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  1. IBM Stock Could Break Down After Earnings

    IBM stock has sold off to support near $140 ahead of Tuesday's earnings report and could break down in coming weeks.
  2. Peter Thiel Donates $250K to 'Trump Victory'

    A new filing indicates that Thiel is still a committed supporter of the president.
  3. Netflix Reports Earnings From Bear Market Territory

    Netflix still has an elevated P/E ratio of 73.80 as the stock attempts to recover from bear market territory.
  4. Jeff Bezos Says Amazon Will Support Pentagon

    His comments came after Alphabet withdrew from bidding on government contracts and Microsoft employees urged their company ...
  5. Bond Bears Stalk a FANG, Short Netflix Debt

    Bearish bets against the company's $8.4 billion of junk-rated bonds have more than tripled this year to an all-time high ...
  6. Investors Go Bargain Hunting With Techs on Sale

    Bulls recommend taking advantage of the market pullback, writing that FAANGs remain relatively inexpensive.
  7. 4 Financial Stocks May Thrive as Rates Disrupt Market

    While rising interest rates will depress most stocks, financial firms should get a boost.
  8. Why Verizon Is Poised for 20% Returns

    Verizon looks set to outperform as it launches its offering of 5G wireless service.
  9. Why Paul Allen Was Instrumental in Building Microsoft

    “Personal computing would not have existed without him,” Bill Gates said in a statement.
  10. Amazon Jumps in the Shark Tank and the reality show Shark Tank have joined forces to allow viewers to purchase products pitched on the show.
  11. Sony Could Rally 30% on Record Earnings

    Thanks to higher-than-expected demand in the gaming and image sensor business, Sony is expected to post record operating ...
  12. Netflix Stock Could Tumble on Q3 Report: Technician

    One technical analyst points to Netflix's one-year chart, highlighting a classic head and shoulder pattern, which could spell ...
  13. S&P 500 at Key Technical Risk Level

    The S&P 500 chart has hit a key technical risk level, according to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch global research ...
  14. Why Does Litecoin Follow Bitcoin Closely?

    Litecoin shares bitcoin's code and price movements. Why is the former, designed as a coin for daily transactions, similar ...
  15. Vanguard Utilities ETF Powering Up as Rates Rise

    Learn why the utilities sector is outperforming the broader market and discover three trading ideas relating to VPU's top ...
  16. Goldman Sachs May Plunge to Lowest Price Since 2016

    Goldman's stock already has fallen more than 20% from its 2018 peak.
  17. Canopy Growth Stock Eyes Breakout Ahead of Canadian Legalization

    Canopy Growth shares could break out from key resistance levels ahead of recreational cannabis legalization in Canada on ...
  18. Goldman Sachs Stock Falls to 2-Year Low Ahead of Earnings

    Goldman Sachs stock has sold off to a two-year low ahead of Tuesday's pre-market earnings but could bounce strongly in coming ...
  19. IBM Stock Seen Rebounding 7% Despite Weak Earnings

    IBM shares have fallen 8% in October.
  20. Morgan Stanley Reports After Setting New 2018 Low

    The investment banker and wealth management firm is becoming "too cheap to ignore" with a P/E ratio of 8.52 and a dividend ...
  21. 5 Reasons The Bull Market Remains Intact

    Robust earnings, record returns and lower valuations are among the factors boosting stocks, Goldman says.
  22. IBD 50 Sees Significant Turnover

    Trading in the direction of structural and tactical trends can increase your probability of success in the current market ...
  23. Russell 3000 Breadth Turns Sharply Lower

    Broad-based breadth measures indicate short-term oversold signals, but it's unlikely that the markets have already reached ...
  24. 3 Oversold Sectors Due to Bounce

    Our sector ratios in technology, discretionary and materials have reached oversold levels. History suggests a buying opportunity ...
  25. US-Saudi Tensions Pushing Stocks Lower

