• Firm: MoneyComb, Inc.
  • Job Title: Co-founder/CEO


Prior to MoneyComb, Mel Mattison worked for over a decade at some of the nation’s leading asset managers, broker-dealers, and RIAs. He holds a MBA from Duke University with a concentration in finance. Having spent years serving the financial needs of those with significant investable assets, Mel set out to create a platform for the vast majority of Americans who have yet to build up a sizable nest egg.

More specifically, MoneyComb helps users spend where they want, so they can save what they want. After all, it’s hard to save, invest, or pay off debt if spending is out of control. It’s also tough to change essential expenses like rent or car payments. That’s why MoneyComb focuses on six actionable categories of day-to-day spending, things that users can actually do something about. Based on the radical belief that most of us have the resources to live a fulfilling life, MoneyComb’s goal is to create a tool that balances personal enjoyment, financial wellness, and ease of use.

Mel and his team are not here to suggest giving up all of life’s pleasures either. They want everyone to enjoy what this amazing world has to offer in a mindful, intelligent way. That’s why they help clients create a custom spending plan in sync with who they are as a person. Mel and his team also provide tools and suggestions to help clients stay on track and spend intentionally.

Disclaimer: MoneyComb™ is an educational and informational financial wellness platform.  MoneyComb does not manage money or financial assets nor is it a bank or any kind of lending platform. There is no solicitation or offer to buy or sell securities. MoneyComb exists solely to help its users make wise financial decisions and spend smarter.


Mel received his BA in philosophy from Loyola University in Chicago and his MBA in finance from Duke University.

Quote from Mel Mattison

“Mel Mattison is co-founder & CEO of MoneyComb, a personal finance and wellness platform that helps people spend smarter so they can reach their financial goals.”