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  1. Stock Market Today: Braving the Storm

    Stocks rallied breaking a six-day slide but the median stock in the S&P 500 index is down 7 percent this year.
  2. Tepper’s Appaloosa Takes New Stake in Apple, Dumps Facebook

    The hedge fund founded by the billionaire businessman added new stakes in Apple and PG&E in Q3, the latter which has ...
  3. Snap ‘So Beaten Down,’ It Might Have Bottomed: Short Seller Andrew Left

    The struggling social media platform is nowhere close to being obsolete among young people, according to Andrew Left, who ...
  4. What Stocks Did Buffett Add Last Quarter?

    Berkshire is now a major shareholder in four of the five biggest U.S. banks. Meanwhile, the conglomerate dumped Walmart and ...
  5. PG&E Free Falls on News of ‘Electric Incident’ Before Wildfire

    The utility co. says its insurance wouldn't be enough to cover the cost if it is found responsible for the disaster, putting ...
  6. Why Exxon Mobil's Stock Could Drop 15%

    Analysts are starting to shave earnings estimates for Exxon Mobil.
  7. Goldman, Morgan Stanley in Bear Market Squeeze

    Shares of investment banking and wealth management firms Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have been squeezed to bear market ...
  8. Why Stocks May Surge By Year's End, Defying Bears: Bank of America

    The firm's bullish view includes a year-end rally and long-term advance for stocks.
  9. Coke's Overbought Shares May Plunge 7% Short Term

    Coke has rallied 11% in the past month as investors seek safety.
  10. Vipshop Finally Breaks Out After Strong Earnings

    Vipshop shares moved sharply higher following third quarter financial results, but traders will be watching these key levels ...
  11. Infrastructure Bipartisanship: Strong Steel Stocks

    Infrastructure reform may come out the midterm election winner. Explore three steel stocks posed to benefit from increased ...
  12. Advance Auto Parts and O'Reilly Alert Bullish Demand

    Shares of the auto parts stores could represent a long-term buying opportunity given revenue and EPS growth alongside accumulation ...
  13. Netflix Completes Head and Shoulders Pattern

    Netflix stock sold off more than 150 points into late October and has now competed the right shoulder of a head and shoulders ...
  14. US Stock Market Sector Internals

    We likely need to see breadth improvements and a retest of lows to signal that the market has begun to repair itself through ...
  15. Applied Materials Stock at 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Applied Materials appears to be "too cheap to ignore" with a P/E ratio of just 5.59 and a dividend yield of 2.39%.
  16. Amazon Seen Sliding 8% Short Term Even as Bulls Say 'Buy'

    Amazon's stock has fallen 21% from its recent highs.
  17. Tech Investors Pay Skyrocketing Prices for Risk Protection

    Using options, downside protection for tech stocks is costlier than for the market by the widest margin in 7 years.
  18. Citron's Left is Short Canopy, Canadian Cannabis

    Citron Research's Andrew Left revealed that he expects Canadian cannabis stocks to drop.
  19. All About the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

    One of the most prominent bitcoin hard forks, bitcoin cash, is undergoing its own split.
  20. Apple on the Brink of a Bear Market

    Apple's stock is on the brink of what many may consider bear market territory.
  21. Amazon Catching Up to Google, Facebook in Search

    While the digital advertising market opportunity is booming, legacy players could see their duopoly run its course in light ...
  22. Apple Gets Burned on the Street, Shares Fall Into a Correction

    Analysts are becoming more cautious on Apple stock, warning that unlike last year, higher ASPs may not be enough to offset ...
  23. Hedge Funds Go Negative for the Year

    Hedge funds fell 3.1% in October, now down 2.6% for the year, trailing the S&P 500 after a period of heightened market ...
  24. Why Facebook Is Overvalued Despite 35% Plunge

    Facebook's stock is richly valued even as analysts forecast virtually zero earnings growth.
  25. Nvidia: Bad News Already Priced into Shares, Says Susquehanna

    Bulls cite Nvidia's leadership in the Artificial Intelligence inferencing space, a market that analysts expect will grow ...
  26. Boeing Stock at Make or Break Level: Technician

    If Boeing shares cannot break above one key level, investors could see a quick retest of October lows, according to one market ...
  27. Tilray Revenue Surges 85%, But Loses $18.7 Million

    Cannabis companies have a hard time justifying their lofty valuations in the third quarter, leading to stock declines despite ...
  28. How Far Will Natural Gas Prices Rise?

