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  1. Bitcoin Price Steady as Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Climb

    The two cryptocurrencies rose on positive sentiment even as bitcoin's price moved sideways.
  2. JPMorgan May Not Rule Out Bitcoin After All

    As bitcoin hits new highs, CME's new futures offering could it closer to the financial mainstream.
  3. New App Lets You Mine Cryptocurrencies To Post Bail Bonds

    Bail Bloc lets you use your spare computing power to mine cryptocurrencies and exchange them for dollars to post bail for ...
  4. Morgan Stanley Asks: Is Tesla Headed for a Fall?

    Shareholders are in for a roller-coaster ride if the carmaker fails to tackle long-term issues.
  5. Boeing Flies Toward Double-Digit Growth: Jefferies

    'Robust demand' for commercial aircrafts should drive EPS growth into the double digits.
  6. Twitter Stock: Breakout or Double Top?

    Twitter shares have soared following reports of a new news network, but traders are closely watching key resistance levels.
  7. Macy's, JC Penney Face More Declines, Options Trades Suggest

    Options trading for retail titans Macy's, JC Penney and Sears is overwhelmingly bearish this holiday season.
  8. Fidelity Investments Names 2 Growth Opportunities for Investors

    Machine learning and self-driving vehicles are two great growth opportunities, according to Fidelity Investments.
  9. TD Ameritrade Provides Year-End Tax Strategies for Traders and Investors

    TD Ameritrade highlighted three tax landmines that traders and investors may not be aware of.
  10. HPE Shares Drop on News of CEO Whitman Resigning

    After a six-year tenure that included one of the biggest corporate breakups in history, Meg Whitman will be succeeded long-time ...
  11. Sears' Holiday Survival Strategy: Slash Prices

    Big Gamble: A bet that 50% Price cuts can boost sales
  12. Charles Schwab's Intelligent Portfolio Is Top Robo-Advisor in Q3: Backend Benchmarking

    Charles Schwab's Intelligent Portfolio was the best performing robo-advisor in the third quarter, according to Backend Benchmarking.
  13. Why Tesla's Plunging Stock Price Conceals A Bright Future

    Tesla's stock price continues to dwindle, but its prospects remain solid.
  14. Bitcoin Price Holds Steady As Institutional Investors Reconsider Stance

    Bitcoin prices held steady this morning as institutional investors reconsider their stance towards it.
  15. Top Retail Stocks to Watch on Black Friday

    One or more of these seven retail stocks may be a solid buying choice for investors.
  16. Palo Alto Networks Upside Limited Despite Solid Quarter

    Palo Alto Networks price action reflects equal strength between bulls and bears, frustrating trend followers with a multi-year ...
  17. Amazon Should Buy Rite Aid: Cowen

    Cowen makes the case as to why Amazon should acquire Rite Aid as it eyes the pharmaceutical market.
  18. Nike Stock Could Enter New Bull Market

    Nike has rallied back to 19-month base resistance near $60 and could break out, entering a test at the 2015 all-time high.
  19. Uber Paid Hackers to Keep Massive Breach a Secret

    The ride-hailing company paid hackers $100,000 to keep the October 2016 breach quiet.
  20. Higher Highs for Stocks, Again!

    Major stock markets and indices have reached record highs again in what has been the least volatile year in history.
  21. 5 Market Predictions for 2018: Vanguard’s Bogle

    As the new year approaches, here are five market predictions for 2018 and beyond.
  22. Why Macy's, Nordstrom, Target May Rise on Holiday Sales

    With the holiday season just around the corner, a number of traditional retailers could get a boost.
  23. Why Disney and Comcast Should Fear Netflix

    Media consolidation could be the next wave of the future as content wars heat up.
  24. Charles Schwab Tips Highs On Growth and Asset Surge

    With three quarters of strong growth behind it and a surge in assets under management during 2017, the San Francisco-based ...
  25. Wells Fargo Upgrades Verizon: ‘Bad News' Is Over

    Analysts see the telecom conglomerate recovering from a near 15% dip in 2017.
  26. Broadcom Price Targets Hiked After Brocade Deal

    BMO expects Brocade to add $1.4B in annual revenue, while RBC says the deal removes uncertainty.
  27. Retailers Take on Amazon for Black Friday

    Retailers start holiday sales early and emphasize 'exclusive items' not available on Amazon in order to boost sales ahead ...
  28. BlackRock to Launch ETFs Curated by Robots

