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  1. China Lodging Group (HTHT) Stock Soars as Hotel Room Rates Rise

    China Lodging Group (HTHT) posts very surprising results leading to a 10% price spike, and a break of resistance, following ...
  2. Why Bulls May Push Oil to $100

    Rising oil prices could go even higher on strong demand and constricted supply.
  3. Bank of America May Rise to Highest Level in 10 Years

    Bank of America Corp.’s (BAC) stock may reach levels not seen since late 2008.
  4. 8 Stocks Fueled by the Autonomous Vehicle Race

    The self-driving car revolution should boost telecom stocks, among others, Morgan Stanley finds.
  5. SORL Auto Parts Breaks Out to New Highs

    SORL Auto Parts shares moved sharply higher following a bullish earnings announcement, but traders will be watching these ...
  6. EUR/USD Sharply Lower Following US Retail Sales

    EUR/USD declined to fresh lows on Tuesday as rising U.S. bond yields and retail sales data pushed the greenback higher against ...
  7. Model 3 Production at 500 Cars/Day: Musk Email

    A leaked email indicates that Tesla is set to hit a weekly production target of 3,500 Model 3s.
  8. Home Prices Jump 5.7% in First Quarter

    Thanks to a lack of available properties for sale, home prices jumped 5.7% in the first quarter.
  9. Vanguard’s Personal Advisor Services Stoking Fears Among Advisors

    Vangaurd is stoking fears among advisors with its Vanguard Personal Advisor Services.
  10. Oracle Accuses Google of Secretly Tracking Users

    The two tech giants are once again at loggerheads, this time over issues of user privacy.
  11. Charles Schwab: Time to Rotate to International, Value and Large-Cap Stocks

    Charles Schwab's Jeffrey Kleintop says it's time to get contrarian, which means rotating into international, large-cap and ...
  12. TD Ameritrade: Majority of Advisors Uncertain About SEC Proposals

    TD Ameritrade's new survey of advisors shows that most of them are unsure about the SEC proposals.
  13. E*TRADE Stock May Still Have Room to Go Higher: Zacks

    E*TRADE's stock may be up by double-digit percentages, but Zacks thinks there's still room for the shares to go higher.
  14. Tesla's Problems May Hurt Profits: Morgan Stanley

    Morgan Stanley cuts its price target and earnings estimates on Tesla because of Model 3 woes.
  15. Fidelity: Toothpaste Consumption Could Boost Consumer Staples Stocks

    A Fidelity fund manager said that toothpaste consumption in emerging markets could drive consumer staple stocks.
  16. 3 Casino Plays Primed for Sports Betting Profits

    Middle America casino and race track stocks rallied strongly on Monday after SCOTUS opened the door to legalized sports betting.
  17. Apple Traders Bet Stock Will Rise 9% to New Record

    Better-than-expected results calmed investors worries on weak iPhone sales ahead of fall debuts.
  18. Why Stocks May Stage a Summer Rally

    The market is up so far in May that some investors take it as a sign of more gains to come.
  19. Qualcomm Shares Seen Rising 9% on NXP Deal

    Shares have risen by about 5.5% since May 8 as trade tensions with China appear to have receded.
  20. DX: The First Crypto Exchange Based on Nasdaq Tech

    The new commission-free cryptocurrency exchange is based on the robustness of Nasdaq technology.
  21. Wall Street's 'Fear Gauge' is Off: Goldman Sachs

    Goldman Sachs sees more market volatility than the VIX is reflecting adding to the recent debate about its reliability.
  22. 13Fs: Activist Funds Cleaned Up in Q1

    Some select positions made some hedge fund activist investors big winners early in 2018.
  23. Advertisers Sticking to Facebook: Publicis CEO

    Amid declining user trust after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, advertisers continue to hold on to the Facebook platform
  24. Southwest Makes Third Emergency Landing in a Month

    A Southwest jetliner's cabin lost pressure and oxygen masks were deployed in another frightening incident for passengers.
  25. Alaska Airlines to Close New York Base

    Alaska Airlines, the fifth-largest airline in the U.S., is pulling out of New York to reinforce its West Coast fleet
  26. Apple CEO Advised Trump Against China Tariffs

