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  1. Gold Price Forecast: Downside Risks Persist After Friday Sell-Off

    Fed tightening and a firm dollar are likely to trigger limited gold losses, although the main feature is likely to be heightened ...
  2. Stocks Could Continue Lower as Tariff, Dollar Risks Remain

    As the market digests escalating trade tensions and news from the Fed, the major indexes could see continued volatility in ...
  3. Theranos: A Fallen Unicorn

    A look at the saga of a unicorn biotech startup in Palo Alto, from its rise to the fall.
  4. Freddie Mac Launches Program to Help Out-of-Work Mortgage Holders

    Freddie Mac has launched a new program aimed at helping high-needs homeowners and would-be mortgage holders land a new job.
  5. Fidelity to Use Top Fund Managers to Launch New Canadian Fund

    Fidelity is launching a new fund in Canada that taps two star fund managers to jointly run the fund.
  6. Bitcoin: Biggest Price Swings Happen on Weekends

    Data indicates that bitcoin prices made big moves during the weekends when trading volumes were low.
  7. How Does Blockchain Work?

    Blockchain technology supports the cryptocurrency space and many other promising applications.
  8. Charles Schwab: Total Client Assets Up 2% Month Over Month in May

    Charles Schwab reported that total client assets increased 2% in May compared with April and are up 13% year over year.
  9. The 2018 ETF World Cup

    The 2018 FIFA World Cup has kicked off in Russia. Discover which country ETFs are scoring goals.
  10. Cryptocurrency This Week

    Cryptocurrencies are on track to have their worst week in months.
  11. Amazon Prime Adoption in US May Have Peaked: RBC

    RBC is warning that penetration rates for Prime in the US may have already peaked.
  12. TD Ameritrade: US/China Trade Battles Only in Second Inning

    TD Ameritrade warned that the trade fight between the U.S. and China is just starting.
  13. Fidelity Investments Seeing Double-Digit Growth in HSA Assets

    Fidelity Investments' health savings account business is booming, with assets growing 50% to $3 billion.
  14. Alphabet's Stock May Soon Break Out to Record High

    The stock of Google's parent company nears a big technical breakout.
  15. Vanguard Now Etsy's Biggest Shareholder

    Etsy investors aren't the only ones applauding its move to raise fees for merchants – so is Vanguard, which is now its largest ...
  16. It's Not Time to Panic About Jet Fuel Prices - Yet

    Jet fuel prices are going up. Will that make flying unaffordable? Here's what to watch for and what can help.
  17. How Xiaomi Makes Money

    The 'Chinese phoenix,' facing a crisis in 2016, rose from the ashes by shifting its focus.
  18. Facebook's Cheap Stock May Rise on Better Outlook

    Facebook's stock is cheap when compared to many of its peers.
  19. Bitcoin Futures Are Causing "Gut Wrenching" Weakness In Its Price: Analyst

    Fundstrat's Tom Lee claims large selloffs close to the bitcoin futures expiration date are the cause of "gut wrenching" weakness ...
  20. Trump, Xi and Trade: Trade's Biggest Winners and Losers by State

    While the U.S. runs a big trade deficit with China, it's a different story at the state level.
  21. Question: Why Should Anyone Invest in Crypto?

    Digital currencies have garnered an impressive amount of hype, but are they worth it?
  22. What Are the Top U.S. Imports?

    Take a closer look at the United States' top imports in 2017.
  23. Tudor Jones: Stocks, Rates Will Rise In 'Crazy' Market

    The noted hedge fund manager sees more stock gains ahead, until Fed rate hikes finally put the brakes on.
  24. World Cup Boosts Street Optimism on Twitter

    The worldwide soccer event is expected to help drive already-soaring Twitter shares even higher.
  25. Video Game Stocks Could Shake Out E3 Buyers

    Video game stocks surged higher this week, underpinned by E3 euphoria, and could now shake out weak hands.
  26. Analysts Dim Outlook on Utilities, Real Estate

    REITs and utilities traditionally face headwinds in an environment where interest rates are rising.
  27. NIFTY Small-Cap Stocks to Buy

    While the outlook is mixed for stocks on the NIFTY Smallcap 100 Index, we highlight some names that could be poised for gains. ...
  28. Alphabet Has Been Holding Key Levels All Year Long

    Alphabet held my semiannual value level of $987.07 on March 28, setting the stage for renewed momentum as the second quarter ...
  29. Why Did The SEC Single Out Ether?

