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  1. PayPal Stock Seen Rising 10% Amid Raised Forecasts

    Analysts see earnings rising by 20% in both 2019 and 2020.
  2. 6 Global Stocks to Buy for Slowing US Growth

    As the Street becomes increasingly bearish on US economic growth, some market watchers recommend buying shares of companies ...
  3. Why Blackberry Is Buying Cylance for $1.4 Billion

    The Canadian technology company, once a leading smartphone manufacturer, attempts to shift its business to software and cybersecurity ...
  4. Pfizer Lifting Prices on 41 Drugs in 2019

    Without a "blueprint to lower drug prices" from the White House, the pharmaceutical giant will resume business as usual, ...
  5. Wells Fargo Option Traders Bet Stock Will Drop 8% Further

    Wells Fargo's stock is poised to fall 26% off its high.
  6. Actionable Setups in the TSX 60

    There are a few well-defined trading opportunities that stand out in the Canadian stock markets.
  7. Williams-Sonoma Breaks Down From Head and Shoulders Pattern

    Shares of the specialty retailer declined after a disappointing earnings report, but traders will be keeping an eye on these ...
  8. 6 Headwinds Facing Stocks In 2019: Goldman Sachs

    Goldman sees no immediate threat of a bear market or recession, but the firm spots big red flags.
  9. FAANGs On the Verge of Bear Market, Is the Trade 'Dead'?

    According to one CIO, there is no leadership in the stock market anymore. Meanwhile, FAANG weakness should extend to other ...
  10. Discount Retailers Kohl's, Ross, TJX Report Earnings

    Kohl’s, Ross and TJX have P/E ratios of 14.59, 24.75 and 22.05, respectively, with dividend yields of 3.37%, 0.94% and 1.51%.
  11. General Electric Shares Flag Red With Unusual Trading Activity

    Weak earnings growth, a dividend cut and distribution signals suggest continued headwinds for the conglomerate's struggling ...
  12. Oversold Chip Stocks Could Squeeze Complacent Sellers

    Beaten-down semiconductor stocks have hit weekly oversold readings and could turn higher in a year-end short squeeze.
  13. Best Buy Reports Earnings Under 'Death Cross'

    Best Buy reports earnings with a favorable P/E ratio of 13.48 and a dividend of just $1.80 with negative technical charts.
  14. How the Crypto Collapse is Hurting Nvidia

    Chip manufacturers skyrocketed thanks to cryptocurrency mining, but shifts in the crypto space mean problems.
  15. Verizon's Stock May Surge to Highest Level in 20 Years

    Verizon's stock is nearing a potentially very big technical break out.
  16. Why JPMorgan Will Fall Despite Buffett Bounce

    JPMorgan's stock is trading 8% off its 2018 highs.
  17. 6 Large Cap Stocks Poised for Big Short-Term Gains

    Tax-loss selling by mutual funds actually may be a catalyst for gains in these stocks.
  18. Stocks Post First Weekly Loss of November Ahead of Short Week

    With the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday and a shortened session on Friday, traders can expect a relatively quiet week ahead.
  19. 3 Casino Stocks ‘Too Cheap to Ignore’: Bernstein

    The market has overly penalized casino stock valuations on overall China negativity, writes one industry bull.
  20. Tesla's Breakout May Boost Stock Near Its Record High

    Tesla stock has advanced 40% since October 8.
  21. Whistleblower Awards Reach Record 10 Years After 2008 Crisis

    In 2018, the SEC awarded a record $168 million to whistleblowers, more than all other years combined.
  22. Most Investors 'Leveraged Long,’ This Will Sting in a Bear Market

    As rising interest rates threaten to drag down the market, the hedge fund manager recommends investors employ a "strategic ...
  23. Tech Won’t Rebound Until Semis Do, Which Is Unlikely in 2018: Paul Meeks

    Chip makers will likely weigh on the broader tech sector as they remain amidst an inventory correction, according to one ...
  24. Why Jeff Bezos Is Saying Amazon Will Ultimately Fail

    If you look at large companies, their lifespans tend to be 30-plus years, not a hundred-plus years," said Bezos, asking employees ...
  25. 3 ‘Top’ Internet Picks: JPMorgan

