1. Verizon's Stock Breakout May Lead To 12% Gain

    Verizon has struggled so far in 2018, with shares of the stock down by nearly 8%.
  2. Southwest Has First US Airline Fatality in 9 Years

    The rare accident puts a spotlight on a popular engine on most Boeing, Airbus single-aisle jets.
  3. Amazon Adds New Shipping, TV Deals

    Amazon is fine-tuning its international shipping service in more than 100 countries and is partnering with Best Buy on TVs. ...
  4. New ETF Focuses on Electric Vehicles

    The Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF follows the Solactive Autonomous & Electric Index.
  5. Apple To Launch Magazine Subscription Service

    Apple is gearing up to launch a subscription service centered around Apple News and its purchase of magazine app Texture. ...
  6. Caterpillar Stock Sets Off Buying Signals

    Caterpillar mounted a three-month trendline after bouncing at the 200-day EMA, raising the odds that the intermediate correction ...
  7. Tech Still Reigns Over the Market: Credit Suisse

    Despite recent volatility, CS's Golub expects internet software to post the higher growth in 2018.
  8. Twitter Jumps, Morgan Stanley Upgrades on Ad Sales

    Twitter's new bull reversed his argument, indicating the stock is now worth its high price tag.
  9. Netflix Stock Breaks Out to All-Time Highs

    Netflix shares soared to all-time highs after a solid first quarter, but traders will be closely watching these key levels.
  10. Facebook Data Scandal Doesn't Slow Online Sharing

    Despite the data scandal at Facebook, the number of social media users increased during the first three months of the year. ...
  11. Why Did Kraken Suspend Operations In Japan?

    San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken stopped operations in Japan citing rising costs.
  12. 8,000 Starbucks to Close for Racial-Bias Training

    The Seattle-based coffee chain will shut 8,000 locations for one day in response to the backlash over an April 12 racial ...
  13. American Express Could Face 'Death Cross' on Negative Earnings

    American Express reports earnings on Wednesday with an elevated P/E ratio of 32.28 and a puny dividend yield of 1.50%.
  14. Amazon Adds International Shopping Feature

    The online retailer has launched an international shopping feature for its overseas customers.
  15. eBay Climbs on Morgan Stanley Double Upgrade

    eBay Inc.’s shares rose 3.42% in pre-market trading after the Wall Street firm switched from bearish to bullish on the stock. ...
  16. 3 Stocks May Get Crushed in Walmart’s Discount War

    The discount retailer price wars are heating up as Walmart becomes aggressive in its price cuts.
  17. Why FedEx Stock Is Ready to Fly

    FedEx Corp. (FDX) shares may rise by as much as 15% from its current price.
  18. Tax Cuts Less Popular with Voters: NBC/WSJ Poll

    The GOP may need new ammo against Democrats: More than half fear negative impact of tax cuts.
  19. Microsoft Warms Up to Former Rival Linux

    The shift away from Windows reflects the new growth of markets such as the IoT.
  20. Contrarian Mark Mobius Sees a 30% Stock Plunge

    Famed investment manager Mark Mobius sees a market drop that will erase the last two years of gains.
  21. Pornhub Partnership Ups Verge Cryptocurrency Price

    Speculation over an alliance with the YouTube for X-rated content has driven XVG's price up 160%.
  22. Tesla Aiming to Produce 6,000 Model 3s Per Week by June 30: CEO

    CEO Elon Musk is introducing sweeping changes to Tesla’s business operations in a bid to improve sluggish Model 3 production ...
  23. Jet Demand Benefits Airbus Over Boeing: Analysts

    While demand for smaller planes boosts both companies, US trade tensions make BA less attractive.
  24. Intel’s Chip Lead Is ‘Disappearing’

    One industry researcher expects Intel's rivals to close in on the long-time market leader.
  25. Apple Not Giving Up On Pricier OLED Screen iPhones

    Apple's OLED maker, Samsung, is gearing up to make OLEDs for two upcoming iPhones: AppleInsider
  26. Walmart Overhauls Website to Take on Amazon

    Walmart is overhauling in an effort to better compete against the e-commerce giant.
  27. Apple Needs to Keep Upping iPhone Prices: Analysts

