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  1. PayPal a Cheap Buy in Global Payments Industry

    The payments pioneer saw its shares skyrocket on Q3 results in which it demonstrated that it can ward off new competition ...
  2. Buy Intel, Only Chip Stock that Will Lift Estimates: Nomura

    One bull on the Street highlights Intel as an attractive play amid a chip industry facing larger headwinds.
  3. Buy Chipotle Ahead of Earnings: RBC Capital

    One bull on the Street suggests that his peers have underestimated Chipotle's loyal customer base, while the stock maintains ...
  4. 3 Battered Chip Stocks Ready To Rise 10%

    The chip sector has fallen sharply off its 2018 highs.
  5. Hasbro Breaks Down From Head and Shoulders Pattern

    Hasbro shares moved sharply lower as Toys "R" Us closures took a bite out of revenue, but traders will be watching these ...
  6. Rising Rates Can Propel Smart Beta Bond ETFs

    Fixed income is viewed as the next smart beta growth frontier. Rising rates could help.
  7. 6 Ways The U.S. Midterm Elections Will Affect Investors

    Goldman Sachs says stock market turmoil may rise after the vote.
  8. Freeport-McMoRan May Drop 23% On Slashed Forecasts

    Freeport's stock has already dropped by 37% in 2018.
  9. More Pain Ahead for Cryptocurrencies

    Bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are testing multi-month lows and could break down in the coming weeks.
  10. 3 Trading Ideas for Small-Cap Bears

    Learn what macro factors enticed investors into small-cap stocks between May and September 2018, and discover three ETFs ...
  11. Verizon and AT&T Could Rally After Earnings

    Positively aligned technicals raise the odds that Verizon and AT&T shares will trade higher in reaction to this week's ...
  12. Regional Bank Corrections Remain After Earnings

    The Federal Reserve is raising the federal funds rate, which is supposed to benefit super regional banks, but that has not ...
  13. 3M Company Reports Earnings Under a 'Death Cross'

    3M Company reports earnings before the open on Tuesday with a market-neutral P/E ratio of 17.94 and a decent dividend yield ...
  14. The Berkshire Hathaway of Pot Will Begin Trading on the NYSE Tuesday

    Aurora’s listing on the world’s largest stock exchange is expected to generate plenty of excitement.
  15. 56% of Professional Investors Bullish on U.S. Equities: Barron's Poll

    Money managers are confident that a strengthening U.S. economy, improving corporate earnings and reasonable valuations will ...
  16. 3 Biotech Stocks Poised to Rise by 15% or More

    Not all biotech stocks have dropped sharply over the past month; some may even be poised to rise.
  17. 2 Hidden Economic Threats That Could Tank the Market

    Inflation and wage growth threaten profit margins and may create a market meltdown.
  18. Gold Becomes Popular With Investors Again

    After a downturn in its fortunes for most of this year, gold is becoming popular with investors once again.
  19. What Is Michael Phelps’ Net Worth?

    Find out how much Olympic-superstar Michael Phelps is worth based upon his endorsement and sponsorship deals in support of ...
  20. Stocks Stabilize After Plummeting Earlier this Month

    The major U.S. indexes are showing signs of stabilization after early-October declines, but traders will be watching these ...
  21. Stocks Stagger into the Weekend

    The Dow eked out gains today, snapping its three-week losing streak but the S&P 500 slipped in the red and the Nasdaq ...
  22. Auto Stocks Driven Down to Long-Term Lows

    Auto stocks are having a bad year, and it's poised to get worse.
  23. 4 Drawbacks to Musk's Cheaper Model 3

    The cheaper Model 3 doesn't go as far, lacks the same functionality, has some delivery caveats, and won't benefit from a ...
  24. 2 Dow Safety Stock for Volatile Market: S&P PM

    Pfizer and UnitedHealth look like solid plays thanks to above average earnings growth and reasonable valuations, according ...
  25. Nvidia an Exception Amid More Bearish Chip Sector Outlook: Goldman

