Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions describe a variety of situations in which separate business entities come together, which can be an effective strategy for growth.

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Subsidiary Company: Definition, Example, and How It Works
Vertical Merger: Definition, How It Works, Purpose, and Example
Young entrepreneur presenting project in exclusive boardroom
How to Assess Acquisition Candidates
Businesswoman and businessman shaking hands across the table
Horizontal Integration vs. Vertical Integration: Key Differences
Bear Hug
Bear Hug: Business Definition, With Pros & Cons
Divestment: Definition, Meaning, Purpose, Types, and Reasons
Poison Pill
Poison Pill: A Defense Strategy and Shareholder Rights Plan
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How Accretion/Dilution Analysis Affects Mergers and Acquisitions
Why Public Companies Go Private
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Merger vs. Takeover: What's the difference?
Horizontal Integration: Overview and Examples
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Horizontal Integration: Benefits and Drawbacks
Stock-for-Stock Merger: Definition, How It Works, and Example
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Enterprise Value vs. Equity Value: What's the Difference?
Why Do Companies Merge With or Acquire Other Companies?
Affiliated Companies: Definition, Criteria, and Example
What Is a Buyout, With Types and Examples
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What Are Drag-Along Rights? Meaning, Benefits, and Example
Flotation Cost
Flotation Cost: Formulas, Meaning and Examples
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What Is Management Buyout (MBO)? Definition, Reasons, and Example
Minority Interest: Definition, Types, and Examples
What Is a Takeover? Definition, How They're Funded, and Example
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Carve-Out: Definition as Business Strategy, Meaning, and Example
Counteroffer: Definition, Examples, and Strategies
Contingent Value Right (CVR) Meaning, Types, Risks, Example
Disinvestment: Definition, Meaning, Types, and Examples
Calculate Tax Lead to Liquidation
What Is Liquidation?
Novation: Definition in Contract Law, Types, Uses, and Example
What Is an Reverse Takeover (RTO)? Definition and How It Works
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What Is a Safe Harbor? Types, and How They Are Used
Tender in Finance Definition: How It Works, With Example
Senior Businessman Brainstorming, Drawing Formulas on Window Pane
Activist Investor: Definition, Role, Biggest Player
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Backward Integration
Pro Forma
Pro Forma: What It Means and How to Create Pro Forma Financial Statements
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Understanding Leveraged Buyout Scenarios
How Long Does It Take for a Merger to Go Through?
Mergers and Acquisitions: What's the Difference?
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How Does Privatization Affect a Company's Shareholders?
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Merger Arbitrage: Definition and How It Works to Manage Risk
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Reverse Triangular Merger Overview and Examples
Midsection Businessmen Analyzing Charts on Laptop in Office
Greenmail: Definition, How It Works, Example, Legality
Eclectic Paradigm: Definition, Example, Advantages
Negative Goodwill (NGW)
Negative Goodwill (NGW): Definition, Examples, and Accounting
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Standstill Agreement: Definition, How Contract Works, and Example
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Variable Interest Entities (VIE): Definition and How They Work
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Precedent Transaction Analysis: Definition and How It Works
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The Corporate Merger: What to Know About When Companies Come Together
Schedule TO-C
Schedule TO-C
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What Investors Can Learn From M&A Payment Methods
Unsolicited Bid
Unsolicited Bid
Repackaging in Private Equity
Repackaging in Private Equity
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Virtual Data Room (VDR): Definition, Uses, and Alternatives
Write-Up: Examples of the Opposite of Write-Downs
What Is Horizontal Integration? Definition and Examples
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Understanding Horizontal Merger vs. Vertical Merger
Cost of Acquisition
Cost of Acquisition: What it Means, How to Use in Investing
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The 5 Biggest Mergers in History
Swap Ratio
Swap Ratio: What it is, How it Works, Special Considerations
Business People Shaking Hands in Conference Room
Reverse Mergers: Advantages and Disadvantages
The 5 Biggest Acquisitions in History