It’s third-quarter earnings season, which meaning big potential shocks for stocks. While investors can expect quick jumps in stock value following earnings announcements, it’s important to look beyond the fluctuations, noting stocks that will continue to perform after the frenzy cools off.

The following companies have shown signs of growth pre-earnings. These tech firms' Q3 announcements have worked to reemphasize investors’ confidence regarding their long-term growth potential. 

VMware Inc.

Cloud infrastructure and network virtualization leader VMware Inc. (VMW) saw its stock jump 6% after the company posted Q3 earnings that beat the Street’s forecasts on Wednesday after market close. The tech leader posted $1.78 billion in revenues for the quarter, representing a 6% annual revenue growth. Non-GAAP operating income grew 12% year-over-year (YOY), as the company reported adjusted EPS of $1.14. Investors rallied around the positive earnings, as analysts up the stock’s ratings noting the company’s latest cloud partnership with leading public cloud provider Inc. (AMZN). VMware stock’s trading price of $77.65 as of Friday market close reflects a near 30% spike YOY. (See also: VMware’s Q3 Beats the Street Estimates.

InvenSense Inc.

Wearable technology chip manufacturer InvenSense Inc. (INVN) has ignited investors' interest regarding its recent push into the booming augmented reality, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing spaces. InvenSense’s stock rose almost 9% in trading Friday in light of rumors that the semiconductor manufacturer is working with an investment bank to consider a possible buyout. InvenSense is in a great position to be acquired in the consolidating semiconductor space, with a competitive edge in the emerging augmented and virtual reality spaces with its gyroscope technology. At a trading price of $7.48, InvenSense share price indicates a 7.5% rise over the most recent three-month period, recovering significantly from a low in May. (See also: Two Tech Stocks on the Move.)

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