Even though the broader economy is dealing with lackluster growth, some consumer staples stocks can provide investors with robust dividends and high returns, according to Barron's. A previous Investopedia article, 6 Stocks With High Returns in an Uncertain Market, provided a glimpse of some of these opportunities. This article will shed light on another six of these stocks. (For more, see also: A Guide To Investing In Consumer Staples.)

Strong Dividends

General Mills, Inc. (GIS) had the highest dividend yield—of 3.4%—of all the six equities reviewed in this article, even though it had suffered a loss of 14.7% over the last year, according to Google Finance. The Coca-Cola Co (KO) sported a dividend yield of 3.3% and one-year return of 3.2%. Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) and Kellogg Company (K) had dividend yields of 3.1% and 3%, respectively. 

Kimberly Clark Corp (KMB) had a dividend yield and one-year return of 3% and 0.3%, respectively, at the time of report, Google Finance figures show. Kraft Heinz Co (KHC) rounded out the list of six stocks with a 2.7% dividend yield and one-year return of 4.9%. 

Potential Headwinds

Investors should keep in mind that consumer staples companies are facing numerous potential headwinds, including a strong dollar, and competition could be fierce between these firms, Barron's reported. A Bank of America Merrill Lynch research note summed it up nicely when it said that "Our analysts expect muted growth, amid shifting consumer preferences and competition." 

Free Cash Flow

In spite of these challenging conditions, consumer staples companies frequently manage to generate healthy free cash flow (FCF), according to Barron's. Even if these firms have lackluster revenue, strong FCF should help give them the financial resources needed to keep paying robust dividends. (For more, see also: Free & operating cash flows: What's the Difference?

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