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  1. Pot Stock Winners of the Week

    Here are the week's four biggest marijuana stock winners.
  2. Cryptocurrency This Week

    Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market experienced another wild week of turbulent prices amid surprisingly bearish news.
  3. Tobacco Stocks Threatened by FDA Crackdown

    The agency's move to significantly reduce levels in cigarettes threatens to upend the industry.
  4. TD Ameritrade: FAANG Stocks the GE, IBM of 15 Years Ago

    TD Ameritrade said that investors view FAANG stocks as safe havens in times of volatility.
  5. Overstock Suffers From SEC Probe into ICO, Q1 Woes

    The Street sent OSTK sliding over 15% on a major sales decline and a lack of guidance.
  6. Mortgage Rates on Fixed Loans Log First Decline of 2018: Freddie Mac

    Mortgage rates on fixed loans dipped this week for the first time all year.
  7. Blue Apron to Sell in Stores Because of Amazon

    Heightened competition, distribution and changing consumer preferences have plagued Blue Apron.
  8. Bitcoin Miners No Longer Turning a Profit Creating Cryptocurrency

    Falling bitcoin prices, a surge in competition among miners and lower transaction fees have cut into miners' revenues.
  9. TradeStation Sponsors Crypto Trading Show on Cheddar

    TradeStation will sponsor a new cryptocurrency trading show on the live streaming network Cheddar.
  10. Billionaire Peter Thiel Goes Long on Bitcoin, Iffy About All Other Cryptos

    Billionaire Peter Thiel is a bitcoin bull who's taking a long position on the top cryptocurrency.
  11. Millennials Drive Robinhood to Quadruple in Value at $5.6B

    The recent fundraising round demonstrates the Street's confidence in the trading app's ability to compete with discount brokerages ...
  12. GE Options Traders Bet Stock Will Fall 15% Further

    GE stock is on a dramatic downward slide, with few glimmers of hope. Can it turn the tide?
  13. 9 Takeover Targets Broadcom May Pursue After Qualcomm

    Broadcom may be eyeing a long list of acquisitions
  14. E*TRADE Revenue to Grow Close to 13% in 2018: Trefis

    E*TRADE could see revenue jump close to 13% in 2018 thanks in large part to the Fed's expected moves to raise interest rates.
  15. Vanguard's Davis: Fed Will Raise Interest Rates Next Week

    Vanguard's Global Chief Economist Joe Davis thinks it's all but certain that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates ...
  16. Ally Financial Stock Worth Owning Due to Diversification and Expansion: Zacks

    Thanks to Ally Financial's diversification and expansion, Zacks Investment Research says it's a stock to own.
  17. Nike's Stock Seen Ready For a 10% Pullback

    Nike shares have enjoyed smooth sailing recently, but they're heading for choppy waters. Here's why.
  18. The Great Financial Crisis 10 Years On: Bear Stearns Acquired by JPM

    Two highly leveraged hedge funds collapsed as the sub-prime mortgage market unraveled.
  19. Bitcoin Faces 'Death Cross' Chart Pattern

    Chart analysts are increasingly scrutinizing bitcoin, and they're finding a strong bearish signal.
  20. 3 Hot Junior Biotech Plays

    These three small-cap biotech stocks are attracting significant buying interest in this mixed March environment.
  21. What Are Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

    Most cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum are traded via centralized exchanges. Here's how.
  22. Bitcoin Price Crashed in Mass Selloff as Crypto Owners Try to Avoid Taxes

    Bitcoin's price collapse may be due to cryptocurrency owners trying to avoid paying capital gains taxes.
  23. Snap Short Sellers Get Relief Thanks to Rihanna

    Snap Inc. short sellers got some relief in trading Thursday after a condemnation of the company by singer Rihanna sent shares ...
  24. Walmart in Talks to Become the Largest Shareholder in Amazon India Rival

    Walmart is eager to take its expensive battle against Amazon to one of the fastest growing online retail markets.
  25. Amazon Has 'Long Runway' in Apparel: Wells Fargo

    Analyst Ken Sena believes e-commerce giant Amazon still has plenty of scope to grow retail sales.
  26. Why Exxon Mobil May Fall From Grace Like GE