    Apple's challenge will be adding features that a majority of customers are willing to pay for.
  28. NY Attorney General Launches Inquiry into Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announces an inquiry into cryptocurrency exchanges.
  29. Salesforce Options Traders Bet Stock Will Rise 11%

    The confidence stems from investors who are expecting substantial revenue and earnings growth. 
  30. Charles Schwab: April Could End Decline in Stocks

    Volatility isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but stocks could move high if April's historical patterns prove true.
  31. 7 Stock Picks With Giant Upside: Goldman

    Green Pastures: DISH, AbbVie, Hasbro and other stocks are poised to flourish
  32. Costco to Gain on Tax Benefits: Wells Fargo

    Bulls see the retailer's stock outperforming as the company navigates rising cost pressures.
  33. Ally Invest: Headline News Drives Stock Trading

    News flow since the start of the year has been huge, driving the trading decisions of countless investors.
  34. EUR/USD Reverses Sharply Lower After Failed Break

    EUR/USD failed to sustain a rally above the 1.2400 handle on Tuesday and has reversed lower into negative territory for the ...
  35. Airline Stocks Are a Cheap Buy: Bernstein

    One bull foresees a rise in air travel demand, allowing US carriers to pass on higher fuel costs.
  36. Fintechs Give Mortgage Borrowers an Edge

    Fintechs are doing a better job when it comes to mortgages a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and New ...
  37. Why American Express Shares May Jump 14%

    Amex shares are down by over 7% since peaking in late February, but analysts see shares rising.
  38. E*TRADE Enables Mobile Customers to Access Advanced Screening Tools

    E*TRADE rolled out advanced market scanning tools to the iOS version of its mobile OptionsHouse trading app.
  39. Goldman: Tech Regulation to Benefit NVIDIA, Cisco

    But Goldman Sachs' chief US equity strategist sees danger for Facebook and its ilk.
  40. Vanguard: Tighter Job Market, Rising Inflation Could Bring Faster Rate Hikes

    A tight labor market can lead to increased inflation and thus more interest rate increases, says Vanguard.
  41. TD Ameritrade: Solid Earnings Being Met With Skepticism This Season

    While earnings beats would have sent stocks higher last year, investors really need to be impressed this year.
  42. Facebook's Next Privacy Controversy is Biometrics

    A federal judge rules that a class-action lawsuit against Facebook regarding photo-scanning technology can move forward.
  43. What Is The Role Of XRP In Ripple's Products?

    XRP's role in Ripple's ecosystem has clouded its prospects and brought critics to the fore. Here's an explainer on how it ...
  44. Netflix Skyrockets on Higher Subscriber Growth

    The Street applauds another blowout quarter for the media giant despite its scale and higher ASPs.
  45. Pharmacy Stocks Rise on News Amazon is Backing Off

    Pharmacy stocks got a lift in trading Monday after CNBC reported Amazon is backing off of selling drugs to hospitals.
  46. Clean Energy Puts the Squeeze on Natural Gas

    Clean energy sources are crimping natural gas, but fossil fuels still have a major foothold on the global energy market.
  47. Railroads on the Defensive Ahead of CSX Earnings

    Many funds and investors are avoiding railroads and other transports while they await the outcome of NAFTA negotiations.
  48. BlackRock Added To Facebook Position In March

    Despite the sell-off in Facebook's stock in March, BlackRock's largest stock fund added to its position.
  49. What Drove the Mid-April Cryptocurrency Rebound?

    Bitcoin climbed by $1,000 in under a single day.
  50. Has Bitcoin Bottomed Out?

    Has the price of bitcoin bottomed out?
Stock Analysis
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Hot Definitions
  1. Initial Public Offering - IPO

    The first sale of stock by a private company to the public. IPOs are often issued by companies seeking the capital to expand ...
  2. Cost of Goods Sold - COGS

    Cost of goods sold (COGS) is the direct costs attributable to the production of the goods sold in a company.
  3. Profit and Loss Statement (P&L)

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  4. Monte Carlo Simulation

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  5. Price Elasticity of Demand

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  6. Sharpe Ratio

    The Sharpe ratio is the average return earned in excess of the risk-free rate per unit of volatility or total risk.
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