1. McKesson Sews Up Rexall Health Acquisition

    Pharmaceutical distributor McKesson (NYSE: MCK) is ending 2016 with a big new asset in its portfolio. The company announced ...
  2. Middle America Won't Benefit as Much from Trump

    Coastal elites are likely to enjoy greater tax cuts than those in Middle America who helped vote Donald Trump into office.
  3. Las Vegas Sands Isn't Worried About Japan -- Yet

    The legalization of casino gambling in Japan isn't a concern now for Las Vegas Sands (NYSE: LVS), which derives almost 6 ...
  4. Kate Spade Soars on Acquistion Rumors

    Shares of Kate Spade (NYSE: KATE) skyrocketed 23% on Wednesday, on a day when trade was halted for a time due to intense ...
  5. Why Sina Stock Rallied 30% in 2016

    Analysts upped the Chinese media giant's stock ratings this year after a Q3 earnings beat.
  6. How Symantec Transformed in 2016

    The cybersecurity leader has focused on boosting its enterprise and consumer segments.
  7. What Explains Plug Power’s 72% Decline in 2016

    Investors backed away from the fuel-cell provider this year due weaker-than-expected earnings.
  8. Softbank: Is Jobs Move Linked to T-Mobile Deal?

    Sprint's parent may be letting Trump take the credit for new jobs to get a T-Mobile merger through.
  9. The Bulls Have Taken Control of AGN, For Now (AGN)

    Allergan is bucking the trend for the second day in a row, with shares up nearly 7% in the past week. The numbers for 2016 ...
  10. Behind HPE’s 55% Growth in 2016

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.'s strategy has won plaudits from analysts and investors alike.
  11. Are J&J and Actelion Getting Closer (JNJ)

    According to a Reuters report, Johnson & Johnson, and Actelion could be close to an agreement.
  12. Some Tax Refunds Will Be Delayed to Feb. 15

    Extra data to fight fraud means some people's tax refunds will be held to Feb. 15. See if it affects you.
  13. Will Activision Blizzard's Stock Gain In 2017?

    Activision shares took a beating in recent weeks, but the stock may be poised for a strong 2017.
  14. Nike: Running Backwards in 2016 (NKE, DJIA)

    Cool Shoes, Uncool Stock: Nike is the only losing stock in the 30-member Dow as the average nears 20,000
  15. Tesla's Musk Fires Tweets to Skewer Critics (TSLA)

    The famous billionaire's tweets can cutting as President-Elect Trump's
  16. How Alphabet Inc. Reworked Its Letters This Year (GOOGL, FB)

    The Mountain View company is maturing into a company with greater focus and discipline
  17. Amazon Unveils Three Glimpses of Retail's Future (AMZN, NFLX)

    It's reinventing retailing with streaming video, drone delivery and grocery stores without checkouts
  18. Sprint to Create, Bring Back 5,000 U.S. Jobs

    President-elect Trump quickly took credit for the carrier's pledge to create or bring back jobs.
  19. Historical Sector ETF Performance for January (XLV, XLK)

    Most sector ETFs have historically performed poorly in January, with the exception of one.
  20. Is Qualcomm’s Royalty Revenue at Risk?

    Royalty revenue is at risk if more countries follow China and South Korea's antitrust divisions.
  21. New BlackBerry Smartphones Are Coming In January

    Based on CEO John Chen's many comments over the past several months regarding BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY) morphing into a ...
  22. Here's Why NVIDIA Dropped -- and Why Not to Worry

    There's no denying that NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) has been one of 2016's darling stocks. Despite a nearly 7% drop in value to ...
  23. Retirees: Which Places Have the Best Walk Score Ratings?