    Apple's CEO Tim Cook advised President Trump against tariffs with China in a meeting late last month.
  27. JP Morgan: Buy AMD Options on Blockchain Meeting

    JPMorgan is urging option trades to get upside to AMD's stock as it tends to rally on a blockchain conference.
  28. Winklevoss' Gemini to Add zCash, Litecoin

    The popular digital currency exchange is adding select altcoins to its list of offerings.
  29. Amazon's New Ad Tool Threatens Google, Criteo: Report

    The online retailer’s new offering threatens to disrupt the current advertising market hierarchy.
  30. Tesla Driver in Utah Crash Says Autopilot Was Engaged

    Tesla’s Autopilot technology has been linked to several crashes in recent months.
  31. 3 Charts That Suggest It's Time to Buy Precious Metals

    Active traders are turning to the confined trading ranges shown on the charts of commodity-related ETFs for buying opportunities.
  32. AMD's Stock May Rebound by 12% on Better Outlook

    The recent strength of the quarterly results has sent shares of AMD soaring.
  33. Wall Street Getting Into Short-Term Home Loan Game

    Wall Street firms are underwriting and purchasing short-term home loans that are used by flippers.
  34. TD Ameritrade: Different Sector Leaders Last Week a Good Sign for Stocks

    Different sectors stepped up to lead stocks higher each day last week, which is good for investor sentiment, says TD Ameritrade's ...
  35. E*TRADE: Jobs, Inflation Not the Full Picture for Investors

    The April jobs report and the Fed's move to keep rates steady do not comprise the full picture for investors, argues E*TRADE.
  36. Vanguard Joins Insurance Body in Deregulating UK Market

    Vanguard is eyeing the U.K. insurance market, recently joining a trade body.
  37. Charles Schwab's Total Client Assets Up 12% Year Over Year in April

    Charles Schwab reported that total client assets increased 12% in April on a year-over-year basis but were flat from March ...
  38. ‘20X Returns' From Tesla: Billionaire Ron Baron

    Baron is hopeful that his Tesla investment will generate 20-times returns over the long run.
  39. Dukascopy Expands Into Middle East

    Swiss bank Dukascopy is expanding into the Middle East, opening a profit center to compensate for lower EU volumes.
  40. US Drifting Toward Non-Uniform Currency: Fed Exec

    St. Louis Fed Chief James Bullard said fiat and private currencies can coexist in the US economy.
  41. U.S. Tech Firms' $150B China Revenue At Risk in Trade War

    President Trump is more likely to seek trade concessions with China than hurting tech trade with the country.
  42. US Post Office Cites Govt., Not Amazon, for Losses

    The US Postal Service blamed its fiscal Q2 losses on an inflexible government policy—not Amazon.
  43. I'd "Definitely" Invest in North Korea: Investing Guru Mark Mobius

    Mark Mobius, the emerging market investment specialist, says a combination of South and North Korea would be 'beautiful' ...
  44. Xerox Pulls Out of Fujifilm Deal

    Xerox planned a $6.1B joint venture but is scrapping plans under pressure from activist investors.
  45. Disney: 'Infinity War' Draws $200M in China Debut

    Disney's latest 'Avengers' superhero flick is among a string of blockbusters boosting revenues.
  46. Tesla 'Flattening Management Structure' In Major Shake Up

    The automaker is looking to overhaul its corporate structure and reduce activities that aren’t “vital” to its success.
  47. Citigroup's Stock May Rebound by 10%

    Despite significant gains, the bank has fallen by over 9% since peaking in late January. 
  48. Micron May Break Out Leading to a 15% Rise

    Shares of the chipmaker have risen by almost 85% over the past year, easily beating the S&P 500.
  49. Will Applied Materials Break Out From Symmetrical Triangle?

    Applied Materials shares rallied after a price target increase, but traders will be keeping a close eye on these key levels ...
  50. Fidelity Investments: U.S. Stocks May Be Close to a Buy

    Looking for a sign that it may be time to get back in stocks, Fidelity points to the stochastics charting indicator.
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