Introducing the Net Worth Calculator

Calculating your net worth helps you figure out where you are financially at this point in time. Expressed as a dollar amount, your net worth represents your financial health and is essentially the result of everything you have earned and spent up until now. While taking the time to calculate your net worth one time is helpful, what is really beneficial is to make this calculation on a regular basis so you can see trends in your overall financial health. Using our net worth calculator you can calculate, analyze and record your net worth for FREE.

Step 1 - Add Your Assets.

Use the form below to enter items that have significant value (eg. house, car, investments)

Asset Name Category Value

Step 2 - Add Your Liabilities.

Use the form below to enter items that you owe money on (eg. mortgage, loans, credit cards)

Liability Name Category Value

Step 3 - Calculate Your Net Worth!

Click the 'calculate' button below to calculate your net worth.

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Easily compile a list of your assets and liabilities.
Get reports on your net worth.
View and manage your net worth history.
Compare your net worth to the rule of thumb.
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