Culinary Institute of America at Greystone


  • Self-taught investor with over 5 years of experience as a financial trader
  • Has written numerous articles for hedge funds with cumulative AUMs over $150 billion
  • Has worked with global financial institutions in Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, and Chicago


Mitchell Grant started using his financial acumen to build investment portfolios after a long run in Michelin-rated restaurants around the world. After a few years of successful investing during the market drop in 2011, Mitchell began writing about stock price direction for esteemed clients such as TheStreet, Seeking Alpha, and Wells Fargo Investment Advisors. Many consider this a considerable achievement as Mitchell has had no formal financial education.

Using his investment writing as leverage, Mitchell secured consumer-centric pieces from various hedge funds in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York. At the time of contract expiration, the funds Mitchell wrote for held accumulative assets over $120 billion. Mitchell is now an editor for Investopedia and TheBalance, and is a head creative writer for Citigroup International.



 Mitchell received his associate's degree at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.

Quote from Mitchell Grant

 "Finance shouldn't feel like a foreign language." - Mitchell Grant