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  1. Federal Reserve May Introduce A Cryptocurrency In The Future

    What are the benefits and drawbacks of having a central bank like the Fed issue cryptocurrencies?
  2. Disney's Stock Advance Could Be Just The Beginning

    Disney stock could soar in 2018 if its tax rate drops and it acquires assets from 21st Century Fox.
  3. Bitcoin Investing Overtakes Stocks In Google Search Trends

    Web searches for "How To Invest In Bitcoins" are more popular than "How To Invest In Stocks" according to Google Trends.
  4. Charles Schwab and BlackRock Are JPMorgan's Top Stock Picks in Financials

    JPMorgan named Charles Schwab and BlackRock as two financial stocks to own next year.
  5. Vanguard Urges Companies to Disclose Their Climate Risk

    Vanguard wants companies to disclose the financial risks from climate change.
  6. Bitcoin Price Sets New High and a New Normal

    Prices hovering in the $11,000 range is a new normal of sorts for bitcoin.
  7. SogoTrade Gets Into Advisory Services With MarketRiders

    SogoTrade is entering the advice market, rolling out a new hand-holding service with its MarketRiders affiliate.
  8. Intel Stock Well Positioned for Year-End Rally

    Intel shares have been pulling back in a bull flag pattern for six weeks and could bounce strongly, reaching new highs prior ...
  9. Top 4 Broadcom Shareholders (AVGO)

    Get up to date on the four largest individual shareholders of microchip giant Broadcom.
  10. Venezuela Unveils Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency

    President Maduro announced the 'petro,' a new cryptocurrency backed by the country's oil reserves.
  11. The Top 4 CVS Shareholders (CVS)

    Learn more about the four largest individual shareholders in CVS.
  12. Top 4 Aetna Shareholders

    Find out which institutions hold the largest stake in health insurer Aetna.
  13. AMD Stock May Be Headed for Single Digits

    Advanced Micro Devices is trading in the red for 2017 despite the strongest chip rally in years and could break down in the ...
  14. UK Authorities Plan Crackdown on Bitcoin

    Under the new rules, traders will no longer be able to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies anonymously.
  15. Netflix Shares Could Be Headed Lower

    Netflix Inc.'s stock could be sending warning signals.
  16. Why Biotech Stocks May Have More Upside

    The biotech sector performed very well in the face of extreme levels of volatility demonstrated on Dec 1.
  17. 12 Forces May Kill Stocks Despite Tax Reform Euphoria

    Bloomberg Markets looks at a wide range of forces that could bring stock prices crashing down.
  18. What To Do If You Failed Your CFA Exam

    Follow these steps to increase your odds of passing your next CFA exam.
  19. Fox, Disney Restart Asset Sale Talks

    Comcast and Verizon are also believed to be interested in purchasing Fox’s assets.
  20. Winklevoss Twins Are Bitcoin's First Billionaires

    Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have become the world's first bitcoin billionaires.
  21. Can Futures Trading Solve Bitcoin's Problems?

    The introduction of futures trading is being hailed as the legitimization of bitcoin trading but what else does it mean?
  22. Bitcoin Price Defies Critics, Crosses $11,000 Again

    After crashing last week, bitcoin trended upwards again and topped $11,000 over the weekend.
  23. Trump's Tax Reform Plan

    The House and Senate have passed two very different tax reform bills.
  24. Credit Suisse Warns on Chipmaker Volatility

    Compared to last year's short dip in chip stocks, this year's drop might take more time to reverse.
  25. Intel, Warner Bros. to Put VR-AR in Self-Driving Cars

    Vehicle interiors could transform as Hollywood studios, tech cos. team up to win over automakers.
  26. GM Could Beat Tesla in Autonomous Cars: Barclays

    GM's first-mover advantage in self-driving cars is widely underestimated, say analysts.
  27. Tencent Music, Spotify in Talks Ahead of IPOs

    Tencent Music Entertainment Group and Spotify may swap 10% stakes ahead of IPOs next year.
  28. E*TRADE Investors Win If It Meets Milestones – Or Doesn't: Credit Suisse