    Trump threatened to impose “severe punishment” on Saudi Arabia and hit China with more tariffs as the IMF warned that trade ...
  26. Walmart's Investor Day: 5 Topics to Expect

    Here's what analysts predict the retail giant will discuss.
  27. Market Bear Hussman Says Stocks Could Lose $20 Trillion

    Hedge fund manager and market analyst John Hussman remains perhaps the most bearish of the bears.
  28. GM's Stock May Fall to 2-Year Low

    GM's stock is already down nearly 30% from its 2018 highs.
  29. The Number of Millionaires Continues to Increase

    Global wealth growth remains weak, but the number of millionaires in high-income economies is surging.
  30. The Everyday Lives Of Frugal Billionaires

    Many of the world's richest people manage their money sensibly. Here are some billionaires who spend wisely.
  31. Rising Rates, Trade War Continue Taking Toll on Stocks

    After posting sharp declines on increasing Treasury yields, the major U.S. indexes could see an impact from trade issues ...
  32. Three Tech CEOs Who Lost Money In The Dow Bloodbath

    The bloodbath in the markets last week declined fortunes for some of the richest tech CEOs. Here are three of them.
  33. Why Is Apple Giving Away Free Original Content To Device Owners?

    Apple is planning to pre-install a new service in its TV app that will feature original content from the company as well ...
  34. Cryptocurrency This Week

    The cryptocurrency market received a jolt midweek as billions of dollars in value were wiped out in mere hours.
  35. How MoviePass Makes (or Doesn't Make) Money

    With MoviePass, you can see up to three movies in a theater for under $10 a month. But is the business model sustainable ...
  36. Bitcoin Vs Ethereum: Driven by Different Purposes

    The popularity and rising market capitalization of Ether bring it in competition with all cryptocurrencies, especially from ...
  37. Relief Rally Caps a Volatile Week

    A relief rally for U.S. markets caps off one of the more volatile weeks this year. What happened and what to expect next ...
  38. Is It Too Late to Save Snap?

    While Pivotal remains bullish on Snap overall, analysts suggest that the firm could be ripe for a take-private deal if it ...
  39. Tesla's Stock May Break Out Triggering a 17% Rise

    Tesla stock has been on a wild ride lately.
  40. 12 Stocks To Thrive As The Fed Reins In Growth

    As the Fed continues to hike interest rates, Goldman Sachs recommends stocks with strong balance sheets.
  41. Gold May Have Bottomed Out

    A confluence of bullish technical factors raise the odds that gold has bottomed out and will trade higher into 2019.
  42. Vanguard CEO: The Future of Advice is Human

    Despite the pressure that his company has exerted on the financial advice industry, Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley believes that ...
  43. Netflix May See Massive Volatility After Results

    Netflix's stock may swing by as much 15% following results due on October 16.
  44. Netflix: Citi Says Buy on the Dip

    One bull upgrades Netflix to buy, urging investors to take advantage of a cheap time to own a stake in the "high quality, ...
  45. Bank of America Earnings Report to Test Value Levels

    The second largest of the "too big to fail" money center banks is the cheapest with a P/E ratio of 10.10 and a dividend yield ...
  46. Tech Stocks to Fall Another 5%: Gene Munster

    While the top tech analyst-turned-venture capitalist expects more short-term weakness in large-cap tech, he remains bullish ...
  47. Market ‘Tailspin’ to Last Another 1-2 Weeks: Wells

    "If you can be patient and withstand some further pain, we think there will be better levels to de-risk or reposition for ...
  48. Unusual Trading Signals Warned Us of This Sell-Off

    Unusual trading signals can be used to anticipate a market downturn and provide a heads-up for opportunistic entry points.
  49. Analysts Weigh in on Big Tobacco's Interest in Marijuana

    Following the report about Altria-Aphria talks, analysts commented on big tobacco investing in pot.
  50. Why Oaktree’s Marks Is Still Buying in a Bearish Market

    While the market free fall this week is causing some investors to panic, veterans continue to buy.
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