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  1. 2 Stocks That May Surge on Bank Takeovers

    The highly fragmented U.S. banking sector looks ripe for a wave of M&A activity.
  2. Odebrecht: The Biggest Corruption Case in History

    The Brazilian multinational was part of the largest foreign bribery case in history.
  3. Walmart's Stock Faces a 12% Plunge

    Walmart Inc. (WMT) shares may be poised to fall by nearly 12%.
  4. Stocks That Can Outperform a Choppy Market

    Large cap value stocks should thrive in the current market, a JPMorgan fund manager indicates.
  5. Coinbase Buys Paradex to Expand Crypto Offerings

    Coinbase announces the acquisition of cryptocurrency trading platform Paradex.
  6. Samsung Has to Pay Apple $539M for Infringing Patents

    The South Korean giant previously paid Apple $399 million for copying features of the original iPhone.
  7. Buying the Micron (MU) Rumor Before the Earnings News?

    Micron Technologies (MU) has been climbing higher, but can it continue to soar in the run up to its earnings announcement ...
  8. Ray Dalio Made a Big Bet on GameStop in Q1: 13F

    Bridgewater Associates bought roughly 1.67 million shares of GameStop last quarter.
  9. CIBC Boosts Stakes in Apple, Amazon in Q1

    CIBC acquired more shares of Apple and Amazon during the tumultuous first quarter.
  10. Bank Reform Bill to Boost Mortgage Availability: NAR

    The National Association of Realtors says the banking reform bill will boost access to mortgages.
  11. TD Ameritrade Adds New Tools to Its Ticker Tape Platform

    TD Ameritrade has overhauled its Ticker Tape platform to provide more data and information to its customers.
  12. Existing-Home Sales Backtrack in April

    Existing-home sales took a hit in April from a trifecta of rising home prices, increasing interest rates and a lack of homes ...
  13. Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF Could Gain More Than 9%

    The Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF could increase 9% thanks in part to three underlying holdings.
  14. 5 Retail Stocks Thriving in Amazon's Shadow

    These smaller retailers are going strong, while bigger rivals are getting hammered by Amazon.
  15. Apple to Hit $214 on Services: Morgan Stanley

    AAPL is a different company than it was five years ago, but the Street has yet to catch up: MS.
  16. Charles Schwab: Main Street Feeling Better Than Wall Street

    Charles Schwab says that the market is adept at finding infliction points that may leave investors confused.
  17. Musk Scorns ‘Holier-Than-Thou' Hypocrisy of Media

    Musk accuses the press of producing work that only attracts ad dollars from fossil fuels, TSLA rivals.
  18. Is Apple Leaving Billions on the Table?

    Apple could make much more in subscriptions if it charged monthly for its professional apps.
  19. Uber Jumps to $62 Billion Valuation

    Investors expect momentum to continue, turning red ink into black, as Uber explores new segments.
  20. Netflix Breakout May Lead to 14% Surge

    Shares have already surged by almost 80% in 2018, an astronomical rise driven by earnings growth.
  21. Fidelity: International Stocks Outperform U.S. Stocks

    Fidelity Investments warned that, based on client data, customers may be underexposed to international stocks – and that's ...
  22. Druckenmiller, Soros Diverged in Q1 Choices: 13F

    Druckenmiller focused on Chinese internet companies last quarter, while Soros bought up bank stocks.
  23. Walmart Downtrend Nearing Major Support

    Walmart stock may be headed into a selling climax in the mid- to upper $70s ahead of a strong mid-year recovery effort.
  24. Lululemon Breaks Out to Fresh Highs, but Are Shares Oversold?

