1. Will Zosano Pharma Break Below Support? (ZSAN)

    A look at Zosano Pharma's precarious technical position and where the stock could be headed over the coming weeks.
  2. Why It Makes Sense to Stay Bullish On Real US Growth

    Ignore partisan financial media pundits and their related mainstream media memes. Instead, do the math and dig into the actual ...
  3. Yuan Stronger in Q1 ahead of China President Xi's US Visit

    Has the recent appreciation of the yuan been a PR game to keep Trump from tagging China a manipulator?
  4. Bristol-Myers Melanoma Drug Combo Succeeds (BMY)

    Opdivo alone and as a combo (with Yervoy) significantly improved survival in melanoma patients.
  5. Free Ice Cream Day: Americans Love It (GIS, UN)

    Americans consume and produce millions of gallons of ice cream every year.
  6. Lincoln National Stock Trades Ex-Dividend Thursday (LNC)

    Lincoln National will send its dividend payment on May 1 to shareholders of record as of April 10.
  7. Wendy’s Reminds People They Did Fresh Beef Burgers First

    Wendy’s fitting reply indicates that it will continue to defend its fresh beef sales against McDonald’s planned invasion.
  8. Darden Restaurants Trades Ex-Dividend Thursday (DRI)

    Darden Restaurants will send its dividend payment on May 1 to shareholders of record as of April 10.
  9. General Mills Stock Trades Ex-Dividend Thursday (GIS)

    General Mills will send its dividend payment on May 1 to shareholders of record as of April 10.
  10. McCormick Stock Trades Ex-Dividend Thursday (MKC)

    McCormick will send its dividend payment on April 24 to shareholders of record as of April 10.
  11. Morgan Stanley May Hike Dividend by 20 Percent (MS)

    Shareholders in the investment bank are long overdue for a pay raise, according to analysts.
  12. Democrat-Led States Sue Trump Over Energy Policy (XLE, USO)

    A total of 10 states have filed suit against the Trump administration, claiming the president has illegally suspended previously ...
  13. Mylan Copes With New Lawsuit and EpiPen Recall (MYL)

    Mylan faces a product recall and a new lawsuit over EpiPen pricing which, for the first time, charges PBMs in the price conspiracy.
  14. J.Crew President's Exit Is Good News and Bad News (GPS, JWN)

    Fashion pioneer Jenna Lyons is set to leave J.Crew, amid growing demand for cheaper, fast fashion.
  15. Trump Admin Begins Crackdown on H-1B Abuse (GOOG, INFY)

    The Department of Homeland Security will be increasing oversight and accepting tips from whistleblowers.
  16. Active Managers Mount a Major Comeback

    Many active managers are enjoying a rebound in performance this year.
  17. Frequent Flyer Miles, the Hidden Lynchpin of Airline Sector

    Analysts at Stifel argue that frequent flier programs are secretly generating big, reliable profits across airlines.
  18. Silicon Valley Startups Spurn M&A for IPOs Instead (SNAP)

    Following some successful IPOs, tech startups are rejecting takeover offers and opting to go public.
  19. Two Views of Economy Collide: Data vs. Sentiment

    Soaring confidence about the economy contrasts with hard data showing weakness
  20. It's Groundhog Day for Wall Street and ESPN

    Much like Bill Murray in the cult film "Groundhog Day," Wall Street keeps doing the same thing when it comes to ESPN and ...
  21. Warren Buffett Graces Cherry Coke Cans (KO, BRK.A)

    A rendering of Buffett will appear on cans of his favorite Cherry Coke in China.
  22. Yahoo and AOL Will Form 'Oath' (VZ, YHOO)

    Verizon unveils plans to house Yahoo and AOL under a new division called Oath and is expected to axe a number of Yahoo executives ...
  23. Samsung Gets A Huge OLED Screen Order From Apple (SSNLF, AAPL)

    Samsung Electronics has reportedly received an order for OLED screens for 70 million handsets, signaling Apple expects big ...
  24. Tesla Passes General Motors In Market Cap, Becomes Most Valuable Automaker (TSLA, F)

    The electric car maker was the biggest automotive stock in the markets.
  25. Is Carnival Expensive After Large Gains? (CCL)

    Shares of cruise line operator Carnival have appreciated as conditions improve. What do the fundamentals say about its valuation?
  26. Pittsburgh Mayor Wants 'New Social Contract' With Uber

    Pittsburgh's mayor said he is "disillusioned" with the ride-sharing service.
  27. Is Children's Place Too Expensive After Great Results? (PLCE)

    Shares of Children's Place soared after successive pristine earnings reports. Investors should analyze the new valuation.
  28. Top Paying Freelance Jobs

    Which are the top paying freelance jobs in today's economy? And do they allow a person to actually make a living?
  29. Goldman Sachs Considers Bid for The Body Shop

    L'Oreal is taking bids for the brand, whose reputation for authenticity was hurt by the deal.
  30. Twitter Ad Revenue At Risk, Canaccord Lowers PT

    Canaccord Genuity cut its price target on Twitter citing reduced revenue from advertisers.
  31. Qatar to Drill into World's Biggest Natural Gas Field (UGAZ, UNG)

