1. 10 Stocks That Can Rise Short Term Amid Market's Swings

    Fast Profits: These stocks offer investors big potential gains in the next 15 to 60 days, Morgan Stanley says.
  2. Bank of America's Overvalued Stock Faces More Declines

    Analysts have been slashing their earnings and revenue estimates.
  3. Bitcoin Dives In Global Selloff

    The cryptocurrency sector used to be viewed as a "safe haven," but Bitcoin has seen its prices fluctuate in sync with the ...
  4. 3 Stock Plays for the Natural Gas Bull Market

    The natural gas futures contract has completed a long-term bottom and entered the first bull market in 10 years.
  5. Citigroup Reports Earnings Below Long-Term Pivots

    The fourth largest of the four "too big to fail" money center banks is cheap with a P/E ratio of 11.00 and a dividend yield ...
  6. A Stock Sell-Off Vocabulary Guide

    When stocks sell-off, a whole bunch of new financial terms start popping up. Here's our cheat sheet.
  7. CRISPR Therapeutics Set to Surge After FDA Lifts Hold on Human Trial

    News of the breakthrough sent CRISPR’s shares surging 14.14% in pre-market trading.
  8. Under Armour's Richly Valued Stock Seen Sliding 12%

    Under Armour's stock is up 27% so far in 2018 but that may soon fade.
  9. Market Rout Ends Growth Stocks' 10-Year Reign

    The recent battering taken by growth stocks is a "tipping point" for the market, Morgan Stanley says.
  10. Tencent's 38% Meltdown May Be Just the Beginning

    As shares of the Asian tech conglomerate plunge, investors may suffer further declines.
  11. Square Stock Punished After CFO Steps Down

    Square CFO Sarah Friar is leaving the company to become CEO at Nextdoor, a social network for local neighborhoods.
  12. The Top 3 NIO Shareholders

    Learn about the top three stakeholders in China’s answer to Tesla.
  13. Why Square’s Biggest Bear Sees a 65% Stock Decline

    Shares of fintech company Square have recently tumbled after years of big gains.
  14. Traders Bet Stock Will Fall 13%'s stock already has fallen 54% below its highs.
  15. Shopify Stock Falls to Key Support Levels

    Shopify shares moved sharply lower on Wednesday amid a broader tech decline, but traders will be watching these key levels ...
  16. Bank Stocks’ Biggest Bull Goes Bearish on Financials

    Veteran bank analyst Dick Bove says banks stocks "are going to go lower."
  17. Alibaba Seen Falling 11% Amid Slashed Profit Forecasts

    Alibaba has fallen more than 33% off its 2018 high.
  18. Tesla to Reach Profitability, 70% Stock Gain This Year: Macquarie

    One team of bulls on the Street views Tesla as a disruptive technology company first, and an auto maker second.
  19. Buy Apple on Demand for iPhone Upgrades: Bank of America

    Interest in iPhone upgrades is up "significantly" in recent months following announcements of Apple's latest models, according ...
  20. Buy Netflix on Recent Sell-Off: Oppenheimer

    While Netflix has fallen into a correction, one technician at Oppenheimer suggests that "the weakness is still within the ...
  21. If Crypto is Dead, Why is it on Vanity Fair's New Establishment List?

    Vanity Fair has included Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in its New Establishment list ...
  22. Buy Starbucks on Ackman Bid? This Analyst Says No

    Starbucks has failed to break above key levels twice in recent years, and this technical analyst forecasts downside pressure ...
  23. If Crypto is Dead, Why Is Yale's Endowment Fund Investing In It?

    With valuations down by 70%, cryptocurrency markets have had a rough year so far. But Yale's endowment fund is reportedly ...
  24. FedEx Decline Could Signal Economic Slowdown

    FedEx stock is testing critical support following a multi-week slide, with a breakdown predicting tougher times for the U.S. ...
  25. Biotech Gearing Up for a Pullback?