    An SEC official yesterday said that ether is not a security. Why did the agency, which has threatened to impose securities ...
  30. Apple: Next iPhones to Have Cheaper LCD Displays

    Apple will produce more LCD iPhones for its fall lineup, betting consumers favor the lower cost option.
  31. Hedge Funds Will Reap Rich Profits on Time Warner

    AT&T closed its deal with Time Warner, and hedge funds that bet on the deal are now reaping profits.
  32. IBM's Stock Poised to Fall Amid Bullish Forecasts

    IBM's stock is nearly 14% off its 2018 highs.
  33. Bull Market Seen Ending in 2019 After Fiscal 'Sugar Rush'

    As the impact of federal stimulus fades, so should U.S. stock prices.
  34. Steve Bannon Is Buying Into Bitcoin

    Stephen Bannon, President Trump's former chief strategist, has come out as a bitcoin and crypto enthusiast in an NYT interview. ...
  35. The ECB Just Crushed Emerging Markets

    The European Central Bank (ECB) released its monetary policy statement on Thursday. The euro sold off, which is very bad ...
  36. SEC Official Declares Ether is Not A Security

    Bill Hinman, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Director of Corporate Finance, told audiences at a Yahoo Finance summit ...
  37. Macys Investment in Tech Startup Reflects Retailers' Larger Defensive Against Amazon

    Traditional brick-and-mortar department stores have doubled down on brand engagement and the in-store experience to differentiate ...
  38. Mortgage Rates Rise to Second Highest Level This Year

    After two weeks of declines, mortgage rates are moving higher, hitting their second highest level for this year.
  39. Elon Musk Buys $25 Million in Tesla Stock Amid News of Layoffs

    Tesla announced June 12 that it was laying off almost 10% of its workforce; Musk reportedly bought $25 million in Tesla stock ...
  40. TradeStation Cryptocurrency Exchange Coming in 3 to 6 Months

    TradeStation has registered TradeStation Crypto with the state of Florida and is gearing up to launch some form of exchange ...
  41. E*TRADE: DARTs Up 1% Month Over Month in May

    E*TRADE reported daily average revenue trades for May that were up 1% on a month-over-month basis.
  42. Charles Schwab: Don't Count Out Emerging Market Stocks

    Emerging markets may be taking a bruising, but Charles Schwab's chief global investment strategist argues that they shouldn't ...
  43. Vanguard: Advisors Should Prepare for Fee Pressures by Embracing Tech

    Vanguard is warning that RIAs will soon see fee reductions, and technology can play in role in insulating them.
  44. Bank of America Focused on Growing Merrill Edge

    Merrill Edge is a big focus of Bank of America's growth, as only 15% of the bank's customers use the investing platform.
  45. TD Ameritrade Institutional: 50% of Advisors' Clients in 'De-Accumulation' Mode

    TD Ameritrade Institutional warned that advisors have to change since half of their clients are in "de-accumulation" mode.
  46. NXP Stock Seen Falling Amid Qualcomm Deal Concern

    Options traders are skeptical that Qualcomm's NXP takeover plan will succeed.
  47. 8 Stocks Seen Surging On New Merger Wave

    Media, telecom and health care companies may be the biggest takeover targets.
  48. What Caused The Crash In Bitcoin's Price Last Weekend?

    Several reasons, from a regulatory crackdown on exchanges to a hack at a South Korean exchange, are being put forward as ...
  49. Why Biotech Stocks May Reach New Highs

    Biotech stocks have been quietly outpacing the broader market.
  50. 4 ETPs to Consider During Volatile Times

    Volatility has crept back into the stock market in 2018. Discover four exchange-traded products (ETPs) to buy in times of ...
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Stock Analysis
  1. Why would a company buy back its own shares?

    Learn about share buybacks and the reasons a company might choose to repurchase its own stock, including ownership consolidation ...
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Hot Definitions
  1. Quick Ratio

    The quick ratio measures a company’s ability to meet its short-term obligations with its most liquid assets.
  2. Leverage

    Leverage results from using borrowed capital as a source of funding when investing to expand the firm's asset base and generate ...
  3. Financial Risk

    Financial risk is the possibility that shareholders will lose money when investing in a company if its cash flow fails to ...
  4. Enterprise Value (EV)

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  5. Relative Strength Index - RSI

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  6. Dividend

    A dividend is a distribution of a portion of a company's earnings, decided by the board of directors, to a class of its shareholders.
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