Consumers’ online shopping habits the past few years, along with their growing preference for restaurants and travel over clothes and accessories, are taking a heavy toll on brick-and-mortar retailers.

U.S. mall-based retailers, from department stores to specialty retailers, plan to close more than 3,500 stores in the next few months, according to a recent Business Insider tally. (See also: Retail Deathwatch Continues.)

Here are 19 retailers with reported store closures so far this year:

  1. Payless is closing about 500 stores. The discount shoe retailer is reportedly planning to file for bankruptcy as soon as next week, although it hasn’t said so officially.
  2. RadioShack is closing 552 stores. The electronics store retailer filed for bankruptcy earlier this month.
  3. The Limited is closing 25 stores. This women’s apparel retailer filed for bankruptcy in January.
  4. Family Christian is closing 240 stores. The retailer of Christian-themed merchandise is closing after 85 years in business.
  5. Wet Seal is closing 171 stores. The mall retailer filed for bankruptcy in early February.
  6. Bebe Stores (BEBE​) is closing 170 stores. The women’s apparel store is shutting all its stores and moving its presence to online only.
  7. Crocs (CROX) is closing 158 stores. The shoe retailer is reducing its store count by 25 percent.
  8. JCPenney (JCP) is closing 138 stores. The department store, a common anchor retailer for malls, is displacing 5,000 workers as it shutters locations.
  9. BCBG is closing 120 stores. The fashion chain filed for bankruptcy in early March.
  10. American Apparel is closing 110 stores. The women’s clothing retailer filed for bankruptcy in November.
  11. Kmart is closing 108 stores. Owned by Sears Holdings, the retail chain is part of a company that said it's having doubts about its future.
  12. HHGregg is closing 88 stores. The electronics retailer became another bankruptcy victim earlier this month.
  13. Staples (SPLS​) is closing 70 stores. The office supply store said it would close 4.5 percent of its locations after reporting a 3 percent decline in quarterly sales in March.
  14. CVS (CVS) is closing 70 stores. The retail pharmacy has a total of about 9,600 stores.
  15. Macy’s (M) is closing 68 stores. The department store said it is struggling to grow sales.
  16. Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) is closing 60 stores. The mall-based women’s retailer said it is shuttering stores as lease terms end.
  17. Guess (GES) is closing 60 stores. The once-booming denim brand is closing U.S. locations as it expands abroad.
  18. Sears (SHLD​) is closing 42 stores. Sears Holdings warned investors earlier this week that its operations are likely not sustainable.
  19. Gander Mountain is closing 32 stores. The hunting and gun retailer is another victim of online sales trends.

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