    BlackRock is gearing up to launch ETFs powered by AI as more online brokerages embrace advanced technology.
  29. TradeWise Advisors' Tom White Says Stock Market Still Offers Room to Profit

    The stock market may be surging, but TradeWise's chief strategist doesn't think it's getting overheated.
  30. Why Micron Is Poised To Rise 20%

    Micron stock has been on a tear this year. And the rally is apparently not over yet.
  31. Ally Financial Appoints Former Morgan Stanley Exec to Lead Lobbying Efforts

    Ally Financial, the parent of Ally Invest, has tapped a Morgan Stanley executive to lobby for the firm.
  32. Fidelity Investments: Single Women Still Miss Opportunities to Invest

    The number of single women is on the rise, but when it comes to financial planning and investing, they are missing the mark.
  33. Abercrombie & Fitch Stock Issues Long-Term Buy Signal

    Abercrombie & Fitch stock has squeezed short sellers since beating estimates last week and should post higher prices ...
  34. Bitcoin's Price Had a Minor Scare This Morning

    A $31 million hack in Tether resulted in a 6% drop in bitcoin's price, but it regained lost ground.
  35. Netflix Stock May Rebound 17%, Options Trades Indicate

    Netflix stock could rise soon based on options trading and technical analysis.
  36. Riot Stock Rallies as Blockchain Tech Goes Mainstream

    Riot Blockchain shares moved sharply higher on Monday after several large banks completed a test of blockchain technologies.
  37. Hedge Funds Unloaded Microsoft Shares in Q3: S&P

    Microsoft topped the list of most-sold-off stocks by the top 10 hedge funds during the third quarter.
  38. Alphabet and Apple Fell Out of Favor in Q3: 13F Filings

    Some prominent billionaire hedge funders sold off Apple and Alphabet in Q3, according to 13F filings.
  39. Deere Stock Plows to New High Before Earnings

    Deere shares are slightly overvalued fundamentally, with a so-so dividend yield and above a "golden cross" but with overbought ...
  40. Chase Coleman's Tiger Global 13F: Sold Alphabet in Q3

    Chase Coleman's Tiger Global Management exited its position in Google's parent company, Alphabet.
  41. Bitcoin Search Trends on Google and Investopedia

    Did you know there’s a strong correlation (r=91%) between bitcoin search engine volume and its exchange rate?
  42. How To Double Your Stock Gains

    U.S. investors looking for big gains should look to Asia, says a Bank of America Merrill Lynch strategist.
  43. GameStop Earnings Could Trigger Short Squeeze

    GameStop shares have sold off to multi-year support, while technical readings have hit deeply oversold levels.
  44. Salesforce Stock Momentum Is Above the Cloud

    Shares of Salesforce trade on pure momentum, and its stochastic reading is in parabolic territory.
  45. Tech Will Hold Half of All Corporate Cash This Year: Moody's

    Tech companies, led by Apple, are poised to end the year with the largest cash coffers outside of financial companies.
  46. 4 Things Millennials Need to Know about Economics

    Millennials are just entering their prime working years as we face economic problems that are nearly unprecedented in world ...
  47. Facebook Ex-Employee Says Lawmakers Should Regulate It

    Sandy Parakilas claims that the social network can’t be trusted to regulate itself as it cares more about ad sales than protecting ...
  48. Former GM Exec Says Tesla Will Go Bust by 2019

    Tesla will not survive until 2019 "at this rate," said GM's Robert Lutz.
  49. Global 4% GDP Growth Can Fuel Stocks in 2018: Goldman

    The global economy is likely to grow by a robust 4% in 2018, per Goldman Sachs, boosting stocks further.
  50. Why These Safe Haven Stocks Aren't Safe

    Investors seeking shelter from a potential selloff storm may not be safe with consumer staples stocks.
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Stock Analysis
  1. Why Do Most of My Mortgage Payments Start Out as Interest?

    Fear not: Over the life of the mortgage, the portions of interest to principal will change.
  2. What is the difference between secured and unsecured debts?

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  3. How Many Times has Warren Buffett Been Married?

    Warren Buffett has been married twice in his life, but the circumstances surrounding the marriages were unconventional.
  4. What's the smallest number of shares of stock that I can buy?

    Many people would say the smallest number of shares an investor can purchase is one, but the real answer is not as straightforward. ...
  5. What is an economic moat?

    An economic moat refers to a company's ability to maintain competitive advantages to protect its long-term profits and market ...
  6. What's the most expensive stock of all time?

    The most expensive publicly traded stock of all time is Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.
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  3. Salvage Value

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