    Investors should stay selective amid a cyclical correction in the semiconductor industry, writes one team of Nvidia bulls. ...
  26. Buy Disney on Streaming Service that Will Rival Netflix: Barclays

    Barclays expects Disney's investor day slated for early 2019 to improve investor sentiment and offer insight to the scale ...
  27. Apple’s Biggest Bull Sees 40% Return

    Tech vet Dan Ives expects Apple to generate unit sales at 350 million over the next 12 to 18 months, compared to the consensus ...
  28. Market Sell-Off 80% Over, Will Be Reversed by Stock Repurchases: JPMorgan

    We're nearing the end of a "temporary correction within an ongoing bull market" wrote the bull, recommending small caps and ...
  29. Roku's Stock May Plunge 12% Ahead of Results

    Roku's stock is down 30% from its 2018 highs.
  30. Biotech Sector Could Enter Bear Market

    Major biotech funds are flashing warning signs, raising the odds that the two-year uptrend is coming to an end.
  31. 12 Stocks May Plunge as Investors 'Harvest' Tax Losses

    These once-loved stocks are already way down in 2018, and may decline further as investors dump them to record tax losses.
  32. China Weakness Could End Caterpillar Uptrend

    China's economic downturn has hit Caterpillar stock hard, dropping the Dow component more than 15% in two weeks.
  33. Visa's Stock May Rise by 7% Amid Strong Earnings

    Visa's stock is up 24% in 2018 and options traders are betting there are more gains to come.
  34. Banking Profits in Financial ETFs

    Learn why financial stocks are well positioned to rise into the end of 2018, and discover three financial ETFs that can be ...
  35. Apple's October 30 Event: What to Expect

    Here's what the tech giant could unveil later this month.
  36. 2 Cloud Stocks Poised to Lead as Techs Fizzle

    Despite the recent tech sector pullback, two soaring cloud stocks are well-poised to outperform.
  37. Cisco Options Traders Bet Stock Will Rebound 7% Short Term

    Cisco's stock is up 18% in 2018.
  38. FAANG Investors Grow Nervous Amid Market's Wild Swings

    Shares of the tech giants have plummeted from their June peak, and more downside may be ahead.
  39. Delay, Delay, Delay? Pay, Pay, Pay. For Turkey Day

    Don't wait another minute to buy your T-Day tickets. Every day you wait adds $3 to the fare.
  40. Why Is Micron Bullish on 3D XPoint Technology?

    Micron is confident that 3D XPoint Technology will become “an essential solution for new data-hungry applications.”
  41. Tesla Launches New $45,000 Model 3

    Tesla Inc on Thursday introduced a new $45,000 version of its Model 3 sedan on its website, launching the car as U.S. tax ...
  42. A US Stock Market Crash Is a Real Possibility

    The markets have not seen this level of potential risk in over two years.
  43. Dump Gap Before the Holiday: JPMorgan

    While the broader retail space has made a comeback in 2018, one bear expects Gap to continue to underperform on rising costs ...
  44. AMD Seen Facing Huge 20% Stock Swings Amid Earnings

    AMD has fallen 22% from its intraday high in September.
  45. 10 Stocks With High Return on Equity

    Goldman Sachs says dozens of stocks with fast ROE growth can outperform.
  46. 4 MedTech Names to Buy on 'Strong Fundamentals'

    One medtech bull expects the industry to grow between 4% and 5% for the 'forseeable future,' initiating coverage on a handful ...
  47. The Crude Oil Rally May Be Over

    The WTI crude oil contract has reached a major resistance level that could mark the end of the uptrend in place since 2016.
  48. Nike to Outperform on ‘Technological Evolution’: Oppenheimer

    Bulls expect Nike stock to gain over 17% as the legacy global brand embraces the power of digital to enhance most facets ...
  49. Macy's Stock Seen Dropping 13% As Earnings Plunge

    Macy's stock rose 60% in 2018 before pulling back in August.
  50. Starbucks Unlikely to Break Out Despite Ackman Stake

    Starbucks stock jumped to a multi-month high after Bill Ackman's 15.2 million-share disclosure but is unlikely to break out ...
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