    Credit Suisse believes E*TRADE stock should surge if the broker meets its milestones. If not, the board could sell, boosting ...
  29. 3 Obscure Cryptocurrencies to Watch

    As bitcoin continues to break price records, some investors are looking to other digital currencies in search of a breakout ...
  30. TD Ameritrade Revenue Mix Prompts Credit Suisse to Start Coverage at Underperform

    Credit Suisse initiated coverage of TD Ameritrade stock with an Underperform rating, saying that its revenue mix is worse ...
  31. Stock Prices Plunge On Emotion, Not Reality

    The eye-popping volatility of the financial markets underscores that investing is driven by emotion.
  32. Credit Suisse Starts Charles Schwab at Outperform, Sets $55 Price Target

    Credit Suisse sees strong growth prospects for Charles Schwab, initiating coverage with an Outperform rating and a $55 price ...
  33. Why December May Be a Joy for Stock Investors

    Holiday cheer for investors: December tends to be the best month for stocks, with November-January also strong.
  34. Charles Schwab Exec Talks Growth, AI and Living Longer

    Bernie Clark, executive vice president of Schwab Advisor Services, described opportunities for RIAs including AI and longer ...
  35. Vanguard Names New Portfolio Managers for Flagship Index Funds

    Vanguard appointed seven new portfolio managers to oversee its flagship equity index funds.
  36. TD Ameritrade Saw Increase in Mobile Trades on Black Friday

    TD Ameritrade said it saw an increase in trades placed over mobile on Black Friday, underscoring the growing importance of ...
  37. Bank of America Rally Could Accelerate in 2018

    Bank of America stock has mounted a long-term Fibonacci retracement level, opening the door to more rapid upside into 2018.
  38. Nvidia, Micron, and Lam May Not Have Bottomed Yet

    Chip maker stocks have been decimated in recent weeks. And the worst may not be over yet.
  39. Bitcoin Price Reverses Course After CME Sets Futures Trading Date

    Bitcoin's price blew past the $10,000 mark again after the CME announcement.
  40. Apple's Best Days Ahead in China: Morgan Stanley

    Push messaging data in China shows Apple should have a strong showing in the Chinese market.
  41. Walgreens CEO: Amazon Not Yet a Major Rival

    Without a major acquisition, the pharmacy industry is too complex for Amazon, says WBA's CEO.
  42. CME to Launch Bitcoin Futures

    Bitcoin derivatives will be available for trading in mid-December.
  43. Big Oil Set for 2018 Bull Market

    Exxon Mobil and Chevron could benefit from higher crude prices, less foreign competition, deregulation and a strong U.S. ...
  44. Amazon in Exploratory Talks with Generic-Drug Makers: Report

    One source says the company is considering entering the drug purchasing market.
  45. Blue Apron Co-Founder Steps Down as CEO, to Be Replaced by CFO

    Blue Apron on Thursday replaced co-founder Matt Salzberg as chief executive with Chief Financial Officer Brad Dickerson in ...
  46. Tesla Turns on World's Largest Lithium-Ion Battery

    Elon Musk delivers on his bold promise to build the storage solution within 100 days or provide it for free.
  47. Why Gilead's Highly Touted Stock Has No Upside

    One investment expert thinks Gilead shares could soar 50%, but there's reason to doubt those projections.
  48. Why Under Armour Could Fall 65%

    Under Armour stock is overpriced compared to its competitors, and could be poised to plunge.
  49. Why No. 1 Pick JPMorgan Can Rise 15%: Evercore ISI

    As the financial sector climbs to decade highs, JPMorgan could rise as much as 15% on strong technical indicators.
  50. Stock Market's 'Absurdly Good' Returns Will Worsen In 2018

    Morgan Stanley sees a market peak in 2018 and offers recommendations to investors.
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Stock Analysis
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  2. Drawdown

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  3. Inverse Transaction

    A transaction that can cancel out a forward contract that has the same value date.
  4. Redemption

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  5. Solvency

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