    The break below a key level of support on the chart of the XBI ETF suggests that biotech could be on the verge of a move ...
  26. A Bold Call on Gold Miners

    Gold is down, and miners are faring worse, but both assets could be ready to rally.
  27. Why Pfizer Stock Is Likely Seeing Big Buying

    Institutional accumulation signals alongside strong earnings and dividend growth paint a bullish picture for Pfizer shares.
  28. Wells Fargo Reports Earnings at 'Reversion to the Mean'

    The third largest of the four "too big to fail" money center banks has a favorable P/E ratio of 12.15 and a dividend yield ...
  29. China's Huawei Threatens US Giants With New AI Chips

    The new chips form part of the telecom maker's strategy to build an empire capable of rivaling the world’s biggest tech companies.
  30. Facebook Stock Seen Dropping to New Low

    Facebook's stock has dropped 27% from its July highs.
  31. 'Exuberant' Market Faces Second 10% Reversal Since January

    Morgan Stanley sees another correction ahead, indicating that the economy and earnings are peaking.
  32. Russell 2000 Drops to 200-Day Moving Average

    The Russell 2000 index dropped to its 200-day moving average, extending small-cap underperformance.
  33. Bill Ackman's Greatest Hits and Misses

    As Ackman's Pershing Square makes a bold bet on Starbucks, we take a look back at the best and worst of his investing career.
  34. What is the Bitcoin Investment Trust?

    The Bitcoin Investment Trust from Grayscale Investments (GBTC) can help simplify investing in cryptocurrency, but it also ...
  35. Wall Street Slaps Sell Rating On S&P's Newest Stock Sector

    The S&P 500's newest group, which includes 3 FAANG stocks, is getting a thumbs-down from analysts.
  36. Buy Walmart on Booming Online Grocery Segment: Deutsche Bank

    "We believe WMT is best positioned to continue to take both mind and market share going forward," wrote bulls at Deutsche ...
  37. Some Advertisers Moving Half of Search Budget from Google to Amazon: New Report

    Amazon, now the world's third largest digital advertiser, is accelerating its momentum as it pushes into new geographical ...
  38. GE Shares ‘Dead Cat Bounce’: Street Technician

    The industrial giant's turnaround could prove short lived unless GE shares move above a key technical level, according to ...
  39. Why AMD's Stock May Plunge 12% Further

    AMD already is more than 20% off its 2018 intraday high.
  40. Starbucks Stock Attempts to Break Out From Resistance

    Starbucks shares briefly broke out from key resistance levels, but traders will be watching for a definitive close higher ...
  41. Why Facebook’s Oversold Shares Can Rise 30%

    Facebook's strong core businesses can boost the stock longterm.
  42. 3 Charts That Suggest Timber and Forestry Stocks Are Headed Lower

    Long-term technical sell signals and nearby resistance levels suggest that prices across the forestry and timber sectors ...
  43. 4 ICO Stunts You Should Know

    From feats of daring and danger to cringe-worthy PR blunders, ICOs have gone to great lengths to get investors to notice ...
  44. Apple to Gain 18% on Falling Chip Prices: Citi

    "Our checks suggest solid demand for iPhone XS & XS MAX and importantly most consumers opting for higher memory iPhone ...
  45. Tesla Stock Testing Deep Support After Musk Antics

    Tesla stock has dropped 66 points in the past five sessions and is now testing deep support at the April low.
  46. JPMorgan Reports Earnings Amid Mortgage Staff Cuts

    JPMorgan is the largest of the four "too big to fail" money center banks and is cheap with a P/E ratio of 12.56 and a dividend ...
  47. 6 Timeless Stock Trading Lessons from Jack Schwager

    Jack Schwager, author of the "Market Wizards" series, offers six valuable trading lessons to help you create a successful ...
  48. 'Huge Transition' From Opioids to Marijuana Underway, Says Trulieve CEO

    Kim Rivers told CNBC that medical cannabis is increasingly popular in Florida and a “much safer and effective alternative” ...
  49. Hedge Fund Bets Mirror Dotcom Bubble, Only Much Bigger

    Massive speculation by hedge funds in a variety of asset classes is evoking worrisome historic parallels.
  50. Why Amazon's Stock Faces Steeper Declines Ahead

    Amazon's stock has declined by about 10% since early September.
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