    Doug Anmuth views sharp earnings-driven stock declines as overreactions on the Street, naming two social media plays and ...
  26. Twitter Chart Is a “Technical Goldmine,” Shares Could Jump 20%: Trader

    The same technical analyst who called for a bottom in Twitter stock's sell-off at $27, expects shares to rally after forming ...
  27. Buy These 3 Broker Stocks to Withstand Market Turbulence: Morgan Stanley

    Discount brokers, which benefit from "less market sensitive exposure" compared to the rest of Morgan Stanley's coverage, ...
  28. Uber Quarterly Loss Jumps to $1.1 Billion

    Uber's losses accelerate and revenue growth decelerates as the firm prepares to hit the public market sometime next year ...
  29. Bitcoin Price And Crypto Markets Crash

    Bitcoin fell to its lowest level this year yesterday and crypto markets followed suit.
  30. Nvidia Seen Plummeting 17% Further As Bulls Turn Bearish

    Nvidia has risen 8-fold in the past decade. That steak is over.
  31. 3 Small Stocks Ready for Big Gains

    These speculative single-digit plays look ready to break out, despite broad-based headwinds.
  32. When to Short Oil and Gas Refinery Stocks

    Oil and gas refinery stocks have slumped amid tumbling oil prices and equity market volatility. Discover when to short three ...
  33. Walmart Stock Sells Off Despite Strong Quarter

    The sell-off in reaction to Walmart's upbeat earnings report warns that shareholders are growing nervous about 2019 profits.
  34. Video Game Stocks Face More Trouble Ahead

    As video-game companies reach for the cloud over this holiday season and beyond, their stocks are crashing hard.
  35. Why Apple's Stock Is Ready to Rebound

    Apple's stock has fallen 18% from its 2018 high.
  36. Investors Have Biggest Equity Risk Exposure Since 2000 Bubble

    Despite a pair of big sell-offs in 2018, investors are maintaining historically high allocations to stocks.
  37. Tepper’s Appaloosa Takes New Stake in Apple, Dumps Facebook

    The hedge fund founded by the billionaire businessman added new stakes in Apple and PG&E in Q3, the latter which has ...
  38. Snap ‘So Beaten Down,’ It Might Have Bottomed: Short Seller Andrew Left

    The struggling social media platform is nowhere close to being obsolete among young people, according to Andrew Left, who ...
  39. What Stocks Did Buffett Add Last Quarter?

    Berkshire is now a major shareholder in four of the five biggest U.S. banks. Meanwhile, the conglomerate dumped Walmart and ...
  40. PG&E Free Falls on News of ‘Electric Incident’ Before Wildfire

    The utility co. says its insurance wouldn't be enough to cover the cost if it is found responsible for the disaster, putting ...
  41. Why Exxon Mobil's Stock Could Drop 15%

    Analysts are starting to shave earnings estimates for Exxon Mobil.
  42. Goldman, Morgan Stanley in Bear Market Squeeze

    Shares of investment banking and wealth management firms Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have been squeezed to bear market ...
  43. Why Stocks May Surge By Year's End, Defying Bears: Bank of America

    The firm's bullish view includes a year-end rally and long-term advance for stocks.
  44. Coke's Overbought Shares May Plunge 7% Short Term

    Coke has rallied 11% in the past month as investors seek safety.
  45. Vipshop Finally Breaks Out After Strong Earnings

    Vipshop shares moved sharply higher following third quarter financial results, but traders will be watching these key levels ...
  46. Infrastructure Bipartisanship: Strong Steel Stocks

    Infrastructure reform may come out the midterm election winner. Explore three steel stocks posed to benefit from increased ...
  47. Advance Auto Parts and O'Reilly Alert Bullish Demand

    Shares of the auto parts stores could represent a long-term buying opportunity given revenue and EPS growth alongside accumulation ...
  48. Netflix Completes Head and Shoulders Pattern

    Netflix stock sold off more than 150 points into late October and has now competed the right shoulder of a head and shoulders ...
  49. US Stock Market Sector Internals

    We likely need to see breadth improvements and a retest of lows to signal that the market has begun to repair itself through ...
  50. Applied Materials Stock at 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Applied Materials appears to be "too cheap to ignore" with a P/E ratio of just 5.59 and a dividend yield of 2.39%.
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