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  1. Why Amazon Stock Could Be Black Fridays’ Best Deal

    After years of pumping nearly all profits back into the company, Amazon's earnings are surging while its stock price is plunging. ...
  2. 3 Airlines to Outperform on Higher Fuel Prices: Credit Suisse

    After a "very challenging decade in the 2000s" the airline industry has undergone a "historic restructuring" according to ...
  3. All About Coinmine's New Crypto Mining Products

    Coinmine is designing a new product to make cryptocurrency mining easier and more accessible for everyday users. Here's everything ...
  4. Baird Slashes Micron Price Target in Half

    One bear on the Street expects Micron's gross profit margins to fall by 50% in two years as DRAM and NAND price weakness ...
  5. Goldman: Investors, Don't Bite on Apple

    Goldman Sach slashed Apple's price target in a note published on Tuesday. The investment bank implied that Apple may continue ...
  6. Auto Part Stocks Avoid Crashing

    Auto part stocks have closed the door on the market correction. Investors who want exposure to auto part stores should explore ...
  7. Few Reasons to Own J. C. Penney Stock

    J. C. Penney is unlikely to follow Sears into bankruptcy, but the stock could trade at multi-decade lows for many years.
  8. Target Earnings Significantly Miss Bull's Eye

    Target missed the mark on earnings despite a favorable P/E ratio of 15.34 and a reasonable dividend yield of 3.29%.
  9. 5 Quality Blue Chips to Thrive in Bull and Bear Markets

    As the market heads south, investors are running to safety, and buying up high-quality stocks.
  10. Why Bank of America May Fall Into a Bear Market

    Bank of America's stock is currently 17% off its highs.
  11. 5 Reasons Even Deep-Value Investors Avoid GE Stock

    Beaten down GE faces a myriad of issues, including a large funding gap for its lending business.
  12. The Truth About Credit Card Swipe Fees

    Credit card companies argue that swipe fees serve merchants by offering certain protections and instant payment. Merchants ...
  13. Store Credit Card Traps to Avoid

    Retail credit cards may seem like a good idea, but they can create enormous debt problems in the future.
  14. Why Holiday Sales Won't Boost Macy's Stock

    Macy's stock has fallen despite posting strong quarterly earnings.
  15. The Worst Is Yet to Come for Stocks: Morgan Stanley

    Sharply lowered earnings estimates may push down stocks even more, says Morgan Stanley.
  16. 13F: David Einhorn Cut GM, Exited Apple Last Quarter

    Greenlight Capital exited from Apple and Mylan NV last quarter, according to 13-F filings, with the firm's portfolio value ...
  17. How to Navigate FAANG Stocks From Bear Market

    All five FAANG stocks closed Monday in bear market territory with declines of 20% or more from their all-time intraday highs.
  18. China Ramps Up Digital Currency Development

    China's central bank is hiring cryptographers and blockchain specialists to ramp up its efforts to develop a national digital ...
  19. 3 Asian Stocks to Withstand US-China Trade War

    Market watchers recommend Chinese stocks set to boom on consumer spending, as well as one semiconductor "arms dealer."
  20. Every FAANG Stock in Bear Market

    Altogether, the five stocks that make up FAANG have lost almost $1 trillion in market value since hitting their 52-week highs. 
  21. How Far Will Square Stock Fall?

    Square shares fell sharply on Monday and Tuesday before regaining ground on Tuesday afternoon, but traders will be keeping ...
  22. 13F: Apple Still a Popular Investor Pick in Q3

    Earlier this month, top hedge fund managers in the United States disclosed where they had shifted their investments in the ...
  23. AMD's Breakdown Seen Sparking 16% Stock Decline

    AMD's stock already has plunged more than 40% from its highs.
  24. Goldman Cuts Apple Target, Predicts Stock Will Stay Flat for a Year

    Analysts at Goldman cut their price forecast on the iPhone maker for the third time this month, citing weak demand for new ...
  25. The 7 Best Places to Put Your Savings

    You work hard to put your money away for the future, but where should you keep it?
  26. Resilient Verizon Testing 19-Year Resistance

