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  1. Why Intel's Stock May See a Massive Rebound

    With Intel's stock down by 20% from its 2018 highs, it may be long overdue for a bounce.
  2. Tesla to Do Collision Repairs In-House

    Tesla’s CEO plans to bring most collision repairs in-house because third-party body shops are making customers wait too long.
  3. Crude Oil Price Forecast: $70 Cap Holding

    Oil remains range bound for now but could attempt to break $70 per barrel again this week.
  4. Stocks Recover as Hurricane Impact and Tariffs Loom

    After regaining some ground, the broader markets will be monitoring the storm's impact, trade developments and housing data ...
  5. AMD's Stock Seen Plunging Over 20% Short Term

    AMD's stock has a history of major reversals.
  6. Equities to Fall as Much as 20% If China Trade War Intensifies: David Tepper

    "We may have to get used to that these tariffs just may be on," said the hedge-fund titan.
  7. 8 Stocks To Lead The Market: Morgan Stanley

    These stocks offer cheap valuations and potentially rapid earnings growth.
  8. Why AT&T Will See A Big Rebound

    AT&T may be on the verge of a longterm advance after falling 22% since 2016.
  9. Snap Stock Is the ‘Proverbial Falling Knife’: Oppenheimer

    "We expect shares to get worse before they get better," says one bear on the Street.
  10. Could the Recent Slump in Bitcoin Have Fostered Insider Trading?

    A recent tumble in the price of BTC has prompted speculation that insider trading has taken place.
  11. Why Storing Bitcoin in a Single Wallet is a Bad Idea

    Recent activity in a mammoth bitcoin wallet highlights the risks of putting all your coins in one place.
  12. Union Pacific Stock Could Gain 30% in Coming Months

    Union Pacific stock has established a trading floor above $150, underpinning a strong uptrend that could reach $200.
  13. Oracle Is Climbing Its 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Software giant Oracle reports earnings with favorable P/E ratio of 14.74, a dividend yield of 1.54% and positives showing ...
  14. US Autos Hit Most By US, China Tariffs: AmCham

    The U.S. automobile sector is set to take a double hit ing the ongoing U.S.-China trade war, a new AmCham survey reveals
  15. Big Data, IoT To Drive Semiconductor Growth

    New age technologies like Big Data, IoT, AI and 5G will replace smartphones and computers as future drivers of the semiconductor ...
  16. Jeff Bezos: There Are Things Only Big Companies Can Do

    The CEO discussed antitrust concerns and other Amazon-related topics at an event in Washington D.C.
  17. SpaceX Has Signed Its First Passenger to Fly Around the Moon

    It is unclear whether the BFR voyage has any connection to SpaceX’s previous pledge in 2017 to send two tourists to the moon.
  18. Yahoo Finance Platform Integrates Trading of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum

    Yahoo Finance has added trading in several prominent cryptocurrencies.
  19. Bank of America May Drop 8% to Test 2018 Low

    Bank of America's stock may retest its July lows.
  20. 'Rolling Bear Market' Will Paralyze Stocks for Years: Morgan Stanley

    As earnings growth decelerates faster than current forecasts, market sectors will cycle through declines.
  21. Why Intel's Bear Market Plunge May Steepen

    Production shortages and technical weaknesses create a gloomy outlook for the chipmaker.
  22. Is A Bitcoin Whale Responsible For The Current Crash In Cryptocurrency Markets?

    An anonymous wallet has been moving large amounts of bitcoin. Some think the bitcoin whale may be responsible for the crash ...
  23. Why Are Stablecoins Becoming Popular?

