Fact Checker

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Frankenmuth, MI


Central Michigan University, Saginaw Valley State University


Gaming, Technology, Finance, Document and data analysis, History, Contracting

Company Info

Merit Technologies


  • Provided IT solutions to small businesses for 15 years, helping them to modernize their process and policies.
  • Investment expert (turned a few hundred dollars into tuition money for two years during the turmoil of the 2008 recession).
  • Extensive experience with gaming and its culture, and dabbler in programming, creating a few of his own games and mods.


As an IT professional for small companies, Matthew often did more than just set up computer systems. He was tasked with helping these companies figure out how to be more efficient in the modern era. Most of his clients were sole proprietors with a limited understanding of IT solutions and how they could help make them more comparative. Convinced that the industry often did a poor job of providing clarity to its clients, Matthew worked hard to ensure that people he worked with could understand and interact with the work he did. He had to not only be good at analyzing what is needed, but be able to persuasively articulate why.

As a fact-checker for Appen Inc. Matthew was tasked with managing the stream of misinformation that pervaded the late 2010s. As a classically educated historian he is a firm believer that bias is not something you eliminate, but rather manage. Maintaining objectivity in this role was important, and he actively sought to ensure that he was limiting the impact his implicit bias had on his actions.


Matthew received a B.A. in History from Central Michigan University.

Quote from Matthew Klammer

The liberal arts are often looked on as the useless tools of people with their heads in the clouds. Yet humanity has always reached for those clouds, and asked to see even more.