1. Why Investors Hated Intel's Q4 Earnings Beat

    Intel's results weren't as bad as the effect to its stock price would indicate.
  2. Chipotle Execs Ease Investors' Nerves

    The questions surrounding Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.'s (CMG) food safety scares have sent investors heading for the exits. ...
  3. Why 2016 Will Be a Record Year for Bank Mergers

    Analysts are predicting a record year for bank mergers in 2016. Why?
  4. What Drives The Price Of Gold?

    Gold prices are based on the economy and actual uses, but there are many other factors that dictate gold's perceived value. ...
  5. The Economic Impact of Banning Muslims from the U.S.

    Banning the entry of Muslims into the U.S. could negatively impact its tourism and investment sectors, as well as certain ...
  6. Watch These Stocks Closely For a Breakout

    Here are three stocks to watch for breakouts right now.
  7. Is Intel Still On the Outside Looking In?

    Intel hasn't been the growth juggernaut it once was at the height of the dot-com era, but at around $32 per share, the company ...
  8. Under Armour Stock is Under Attack

    Under Armour management must apply another corporate slogan, "I will" -- to answer can they fix the company.
  9. New Offer for Baxalta

    Shire announced a new offer for Baxalta at $45.6 per share. The deal would be financed by~$21B in equity and ~$16B in cash
  10. The Investopedia State of the Union

    Investopedia readers are well educated market participants who seek to become sophisticated investors. By collecting data ...
  11. Watch Out for Agricultural Stocks

    All eyes are on metals and energy. Based on the charts in this article, now could be the time to watch out for agriculture ...
  12. 5 Most Oil-Dependent Economies in the World

    While gas prices below $2 a gallon have benefited American businesses and consumers, countries around the world are feeling ...
  13. Momenta, Mylan Collaboration Looks Solid

    Momenta Pharmaceuticals Inc and Mylan Inc announced a world-wide collaboration on six biosimilar mAbs.
  14. Four Stocks With Further Downside

    If you're looking for shorting opportunities or a chance to exit a long position, these stocks look like they have further ...
  15. Qualcomm Stock is Broken, Not the Company

    With some 17,000 patents in its portfolio, good luck finding a state-of-the-art smartphone that doesn't contain Qualcomm's ...
  16. Microsoft's Cloud Leadership Rewards Its Stock

    It's not often a company, which established a leadership position in one high-growth industry in a certain era, successfully ...
  17. 2 Reasons Juniper Can Secure You Long-Term Profits

    JNPR stock should reach $35 by the end of 2016, delivering some 35% gains to investors who today seizes the opportunity.
  18. Will IBM's Watson Group Turn Data Into Revenue?

    IBM made a major splash at CES with announcements regarding its data analytics ventures. Will it succeed?
  19. Starbucks Goes Healthier Due to Customer Demand

    While listening to customers should be something all businesses do, in many cases, companies think they know what their ...
  20. Stocks With Bubbles That Could Burst in 2016

    These are some of the over-valued stocks based on P/E and Forward P/E ratios. Will the bubbles burst in 2016?
  21. 6 Factors That Point to Global Recession in 2016

    We may be on the verge of another global recession.
  22. Conflict with Russia Damages the Turkish Economy

    Is it time to pull money out of Turkey? Here’s how the conflict between Russia and Turkey, stemming from Turkey shooting ...
  23. Burger King and McDonald's Enter a Price War

    Restaurant Brands International's (NYSE: QSR) Burger King and McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) both entered the new year by offering ...
  24. 3 Technology ETFs To Watch

    The CES show has investors interested in technology. We'll take a look at the chart of three technology ETFs to try and determine ...
  25. Time to Get Serious About Sirius XM

    Assuming SIRI does beat its 2016 targets, which is a bet I'd take, the stock should reach $4.85 in the next 12 to 18 months, ...
  26. China Slips as India Attracts Foreign Investment

    For 2016, emerging market investors may have to look beyond China to its neighbor India.
  27. Facebook Opens Pre-orders For Oculus Rift Headsets

    Facebook's Oculus Rift headsets go on sale this Wednesday morning. Will the social network succeed in heralding the advent ...
  28. Nokia Clears Final Alcatel-Lucent Hurdle (ALU, NOK)

    It was April of last year when CEO Rajeev Suri announced that Nokia (NYSE: NOK) had inked a deal to acquire France-based ...
  29. Centene Corp Will Lead Healthcare in 2016 (CNC)

    Centene Corp. provided investors with one final present for 2015.
  30. At Bottom, Micron Technology Is Looking Up