    Dow component Verizon has rallied strongly in recent weeks despite broad headwinds, entering a historic test at 1999's all-time ...
  27. Asia-Pacific Summit Fallout: 3 Trading Ideas

    The Asia-Pacific Summit failed to deliver an agreed upon final statement. Explore three contrarian trading ideas using exchange-traded ...
  28. Foot Locker Remains Below 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Foot Locker reports earnings with a favorable P/E ratio of 11.75 and a reasonable dividend yield of 2.71%.
  29. Why Homebuilder Stocks May Rebound From a Bear Market Drop

    "Technical support is in place, and we can continue higher," said Gordon, pointing to the Homebuilders ETF chart.
  30. Boeing's Plunging Stock Near Erasing 2018 Gains

    Boeing's stock is 19% off its highs.
  31. 9 Retail ETFs Poised for a Black Friday Bounce

    With predictions of a strong holiday shopping season ahead, these funds are set to rise.
  32. PayPal Stock Seen Rising 10% Amid Raised Forecasts

    Analysts see earnings rising by 20% in both 2019 and 2020.
  33. 6 Global Stocks to Buy for Slowing US Growth

    As the Street becomes increasingly bearish on US economic growth, some market watchers recommend buying shares of companies ...
  34. Why Blackberry Is Buying Cylance for $1.4 Billion

    The Canadian technology company, once a leading smartphone manufacturer, attempts to shift its business to software and cybersecurity ...
  35. Pfizer Lifting Prices on 41 Drugs in 2019

    Without a "blueprint to lower drug prices" from the White House, the pharmaceutical giant will resume business as usual, ...
  36. Wells Fargo Option Traders Bet Stock Will Drop 8% Further

    Wells Fargo's stock is poised to fall 26% off its high.
  37. Actionable Setups in the TSX 60

    There are a few well-defined trading opportunities that stand out in the Canadian stock markets.
  38. Williams-Sonoma Breaks Down From Head and Shoulders Pattern

    Shares of the specialty retailer declined after a disappointing earnings report, but traders will be keeping an eye on these ...
  39. 6 Headwinds Facing Stocks In 2019: Goldman Sachs

    Goldman sees no immediate threat of a bear market or recession, but the firm spots big red flags.
  40. FAANGs On the Verge of Bear Market, Is the Trade 'Dead'?

    According to one CIO, there is no leadership in the stock market anymore. Meanwhile, FAANG weakness should extend to other ...
  41. Discount Retailers Kohl's, Ross, TJX Report Earnings

    Kohl’s, Ross and TJX have P/E ratios of 14.59, 24.75 and 22.05, respectively, with dividend yields of 3.37%, 0.94% and 1.51%.
  42. General Electric Shares Flag Red With Unusual Trading Activity

    Weak earnings growth, a dividend cut and distribution signals suggest continued headwinds for the conglomerate's struggling ...
  43. Oversold Chip Stocks Could Squeeze Complacent Sellers

    Beaten-down semiconductor stocks have hit weekly oversold readings and could turn higher in a year-end short squeeze.
  44. Best Buy Reports Earnings Under 'Death Cross'

    Best Buy reports earnings with a favorable P/E ratio of 13.48 and a dividend of just $1.80 with negative technical charts.
  45. How the Crypto Collapse is Hurting Nvidia

    Chip manufacturers skyrocketed thanks to cryptocurrency mining, but shifts in the crypto space mean problems.
  46. Verizon's Stock May Surge to Highest Level in 20 Years

    Verizon's stock is nearing a potentially very big technical break out.
  47. Why JPMorgan Will Fall Despite Buffett Bounce

    JPMorgan's stock is trading 8% off its 2018 highs.
  48. 6 Large Cap Stocks Poised for Big Short-Term Gains

    Tax-loss selling by mutual funds actually may be a catalyst for gains in these stocks.
  49. Stocks Post First Weekly Loss of November Ahead of Short Week

    With the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday and a shortened session on Friday, traders can expect a relatively quiet week ahead.
  50. 3 Casino Stocks ‘Too Cheap to Ignore’: Bernstein

    The market has overly penalized casino stock valuations on overall China negativity, writes one industry bull.
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