    Lululemon shares have moved sharply higher over the past two months, but traders will be watching these key levels ahead.
  25. Top 3 Equipment and Services ETFs

    Energy stocks have continued to outperform as oil prices rise. Discover three ETFs that provide exposure to the equipment ...
  26. Was Bitcoin's Price Manipulated? US DoJ Asks

    US Department of Justice and CFTC are jointly investigating price manipulation in cryptocurrency markets
  27. Icahn Took New Position in Newell Rubbermaid: 13F

    The activist investor likely prepared himself for another takeover.
  28. What the Yen Says About Market Risk

    The yen can be helpful in forecasting investor sentiment because it rises or falls contrary to stocks.
  29. Apple Inks Driverless Car Deal With Volkswagen

    The iPhone maker has finally found a self-driving partner after years of setbacks.
  30. Microsoft to Lead Surge in IT Industry Profits: Moody's

    The credit rating agency predicted that EBITDA across the IT sector will rise by about 7.5% this year, with Microsoft leading ...
  31. Goldman Sachs Made $200 Million in a Single Day

    The tremendous gains happened in February, but the public only heard about it recently.
  32. Big Banks Were Big With Hedge Funds in Q1: 13Fs

    A number of fund managers made additions to their portfolios last quarter involving bank stocks.
  33. 3 Blue Chip Stocks Selling at Bargain Prices

    Consumer staples companies whose stock prices have taken a hit this year still have strong fundamentals.
  34. 13F: What Einhorn's Greenlight Capital Bought in Q1

    Einhorn acquired new stakes in Abercrombie & Fitch, PayPal, Office Depot and more.
  35. Nvidia Seen Soaring to Record on Explosive Growth

    Analysts see shares of Nvidia rising even higher to a new record high.
  36. 'Stealth' Economic Slowdown Is Bad News for Stocks

    Behind the curve: economic growth is slowing by some measures, and investors have yet to recognize it.
  37. Discount Retailer Ross Stores Is in Recovery Mode

    Ross Stores reports earnings with a market-neutral P/E ratio of 23.19 and a small dividend yield of 1.09% but with positive ...
  38. Housing Stocks Hit by Rising Mortgage Rates

    Housing-related stocks are getting hit thanks to rising mortgage rates and a decline in mortgage applications.
  39. Exploring for Summer Profits in Energy

    Sell in May and go away? Maybe not, if traders know where to look in the energy sector for stocks with upside potential.
  40. Charles Schwab: Flattening Yield Curve Isn't Reason to Worry About Stocks

    While stock investors have plenty of worries, the flattening yield curve shouldn't be one of them, says Charles Schwab's ...
  41. 8 Longterm Winners For a Stormy Stock Market

    Big Profits: These companies dominate their markets
  42. Vanguard Favors High-Quality Munis Over High-Yield Ones

    Vanguard explained why municipal bond investors should focus on high-quality issues over high-yielding ones.
  43. Mortgage Applications Drop Again; New Home Sales Falter in April

    Mortgage applications took another hit as rates rose last week. Also, new-home sales fell in April, but not as much as expected.
  44. Fidelity: Active ETFs Provide a Chance to Beat the Index

    Fidelity Investments made the case as to why active ETFs are attractive, pointing to the ability to outperform an index.
  45. Square Debt Offering to Fuel Acquisitions: Morgan

    Morgan Stanley analysts remain on the sidelines regarding shares of the payments processor.
  46. Merrill Edge Upgrades Its Self-Directed Investing Platform

    Merrill Edge has added enhancements to its self-directed investing offering.
  47. E*TRADE: Semiconductor Stock Micron Benefits From Trade War Truce

    With China and U.S. in trade talks, a temporary truce could bode well for Micron's stock, says E*TRADE.
  48. Macy's Soaring Stock Seen Rising 11% Higher

    Based on the options set to expire in July, traders are betting shares will go to nearly $37.
  49. Best Buy Seen Plunging 35% on Amazon Threat

    While shares have outperformed on a new Amazon partnership, the deal may hurt on a long-term basis.
  50. 3 Charts That Suggest the Uptrend in Financials Should Continue

    Positive chart patterns suggest that there could be more room to run for financial stocks.
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Stock Analysis
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  2. Bond

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  3. Compound Annual Growth Rate - CAGR

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