    When you're choosing a place to relocate when you retire, don't forget to check out its Walk Score.
  24. ETF Wars: NYSE Under Siege

    The NYSE dominates 92% of the $2.3 trillion ETF market, but rivals are closing in
  25. Buyback Fever: What's Driving the Buying Spree (GS, MA)

    American companies are stepping up buybacks in anticipation of Trump's planned repatriation tax holiday.
  26. Behind First Solar’s More Than 50% Decline in 2016

    Amid challenges, the solar leader initiated a costly restructuring that it sees paying off by 2019.
  27. Twitter's 2016 Wild Timeline: A Year in Review (TWTR, FB)

    The term "colossal failure" seems an appropriate description of Twitter's 2016 campaign.
  28. What’s Next for VMware in 2017

    The company leverages its alliance with Amazon while building out target markets to drive growth.
  29. Facebook's 2016: A Year in Review (FB, AAPL)

    Facebook's 2016 was plagued by the polarizing topic of fake news as well as slowing ad revenue growth.
  30. 2 Tech Stock Positioned to Outperform in 2017

    VMware and Micron are positioned to benefit from hybrid cloud solutions and DRAM chips.
  31. Waymo May Have New Partner for Self-Driving Car Tech (GOOGL, HMC)

    Honda may be in talks with Waymo to incorporate self-driving technology into its vehicles.
  32. Which European Hedge Funds Had the Lowest Returns for 2016?

    Paris Cafe: In another tough year for European hedge funds, only a few firms came out on top
  33. Deere to Pay $275,000 to Settle Whistleblower Suit

    The old cigarette slogan "It's better to fight than switch" doesn't apply to farm equipment maker Deere (NYSE: DE), which ...
  34. Qualcomm Hit With $865 Million Fine from S. Korea

    Less than two years  after Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) wrote a $975 million check to settle antitrust charges from one of China's ...
  35. 5 Successful Female Entrepreneurs of 2016

    Meet five influential women who made strides in 2016, despite persistent setbacks.
  36. Big Lots Plans to Test 'Fun' New Store Models

    Big Lots (NYSE: BIG) reported a slight profit in its most-recent quarter, but the retailer knows it needs to continue to ...
  37. Baidu and KFC Launch New 'Smart Restaurant'

    The 'Google of China' teams with the fried-chicken chain in an AI-driven venture in Beijing.
  38. Asian Hedge Funds That Beat the Trend In 2016

    Contemplating Rich Returns: While many hedge funds floundered in 2016, these Asian firms prospered
  39. Pandora Option Activity Picks Up (P)

    January 2017 $14 calls were active today, trading nearly 2,900 contracts.
  40. Hedge Fund' Biggest Paydays of 2016 (SWN, COG)

    A difficult year for hedge funds didn't stop some firms from these notable payoffs
  41. Tweeting Trump Tries to Pit Boeing vs. Lockheed

    First, Boeing (NYSE: BA) came under sniper tweet fire from President-elect Donald Trump over the cost of the next Air Force ...
  42. 3 Google Products That Will Boost the Bottom Line (GOOG)

    The Mountain View company, which is more well-known for its search engine, could hit pay dirt with these products.
  43. Microsoft's Cloud Push, LinkedIn Deal Dominate 2016 (MSFT, AMZN)

    Microsoft's growth in cloud services and its emergence into a threat to Amazon was one of 2016's biggest surprises
  44. Why Snapchat Quietly Acquired an Israeli Startup

    In anticipation of its IPO, Snap Inc. has spent hundreds of millions acquiring smaller startups.
  45. Tech IPO Activity to Revive in 2017

    A surge of tech IPOs are expected in 2017 as pent-up demand drives big-name public debuts.
  46. Valeant's Meltdown in 2016: A Year In Review (VRX)

    The embattled drug company, whose year was marred by lawsuits and controversy, has time to change its course
  47. Nvidia Shares Stumble On Citron Call (NVDA)

    Citron Research see shares of NVDA falling to $90, as market seems to be ignoring risks to the company's business in 2017.
  48. 3 Original Shows That Boosted Netflix's Top Line in 2016 (NFLX)

    There are stranger things than being crowned king of streaming TV.
  49. Broadcom Lower After Hedgeye Bearish Call (AVGO)

    Hedgeye this morning issues a note and video making a bearish case for shares of Broadcom.
  50. South Korea Hits Qualcomm With $854M Fine

    The huge fine was imposed by South Korea's antitrust regulator over abusive business practices.
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  1. Gross Domestic Product - GDP

    GDP is the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country's borders in a specific time period, ...
  2. Debt/Equity Ratio

    The D/E ratio indicates how much debt a company is using to finance its assets relative to the value of shareholders’ equity.
  3. Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)

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  4. Net Present Value - NPV

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