Fact Checker

Resides In

Austin, TX


University of Illinois


Finance, Business, Insurance


  • Fact-checker and researcher since 2020
  • Has worked in statistical analytics and strategy in the advertising industry
  • Completed two internships with Fortune 500 insurance companies


Michael Rosenston has been working as a fact-checker and researcher since 2020 for Investopedia and The Balance, where he has gained experience in a number of business, insurance, and financial topics. Michael has also worked in the advertising industry, where he used mathematical models, statistical analysis, and expert strategic knowledge to help clients maximize sales. During his college years, Michael completed two internships with Fortune 500 insurance companies which provided him with in-depth knowledge of that industry. Michael has spent an extensive amount of time traveling the world and loves to live a healthy lifestyle too.


Michael received a B.S. in statistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. He also completed a minor in computer science.