    Natural gas futures are dropping on the news of new drilling, but Qatar Petroleum thinks long-term demand will make the drilling ...
  32. Goldman Rumored to Buy The Body Shop (GS)

    The American investment bank may be interested in buying the shopping mall staple from its current French owners.
  33. HPE Lowers Outlook After Completion of Spinoff

    After a 2016 rally, investors sell HPE after a disappointing emergence from its restructuring.
  34. The Energy Sector Could Offer Earnings Upside (XLE)

    The energy sector has been a dud this year, but it could deliver upside surprises this earnings season.
  35. Former Trump Aide Roger Stone Wants Legal Marijuana

    Stone quotes the Bible to remind Trump of his promise to legalize pot.
  36. Disney, Universal Up Spending to Lure Park Visits

    Rivals increase investment in theme parks and resorts in battle to lure more visitors.
  37. President Trump’s Old Ferrari Auctioned After Speed Bump

    A Ferrari formerly owned by Donald Trump—the only president to have owned a supercar—was auctioned for $270,000.
  38. Netflix Domestic Subscriber Growth to Slow Down: Analyst (NFLX)

    According to the analyst, the lack of a blockbuster show will hurt the subscriber count.
  39. Cellect Biotechnology Gets European Patent (APOP)

    Cellect Biotech received a European patent for its regulatory immune cell technology.
  40. Margin Debt Hits all-time High: Time to Panic?

    Margin debt and equity prices: a case of the chicken or the egg?
  41. 3 Financial Stocks to Buy for the Second Quarter (MCO, DFS)

    Financial stocks consolidated gains in the first quarter and could head higher in coming months, with mid-tier sector plays ...
  42. If Volatility Rises, Be Careful With Momentum ETFs (MTUM)

    Volatility spikes can be unkind to the momentum factor.
  43. Can Facebook and Alibaba Rally This April?

    April is usually a good month for stocks, and thinks that will hold for these two cos.
  44. How Utilities ETFs Deal With Rising Rates (XLU, TLT)

    Utilities stocks and ETFs may be vulnerable to rising interest rates, but there are other factors to consider.
  45. Snap Introduces Search Function on Messaging Platform (SNAP, FB)

    The move pits Snap against Facebook and Google for digital ad dollars.
  46. SteadyMed Wins Patent Challenge (STDY, UTHR)

    SteadyMed secured a favorable ruling in a patent dispute against rival United Therapeutics.
  47. Interpace Gets EU Patent for Thyroid Test (IDXG)

    Interpace Diagnostics’ use of microRNAs for distinguishing benign from malignant thyroid neoplasms has been patented in the ...
  48. Trump Climate Policy Fires Up Power Company War (ARCH, AR)

    Trump's policy may accelerate a downward spiral of prices, hurting earnings for many companies
  49. Novocure's Optune Offers Survival Benefits (NVCR)

    Novocure said the combo of its Optune device, which creates wave-like electric fields, with chemo significantly increased ...
  50. Cyclacel's CYC065 Succeeds in Lung Cancer Study (CYCC)

    Cyclacel stock jumped 45% after the company reported positive results for its cancer drug CYC065.
Stock Analysis
  1. Why is there a negative correlation between quantity demanded and price?

    Learn what the law of demand is, the basic assumption of the law of demand and why there is a negative correlation between ...
  2. If an IRA owner dies after starting required minimum distributions (RMD) but the spouse is under 70½, can the spouse roll over the IRA into his/her own IRA, and stop RMDs until age 70½?

    If the IRA owner dies after the required beginning date (RBD) and his/her beneficiary is his/her spouse, the spouse beneficiary ...
  3. How do credit bureaus make money?

    Take a closer look at how credit bureaus make money, and learn about the kind of services they provide to both lenders and ...
  4. I make over $120,000/yr and my adjusted gross income precludes standard IRA contributions. My contributions to my 401(k) plan at work are limited to $18,500/yr. It seems I'm being penalized for my income. Are there other retirement savings options av

    Only your eligibility to deduct contributions will be affected. You may still make a nondeductible contribution up to the ...
  5. I'm worried about the economy and want to move my IRA funds from stocks and bonds to cash. Will I taxed for this?

    If you transfer funds from stocks and bonds to cash, the movement will not be taxable.
  6. Can I use my IRA to pay for my college loans?

    Learn about how to use your IRA retirement savings to pay for your college loans, including how to avoid the 10% early withdrawal ...
Hot Definitions
  1. Futures Contract

    An agreement to buy or sell the underlying commodity or asset at a specific price at a future date.
  2. Yield Curve

    A yield curve is a line that plots the interest rates, at a set point in time, of bonds having equal credit quality, but ...
  3. Portfolio

    A portfolio is a grouping of financial assets such as stocks, bonds and cash equivalents, also their mutual, exchange-traded ...
  4. Gross Profit

    Gross profit is the profit a company makes after deducting the costs of making and selling its products, or the costs of ...
  5. Diversification

    Diversification is the strategy of investing in a variety of securities in order to lower the risk involved with putting ...
  6. Intrinsic Value

    Intrinsic value is the perceived or calculated value of a company, including tangible and intangible factors, and may differ ...
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