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  1. Tech Will Hold Half of All Corporate Cash This Year: Moody's

    Tech companies, led by Apple, are poised to end the year with the largest share of cash outside of financial companies.
  2. 4 Things Millennials Need to Know about Economics

    Millennials are just entering their prime working years as we face economic problems that are nearly unprecedented in world ...
  3. Facebook Ex-Employee Says Lawmakers Should Regulate It

    Sandy Parakilas claims that the social network can’t be trusted to regulate itself as it cares more about ad sales than protecting ...
  4. Former GM Exec Says Tesla Will Go Bust by 2019

    Tesla will not survive until 2019 "at this rate," said GM's Robert Lutz.
  5. How 4% GDP Growth Can Fuel Stocks in 2018: Goldman Sachs

    The global economy is likely to grow by a robust 4% in 2018, per Goldman Sachs, boosting stocks further.
  6. Why These Safe Haven Stocks Aren't Safe

    Investors seeking shelter from a potential selloff storm may not be safe with consumer staples stocks.
  7. The Best Black Friday Deals

    The best Black Friday deals are already being advertised, with shoppers poised to score serious savings.
  8. Tether Hack: Cryptocurrency Worth $31 Million Stolen

    Bitcoin falls after the supplier of the world’s nineteenth-most valuable virtual currency reports a $31 million theft.
  9. Coca-Cola Upgraded on Alcohol Talk: Wells Fargo

    The global beverage giant's 'next chapter of growth is around the corner,' say the bulls.
  10. Tesla Sales to Beat $60B Within Decade: Nomura

    Nomura Instinet pegs Model 3 demand at 500K units per year, providing billions in cash flow.
  11. Alibaba Shakes Up Retail With $2.9B Sun Art Stake

    China's largest e-commerce platform has spent $9.3 billion on its offline strategy since 2015.
  12. George Soros 13F: Added Comcast, Increased Time Warner In Q3

    The value of billionaire George Soros' portfolio fell during Q3.
  13. Cisco Surges to 17-Year High on Revenue Forecast

    The company is forecasting for a return to YOY revenue growth after eight quarterly declines.
  14. The Importance Of Chinese Hydropower To The Bitcoin Ecosystem

    Cheap hydropower has fueled rising supplies of bitcoins in China.
  15. Why The Worst Isn't Over For IBM's Stock

    IBM shareholders should buckle their seat belts, because they're in for a bumpy ride.
  16. Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple May Fall Up To 11%

    Tech stocks are poised for declines after a major fall run-up
  17. Fidelity Investments: Nearly Half of IRA Customers Haven't Taken Required Minimum Distribution

    Fidelity says that close to half of its IRA investors over age 70 and a half have not yet taken their required minimum distributions ...
  18. Stanley Druckenmiller 13F: Bought Citigroup, Alphabet In 3Q

    Hedge fund titan Stanley Druckenmiller also sold Comcast and Merck in the 3Q, according to a 13F filing.
  19. Top 4 Mutual Fund Holders in Marvell Technology Group (MRVL)

    Marvell Technology Group is a chipmaker and technology company known for powering Google's Chromecast streaming device.
  20. Zacks Outlines Reasons to Own TD Ameritrade Stock

    Zacks illustrated the case as to why investors should own shares of TD Ameritrade.
  21. How Alibaba's Soaring Wealth Created 10 Billionaires

    Founder Jack Ma, worth $47.4 billion, wealthier than many U.S. tech billionaires
  22. Could Bitcoin Futures Destabilize the Broader Economy?

    Wall Street is leery about how bitcoin futures will affect the economy.
  23. Charles Schwab Gives RIAs Cybersecurity Tips at IMPACT Confab

    Charles Schwab warned that it's a matter of when, not if, firms will be hacked.
  24. Qualcomm and NXP Are Cheap Based on Marvell Takeover

    Marvell agreed to buy rival chipmaker Cavium for $6 billion. What does that mean for the semi sector?
  25. Bitcoin Price Sets Another High By Crossing $8,200

    Bitcoin's price crossed $8,000 for the first time over the weekend.
  26. What Is a 13F and How Can You Benefit From It?

