New Perks for World and World Elite Cardholders

Subscriptions and discounts with DoorDash and HelloFresh

On April 1, Mastercard unveiled two new credit card perks for consumers with Mastercard World and World Elite credit cards. The benefits come through new partnerships with DoorDash and HelloFresh and join three others that select cardholders already receive through Fandango, Lyft, and ShopRunner.

Key Takeaways

  • Mastercard is offering a complimentary DashPass membership, which includes discounts on orders, and cash back on HelloFresh purchases, which you can use for future purchases with the meal-kit company.
  • Mastercard World and World Elite cardholders already get perks when they use their cards with Fandango, Lyft, and ShopRunner.
  • The perks are unusual for a company that doesn't issue its own credit cards.
  • Check your card to find out if you qualify and how to take advantage of these benefits.

New DoorDash and HelloFresh Benefits

If you have a Mastercard credit card, you may qualify for some perks when you order food from DoorDash or HelloFresh.

With DoorDash, Mastercard World and World Elite cardholders will get a complimentary three-month subscription to DashPass, which offers free delivery and reduced service fees on orders of $12 or more. Additionally, cardholders will get $5 off their first two orders per month through September 2022. 

While a free DashPass subscription isn't unique—Chase recently offered it as a perk on many of its cards—the $5 discounts are. This means that even after your complimentary membership runs out, you'll essentially get your subscription fee back well into 2022, as long as you order food at least twice per month.

Additionally, eligible cardholders will earn 5% back on every HelloFresh purchase using their World or World Elite card, which will be applied to their next non-discounted purchase. 

This is similar to a previous perk Mastercard offered select cardholders when they shopped online at Boxed.

Other World and World Elite Benefits

In addition to the new DoorDash and HelloFresh perks, World and World Elite Mastercard customers can still take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Fandango: For every $20 you spend with your eligible card, whether on movie tickets or Fandango's streaming service, you'll receive $5 in rewards to put toward your next purchase.
  • Lyft: Get a $5 credit monthly when you take three or more rides in that month.
  • ShopRunner: Get a complimentary membership, which offers free two-day shipping and free return shipping at more than 100 stores.

It's relatively common for credit card issuers to provide perks like this for their customers. But payment processing companies like Mastercard and Visa typically stick to insurance-related benefits like rental car coverage and purchase protection.

And because the benefits are through Mastercard and not a specific card issuer, you may already have an eligible card in your wallet. 

Should You Use These Perks?

While the DoorDash benefit offers discounts on fees, you still have to pay a tip if you choose delivery instead of pickup. And the HelloFresh discount is nice, but ordering meal kits can still get expensive over time. 

As a result, just like any credit card perks, these are best suited for people who would have spent the money anyway. 

To find out if you're eligible, check your credit cards for the Mastercard logo. If it has one, look at the back to see if it's a World or World Elite card. Then visit Mastercard's benefits page and click on the perk you want, so you can set yourself up to start reaping the rewards.

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