    Despite maintaining earnings and returning value to shareholders, Exxon's free cash flow problems are starting to conjure ...
  27. Microsoft Bulls May Be Too Bullish

    Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) shares have risen by about 11 percent since February 8.
  28. 4 Bargain Global Stocks As Bull Market Ages

    With U.S. stocks at historically high valuations, a top-performing international investor shares his top picks.
  29. Walmart Cheated to Vie With Amazon: Former Exec

    Walmart carried out illegal practices in order to show 'meteoric growth,' says a whistleblower.
  30. Top 3 Snap Inc. Shareholders (SNAP)

    Get the story on the top three individual shareholders in Snapchat.
  31. Bitcoin Bloodbath: Price Nosedives as $53 Billion Wiped off Crypto Market Cap

    Bitcoin's price crashed below $8,000 as $53 billion was wiped off the combined market caps of the cryptocurrency market.
  32. UK Crypto Exchange Operator to Launch First-Ever Physically Settled Bitcoin Futures

    London-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinfloor will launch physically settled bitcoin futures in April.
  33. E*TRADE: Ulta Beauty May Be a Cheap Way to Play Retail

    Ulta Beauty stock may be a cheap way to play the retail market, granted earnings don't implode after the close of trading ...
  34. Ally Financial Gearing Up to Launch New Marketing Push

    Planning to get the word out about its investing, mortgages and credit cards, Ally Financial has sent out RFPs to ad and ...
  35. Alibaba Stock May Surge By 11%

    Alibaba shares are riding high on back of a bullish growth outlook, and could be poised for a robust near-term spike.
  36. Refi Mortgage Applications Fall to Decade Low as Rates Rise

    The refinance activity of mortgage applications fell to a decade low for the week ending March 9 as mortgage rates continue ...
  37. Arcadia Biosciences Stock Erases 2017 Losses in Breakout

    Arcadia Biosciences' rally was extended in a big way this week with a 300% move higher, but traders will be watching these ...
  38. Vanguard: Don't Buy Assets Only for the Dividend

    Vanguard warned investors of purchasing a stock or mutual fund ahead of a dividend event just to get the payout.
  39. TD Ameritrade Rolls Out Mobile Charting Tools

    TD Ameritrade is enhancing its mobile charting tools, rolling out the ability to draw on the charts and share them on social ...
  40. How Tech Reshuffling By S&P May Shake Up The Stock Market

    S&P and MSCI plan big changes in their market indexes later this year, spreading high-flying tech firms around.
  41. E*TRADE Reports 5% Increase in Daily Average Revenue Trades for February

    E*TRADE customers continued buying stocks in February despite the correction.
  42. Google Cryptocurrency Ad Ban is Trouble for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

    After Google and Facebook banned cryptocurrency ads, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey may feel pressure to do the same.
  43. Tesla Suffers More Manufacturing Woes

    Flawed auto parts are reportedly plaguing Tesla's Model 3 production with more setbacks.
  44. Why Broadcom May Rise As Much As 17%

    Broadcom stock could be set to soar based on a consensus trifecta of analysts, options traders, and technical charts.
  45. Ulta Beauty Reports at Its 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Ulta Beauty reports earnings with a market-neutral P/E ratio of 26.65, below a "death cross" and holding its "reversion to ...
  46. Tariffs Could End Uptrend in Boeing Stock

    Boeing shares have fallen 7% in the past week, with shareholders abandoning ship due to rising fears of tariff retaliation.
  47. Jabil Earnings Are a Tell for Apple iPhone Demand

    Jabil makes components for tech companies including Apple. The stock is not cheap, with a P/E ratio of 49.60 and a dividend ...
  48. Playboy To Roll Out Its Own Cryptocurrency Wallet

    Playboy Enterprises plans to launch a cryptocurrency wallet for its network of websites.
  49. Grayscale Launches Four New Cryptocurrency Funds

    Four new funds provide ways to invest in individual cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin and Ripple.
  50. Amazon's Original Content Drew Over 5 Million to Prime by Early 2017

    Amazon's strategy to use original video content to get more Prime subscribers appears to be paying off based on internal ...
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