The NC Real Estate School Review

Expert instructors teach North Carolina real estate courses online

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The NC Real Estate School

The NC Real Estate School

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Our Take

The NC Real Estate School is an online education provider of real estate material designed to prepare students for the real estate exam and a career as a real estate agent. Instructors are well-qualified, and instructor support is available with each class. There are two class formats to choose from, both online, and there are some course topic options as well. However, the website is outdated, there isn’t a live chat option, and classes are only offered in one state. The school isn’t accredited and doesn’t offer student resources or career information on its site. 

  • Pros & Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview
Pros & Cons
  • Two course formats

  • Free professional development classes

  • Expert instructors

  • No on-campus classes

  • Classes only offered in one state

  • Website is difficult to use

Key Takeaways
  • The NC Real Estate School offers online pre-licensing courses for salespeople in North Carolina.
  • Prospective students can try out free professional development classes.
  • The pre-licensing course is live or self-paced.
Company Overview

The NC Real Estate School is an online real estate school serving real estate professionals throughout the state of North Carolina. The school is licensed and approved by The North Carolina Real Estate Commission. Its goal is to prepare real estate students for the competitive environment that often accompanies the real estate industry. Programs are clear, concise, and designed to prepare you for a long real estate career. It offers pre-licensing, exam prep, continuing education, post-licensing, and professional development classes. 

  • Year Founded 2017
  • Kinds of Courses Prelicensing, continuing education, exam prep, post-licensing, and professional development classes
  • Number of States Where Courses Are Offered 1
  • Price $604+ for pre-licensing course
  • Contact Email, contact form, and telephone: 919-801-4103
  • Official Website
The NC Real Estate School

The NC Real Estate School

overall rating

The NC Real Estate School is no longer in business. You can review our list of the best online real estate schools for what we think are the best options.

As the name suggests, the NC Real Estate School offers real estate courses in North Carolina. It’s an online school and only offers classes in one state. The school caters to different learning styles with live classes meant to emulate the feel and schedule of being in a classroom and self-paced classes for those who want to start and stop them whenever they please. The website has a frequently asked questions section and some information on getting your license in North Carolina as well as information on The Real Estate Commission. Student resources aren’t nearly as robust as with other real estate schools and there isn’t a career hub or an online chat option. 

Pros Explained

  • Two course formats: Although all courses are online, they cater to different learning styles and schedules. It’s convenient to choose a class time that works for you or choose to take it at your leisure. 
  • Free professional development classes: Seven out of the 13 professional development classes offered are for free. These classes can help you gain a better understanding of a specific topic without making a monetary investment. 
  • Expert instructors: All instructors have field experience in whatever class they’re teaching as well as experience teaching adults. The instructors on the site each have more than 15 years of real estate experience so they should be able to answer questions and give their perspective of the industry. 

Cons Explained

  • No on-campus classes: If you learn better in an actual classroom, this isn’t the right school for you. You won’t get the personal interactions with students or teachers you need to fit your learning style. 
  • Classes only offered in one state: If you want to get licensed in a state other than North Carolina, you'll need a different school. All classes are only applicable to North Carolina real estate agents. 
  • Website is difficult to use: The website is outdated and isn’t easy to navigate. Some classes show up in one place and other classes on the same topic are under another category. The website needs updating and a better layout. 

All About Real Estate Agents and What They Do

Available Courses 

The NC Real Estate School offers a variety of real estate courses for future and current real estate agents including pre-licensing classes for real estate agents in North Carolina as well as, exam prep, continuing education classes, and post-licensing courses. It also offers post-licensing courses on topics such as dealing with difficult clients, real estate teams, and listings. 

In North Carolina, the words "agent" and "broker" are often interchangeable. When the website refers to broker pre-licensing classes, it means an agent or salesperson who must work under the supervision of a broker. This terminology varies by state.

Salesperson Pre-Licensing

Salesperson pre-licensing courses at The NC Real Estate School are offered either through live online classes or self-paced study. Both class formats cover all of the required course hours mandated by the state which is 75 hours. Topics include licensing laws in the state, fair housing, and real estate principles. All classes include instructor support through email or by phone during their availability. Each instructor will let you know contact details and availability once you enroll.

Live classes cost $604 and you can view the schedule online.

Self-paced courses are offered in three packages: Real Estate Professional Track, Broker Pre-Licensing Course v. 1.0, and The Real Estate Career Accelerator Package. They are priced at $342, $450, and $538 respectively. The Professional Track package includes the course and digital materials for the class. The Broker Pre-Licensing package also includes interactive exercises and a practice exam. The Accelerator Package includes exam prep and a career coaching class in addition to the course material.