    13F filings are a valuable way of tracking the investment strategies of industry leaders, though they show only a limited ...
  27. Top Stocks Billionaire David Tepper Bought and Sold in Q3: 13F Filing

    Tepper's Appaloosa Management is up 5.6% over last quarter, according to a 13F filing.
  28. Crypto Trading Volume Soars, Beating Some Stock Exchanges

    In recent days, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin saw trading volumes reach new highs.
  29. Will Apple Suppliers Join iPhone X Rally?

    Analog Devices' earnings report on Tuesday morning may offer actionable insight on Apple's iPhone X rollout.
  30. Trump's Tax Reform Plan

    The House has passed a version of the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act." Can the Senate pass its own version, and can the two bills ...
  31. Tencent: 1st China Tech Co. With $500B Market Cap

    Tencent stock has more than doubled this year fueling its positioning as the first $500 billion Chinese technology firm. ...
  32. Are Gold Prices Poised for a Rebound?

    Gold prices broke out from key resistance last week, but traders will be closely watching these critical levels.
  33. Citi Answers: Which Retailers Should Amazon Buy?

    American supermarket chains, an automotive parts maker, a home goods retailer and a discount department store chain were ...
  34. Charles Schwab Chief Strategist Says Market Entering 'Late Stage'

    Charles Schwab's chief strategist said that the stock market is marching toward the late innings of the cycle.
  35. Using Smart Beta For International Income

    Smart beta strategies can be ideal ways for investors to boost international income.
  36. MGM Resorts Stock Set to Punish Short Sellers

    MGM Resorts stock has lifted into the upper half of a broad trading range and could break out in coming months.
  37. Lowe's Stock Is Fenced Into a Trading Range

    Lowe's stock has an elevated P/E ratio of 22.78 and offers a so-so dividend yield of 2.06%. The technical charts are neutral.
  38. Bitcoin's Price Crosses $8K for the First Time

    Bitcoin has surpassed $8,000 for the first time and recouped steep losses incurred last week.
  39. Chase Coleman's Tiger Global 13F: Sold Alphabet in Q3

    Chase Coleman's Tiger Global Management exited its position in Google's parent company, Alphabet.
  40. Thanksgiving Dinner Should Cost Less Than $5 Per Person This Year

    Cheaper turkey translates to the cheapest Thanksgiving dinner in five years.
  41. JP Morgan and Citigroup Are Facing More Declines

    Bank stocks like Citigroup and JPMorgan could be in for a near-term drop. Here's why.
  42. Why Wal-Mart's E-Commerce Growth Won't Matter

    Wal-Mart spiked to record highs after it posted strong 3Q earnings, but all that glitters isn't gold.
  43. Why Amazon's Biggest Threat May Be Wal-Mart, once regarded as unstoppable in the retail market, may now have reasons to fear giant Wal-Mart.
  44. Walmart to Test Tesla Trucks, In a Couple Years

    The world's largest retailer says it has reserved use of the 500-mile-range tractor-trailer trucks.
  45. Does Bitcoin Cash's Success Signal a Cryptocurrency Conflict?

    As bitcoin prices fell 25% from a new all-time high, bitcoin cash quadrupled in value.
  46. Strong Economic Data Fail to Offset Profit Taking in Stocks

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  47. Bill Ackman's Pershing Square Shifts Top 3 Holdings: 13F

    Bill Ackman's Pershing Square exited its positions in Nomad Foods and Air Products & Chemicals.
  48. Charles Schwab IMPACT 2017 Conference Reflections

    The Schwab IMPACT 2017 conference held this past week in Chicago was the event of the year for investment advisors, financial ...
  49. McDonald’s, Yum Are the Best Chains: Bernstein

    With the restaurant industry's Q3 ended, analysts see the two as best positioned to outperform.
  50. Facebook Debuts a YouTube Rival for Video Makers

    The social media giant's new Creator app reflects a larger focus on building out digital video.
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