    Natural gas prices soared following an unexpected cold weather forecast and tight supply, but traders will be watching these ...
  29. Why U.S. CEOs Aren't Worried About A Recession

    Corporate executives see few signs of a sharp slowdown ahead.
  30. Electronic Arts Faces More Declines as Profits Drop

    Electronic Arts already has fallen more than 40% off its high.
  31. Portfolio Prepping With Packaged Food Stocks

    Investors have shelved packaged food stocks in favor of the technology sector. Learn why traditional packaged food companies ...
  32. 3 Charts That Suggest Tech Stocks Are Headed Lower

    Cracks are starting to show in the trends of major technology stocks. These three charts suggest that prices could be headed ...
  33. Coca-Cola Stock Rallies to All-Time High

    Coca-Cola stock has jumped to an all-time high but faces a final technical obstacle before entering a strong uptrend.
  34. Cisco Reports Earnings Between Technical Levels

    Cisco Systems reports earnings with a market-neutral P/E ratio of 19.17 and a reasonable dividend yield of 2.89%.
  35. Goldman Sees 0% Returns, Highest Bear Market Risk in 50 Years

    Goldman Sachs forecasts more pain ahead, pointing to the bank's bear market indicator that is "flashing red".
  36. Ford's High-Octane Rebound May Stall as Outlook Darkens

    Ford's stock has fallen 24% in 2018.
  37. Bullish Big Investors Double Down After Sell-Offs

    Fund managers used the October market dip as a buying opportunity and see 12% upside to the S&P 500.
  38. AT&T CFO cautions on how quickly 5G revenue will come

    AT&T is upbeat on long-term revenue prospects for 5G services but expects it to take years before 5G-enabled devices ...
  39. Which Company Is Behind Popular E-Cigarette, JUUL?

    JUUL has quickly dominated the market for e-cigarettes, especially among younger users. Which company is behind the popular ...
  40. Amazon Picks New York City, Northern Virginia for New HQ, Nashville Gets Ops Center

    Amazon announced its new headquarters. What does it mean for the company and its new hosts?
  41. Buy Bear Market Amazon: Nomura

    “Put simply, it seems AMZN sales and GP [gross profit] dollars are growing faster than their ability to spend," wrote one ...
  42. Apple's Stock Risks More Declines As iPhone Outlook Darkens

    Apple's market value has fallen about $200 billion from its peak of $1.1 trillion.
  43. Apple Sinks on Fears of iPhone Weakness, Buy on the Dip?

    Bears view a lower outlook from a key supplier as signaling more pain ahead for the smartphone maker as it scrambles to become ...
  44. Semi Stocks: Perfect Storm Brewing, Says Market Watcher

    One bear views a myriad of headwinds, including smartphone market deceleration, rising interest rates, and China trade tensions ...
  45. Buy Walmart Ahead of Earnings This Week: Street Technician

    One market watcher views the retail giant as the best offensive and defensive play, recommending going long on shares before ...
  46. Aurora Cannabis Earnings Surge 2,800%

    Strong, unmet consumer demand evident across Canada should accelerate revenue growth for the cannabis producer, according ...
  47. Chips Stocks to Fall on Weaker Than Expected iPhone Demand: Citigroup

    Citigroup attributes its lowered chip sector outlook to weaker-than-expected iPhone XR unit sales and softer smartphone demand ...
  48. GE CEO Feels ‘Urgency’ to Sell Assets and Raise Cash

    CEO Larry Culp says GE can improve its liquidity with sales of various businesses as management "makes sure the company is ...
  49. Why Boeing's Stock May Fall As Earnings Estimates Rise

    Boeing's stock has soared 19% in 2018, outpacing the S&P 500.
  50. Vodafone Could See Double Bottom With Safe Dividend

    Vodafone could be forming a bullish double bottom chart pattern after better-than-expected financial results and a promise ...
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Stock Analysis
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  4. How risky are futures?

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