Exam Prep

Exam prep is included in the self-paced Real Estate Career Accelerator Package. It is also sold separately for $65 and includes drills and practice banks of questions. There are thousands of questions designed to mimic the questions on the North Carolina real estate exam. You can create custom quizzes, focus on the topics you need more practice with, and take full-length practice exams. 

Continuing Education

The NC Real Estate School offers continuing education classes to real estate agents who need to take a certain amount of hours to renew their license. However, it doesn’t have any available continuing education classes on its website (as of January 2022). According to the school, class details are being discussed and will be added. 

Post-licensing courses are required for real estate agents in North Carolina who renew their license for the first time. There are three courses to choose from; each is $199 for 30 hours of material through online video courses. Options include broker relationships and responsibilities, contracts and closings, and post-licensing laws and legal concepts. 

Other Courses

In addition to the standard pre-licensing, exam prep, post-licensing, and continuing education courses, The NC Real Estate School also offers several professional development courses including coaching for working with buyers, hiring real estate assistants, and negotiation tactics.  

Courses are either free or $59, and the website has a list of professional development courses with their prices. 

Course Format

At one time classes were taught in person, but they are now all taught online with no immediate plans to return to the classroom. There are two class formats: self-paced and live. The live class schedules are on the website and you can choose from daytime, nighttime, or weekend classes. Regardless of the format, all pre-licensing classes are 75 hours in length. 

Classes are designed to prepare students with the basic knowledge and skills to pass the North Carolina licensing exam and act as an agent. Topics such as property taxation, real estate concepts and law, and fair housing laws are covered in class. Brokerage relationships and prices and common real estate terms are also included. 


The instructors are experienced in their respective fields and some have graduate degrees while others have been executives at companies as well as real estate brokers with more than 15 years of experience. Two of the instructors have bios on the website so you can learn more about them. Once you sign up for a class, you will get contact information and availability for your instructor. Former student reviews on third-party sites have mixed things to say about the instructors. Some students appreciate their experience and knowledge of topics and others say that they just read through power-point presentations with little explanation. 


The NC Real Estate School doesn’t have much of an online presence and the third-party sites it is on give it mixed reviews. Some previous students like the instructors and others feel like the material is a bit outdated and classes aren’t engaging. Additionally, the school is not accredited by ARELLO or IDECC, meaning that neither institution awarded accreditation for meeting their stringent standards for an online real estate school. 


The NC Real Estate School offers pre-licensing courses for real estate agents in two online formats. Live online classes are priced at $320 and include all necessary books and course materials. The self-paced courses come in packages and are priced at $342, $450, and $538. 

Exam prep sold on its own is $65. However, it is included with the Real Estate Career Accelerator Package. Continuing education courses are sold individually for $50 each. Post licensing classes are $199 and include 30 hours of material. Some professional development classes are free, and others are $59 per class.  

Customer Service 

Customer service at The NC Real Estate School can be reached by email or phone at 919-801-4103. Its office is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the business hours are Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5.p.m. EST. It is closed on Sundays and all major holidays. You can also submit a contact request form on the website

Competition: The NC Real Estate School vs. Mbition

Mbition is an online real estate school that offers pre- and post-licensing classes, continuing education, exam prep, and home inspection classes. It is accredited by both IDECC and ARELLO. Its website is updated and easy to navigate and you can take individual classes or purchase a package. 

We compared it with The NC Real Estate School because they both offer online self-paced classes that are similarly priced for North Carolina real estate agents. Overall, we recommend choosing Mbition over The NC Real Estate School because it has accreditations and provides helpful student resources including state licensing requirement information, a real estate blog, and webinars.

  The NC Real Estate School Mbition 
Pricing $320+ for pre-licensing in North Carolina $301.75 + for pre-licensing in North Carolina
Courses Offered  Real estate licensing continuing ed, exam prep, and post-licensing  Real estate licensing, exam prep, post-licensing, and continuing education 
Number of States Courses are Offered  20 
Course format  Self-paced online, live online  Self-paced online 
Final Verdict

The NC Real Estate School is a viable option for real estate professionals and aspiring real estate agents who want to work in North Carolina and want the flexibility of taking online classes around their schedules. Advantages include its experienced instructors, frequently asked questions on its site, and an offering of post-licensing courses on various topics. 

However, the website is outdated and lacking in the number of additional resources for students. The school isn’t accredited and it only offers real estate classes online and only in one state. It also doesn’t have a live chat option or a mobile app.

Our Methodology: How We Review Real Estate Schools

We researched and analyzed numerous facets of each real estate school with a quantitative approach in mind. Some of the elements considered include costs of the classes, course formats, accreditation, and former student reviews. We also look at the overall reputation of the provider, geographic areas where the courses are available, and instructor qualifications. Additionally, we assess how easy it is to navigate the website and whether it includes additional student resources such as blogs, webinars, and career tips.