    The market continues to focuses on Micron's revenue struggles, which lead to its fiscal first quarter miss, while ignoring ...
  31. 2 Reasons Apple Shares Will Rise in 2016 (AAPL)

    Apple has been down the road of despair and doubt before. Imagine had you picked Apple as a long-term investment two decades ...
  32. Triangle Stock Breakouts to Kick Off 2016 (GIS, SEM)

    These stocks are near triangle chart pattern breakout points, presenting trading opportunities to kick off 2016.
  33. The Outlook for Commodities in 2016

    The fireworks have already started in the commodity markets with increased tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, among the ...
  34. China Stocks Plunges on Weak Yuan and ISM Data

    China’s stock market was off to a poor start in the new year as the Shanghai Composite Index plunged by 7%.
  35. Is Fundrise's New eREIT Right for You?

    Three things to keep in mind when considering investing in Fundrise's new eREIT.
  36. Top Stories for Investopedia Professionals in 2015

    Professional financial advisors and wealth managers rely on Investopedia for the latest information and industry trends. ...
  37. How Safe Is Traveling in France?

    Don't tear up your plane tickets to la belle France in the wake of the November terrorist attacks. But do heed these tips ...
  38. Should Investors Bite Into Apple Stock In 2016?

    Apple started the year with a bang on the back of record sales for its blockbuster smartphone. At the end of the year, however, ...
  39. The Amazon Of Things For 2016

    Amazon had an excellent year in 2015. Will it continue to grow in 2016?
  40. Pros and Cons of These Breakout Stocks (FB, IM)

    These stocks are breaking out, or close to it. Here are the pros and cons of trading these stocks right now.
  41. 2 Reasons Apple Will Remain Undervalued in 2016 (AAPL)

    While Apple stock may continue to be a safe haven for investors and mutual funds, it will likely also remain a great source ...
  42. Top 10 Personal Finance Stories of 2015

    Every year is the year to start saving money, and 2015 was no different.
  43. Value-Priced Stocks to Watch in 2016 (AMBC, VIPS)

    In terms of P/E and Forward P/E these stocks are trading at low valuations. Watch these technical price levels for buying ...
  44. Vanguard vs. Active Managers – A Performance Review

    Is Going Active in U.S. Large Caps Worth It?
  45. Investopedia's Top 10 Stories of 2015

    What were you reading in 2015?
  46. New Retirement Plan Limits for 2016

    Here's what the limits look like for 2016, compared to 2015 (the taxes you'll file in April).
  47. The Force Won't Save Disney From ESPN Losses

    It would seem, the epic flick Star Wars is no match for the epic fail that has become of DIS stock.
  48. The Weakest Stocks In One of the Weakest Sectors (BEN, WETF)

    These are some of the weakest stocks in one of the weakest sectors; a scenario that typically provides excellent short trades.
  49. Jesus Christ, Financial Adviser

    t’s that time of year again, when folks reflect on the year that was and contemplate the year that will be.
  50. Is Apple's New COO Jeff Williams Heir Apparent?

    Jeff Williams was promoted to become Chief Operating Officer, a position occupied by Tim Cook before he became CEO, at Apple ...
Stock Analysis
  1. Why Do Most of My Mortgage Payments Start Out as Interest?

    Fear not: Over the life of the mortgage, the portions of interest to principal will change.
  2. What is the difference between secured and unsecured debts?

    The differences between secured and unsecured debt, and how banks buffer risks associated with each type of loan through ...
  3. How Many Times has Warren Buffett Been Married?

    Warren Buffett has been married twice in his life, but the circumstances surrounding the marriages were unconventional.
  4. What's the smallest number of shares of stock that I can buy?

    Many people would say the smallest number of shares an investor can purchase is one, but the real answer is not as straightforward. ...
  5. What is an economic moat?

    An economic moat refers to a company's ability to maintain competitive advantages to protect its long-term profits and market ...
  6. What's the most expensive stock of all time?

    The most expensive publicly traded stock of all time is Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.
Hot Definitions
  1. Turkey

    Slang for an investment that yields disappointing results or turns out worse than expected. Failed business deals, securities ...
  2. Maintenance Margin

    The minimum amount of equity that must be maintained in a margin account. In the context of the NYSE and FINRA, after an ...
  3. Salvage Value

    The estimated value that an asset will realize upon its sale at the end of its useful life. The value is used in accounting ...
  4. Cryptocurrency

    A digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. A cryptocurrency is difficult to counterfeit because of ...
  5. Promissory Note

    A financial instrument that contains a written promise by one party to pay another party a definite sum of money either on ...
  6. SEC Form 13F

    A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), also known as the Information Required of Institutional Investment ...
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