    The ecosystem for stablecoins has multiplied in recent times. Why are investors and entrepreneurs bullish on them?
  24. Tobacco Stocks to Gain on FDA E-Cig Crackdown

    While Big Tobacco has developed some of its own e-cigarette options and alternative products, none have been as successful ...
  25. Goldman Warns on ‘Weak Fundamentals’ for Micron, Memory Chip Stocks

    Memory downturns usually last for several quarters and can see an acceleration in price declines... causing a snowballing ...
  26. Snap to New Lows, BTIG ‘Tired of Excuses’

    One team of analysts on the Street makes it clear that it will not make the same mistake again by going easy on Snapchat ...
  27. Lessons From the Financial Crisis: Neel Kashkari

    A decade after the financial crisis, Neel Kashkari, the man who oversaw TARP, answers questions on lessons learned.
  28. S&P 500 Will Break Past 3,000 Quickly, Keep Rising: Blackstone

    Blackstone's Zidle sees big market gains fueled by the midterm elections.
  29. Qualcomm Seen Rising 10% Amid Giant Stock Buyback

    Qualcomm's stock aleady has soared 50% since in recent months.
  30. InvestoTrivia Wheel

    Trivia Wheel
  31. Morgan Stanley Plans to Launch Bitcoin Swap Trading

    Leading investment bank Morgan Stanley is working on developing a swap-like derivative product that will be linked to bitcoin ...
  32. Apple Options Traders Bet Shares Will Rise 15%

    Apple stock is poised for more gains after doubling in the past 3 years.
  33. MoneyTap To Connect 60 Japanese Banks with Ripple

    With the launch of its website, the Ripple-powered MoneyTap app is all set to roll out across dozens of Japanese banks
  34. Fidelity Adds to Zero-Fee Fund Suite

    Fidelity is doubling the number of zero-fee index fund offerings in its stable.
  35. Avoid Intel Stock Despite Steep Decline

    Intel shares should bounce toward $50 in coming weeks, but heavy overhead supply may end the recovery effort and trigger ...
  36. Study Sees Blockchain $1T Trade Finance Lift

    A new report by the World Economic Forum suggests harnessing blockchain technology could lead to big gains in global trade ...
  37. Tilray Receives Permits to Export to Germany

    The popular pot stock claimed that it is the only company to offer both flower and oil medical cannabis products to the German ...
  38. 5 Takeaways From Mark Zuckerberg's Security Manifesto

    Facebook’s CEO wrote a blog post explaining what his company is doing to prevent another presidential election manipulation.
  39. Tesla's Global Finance Head Quits

    Over 30 executives have left Tesla since June.
  40. Federal Judge Rules that U.S. Securities Laws Apply to ICOs

    This could have significant repercussions for the regulation of initial coin offerings.
  41. Why's Oversold Shares May Rebound 9% may be overdue for a short-term bounce.
  42. Some Exasperating New Airline Rules That May Have Escaped Your Notice

    Flights are generally cheap in autumn – just don't choke on all the annoying new fees and rules airlines are sticking on ...
  43. This Bull Market May Trample Bears, Last Until 2025: Raymond James

    The experience of secular bull markets since World War II suggests that this one is only halfway done.
  44. Why Viacom Can Rise 20% Even Without a CBS Deal

    Shares of the entertainment giant look cheap as its new CEO doubles down on leveraging its assets.
  45. If The Bull is Still Running, Why Diversify?

    In a bull market environment, efforts by financial advisors to talk to their clients about diversification often falls on ...
  46. Users Spend Less Time on Facebook: Research

    A new study suggests that the world’s largest social network is losing its hold on users' attention
  47. What the New iPhones and Watch Mean For Apple

    A peek at the latest Apple hardware and why it matters
  48. Why Is Dogecoin Up While Most Other Cryptos Are Down?

    Dogecoin, which was launched as a joke, skyrocketed by 160 percent in a month during which other cryptocurrencies fell. Why?
  49. SpaceX Chief Says Musk as Capable as Ever: Bloomberg

    “Look at the work that Elon’s companies do and focus on that. Not on what he does” in his own time, said Space X's COO, urging ...
  50. Why the US-China Trade War May Cause A Bear Market

    Stock investors may underestimate the huge risk of a trade war, FactSet says.
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