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  1. Why Stocks Are Poised for 12-Month Rally

    If history repeats itself, stocks should advance through 2019 regardless of which party won the U.S. elections.
  2. 3 Energy Stocks Face Steep Drops Amid Oil's Plunge

    Oil prices have slumped by 19% since the beginning of October.
  3. Ralph Lauren Beats but Slumps; Michael Kors Next

    Luxury retailer Ralph Lauren beat earnings estimates, but shares opened 4.8% lower. Michael Kors gets its luxury test on ...
  4. Top Companies Owned by IBM

    IBM revealed it would acquire cloud services company Red Hat for $34 billion. Here are some of the computer maker's other ...
  5. Stocks Enter a 'Choppy Bear Market' After October's Plunge

    Morgan Stanley sees stocks going largely sideways, but with high volatility, through the end of the year.
  6. Micron's Battered Stock Faces Even Steeper Declines

    Micron's stock has dropped 36% from their May highs.
  7. Gogo Breaks Out After Earnings Beat Expectations

    Gogo shares soared on Tuesday morning after the inflight internet and entertainment provider posted better-than-expected ...
  8. Why Big Banks' Stock Rebound Will Fizzle

    Banks stocks have rebounded by 7% since October 24.
  9. The Top 4 CVS Shareholders (CVS)

    Learn more about the four largest individual shareholders of CVS.
  10. 3 Charts That Suggest It's Time to Buy Into Utilities

    Bullish patterns on the charts of three major utility-related assets suggest that 2019 could be the year for a significant ...
  11. 3 Precious Metal ETFs to Hedge Midterm Madness

    Learn why the midterm elections may result in "risk-off" market conditions, and explore three precious metal ETFs set to ...
  12. Qualcomm Reports Above Its 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Qualcomm has an elevated P/E ratio of 19.49, but the company offers a solid dividend yield of 3.92%.
  13. Marijuana and Midterms: What You Need to Know

    Here's the impact Tuesday’s midterm elections could have on the cannabis sector.
  14. 3 Chip Stocks to Buy Amid Tech’s Wild Swings

    Amid a volatile tech sector, three chip stocks look well positioned for a rebound.
  15. Citigroup on Verge of Falling Into a Bear Market

    Citigroup's stock is 16% off its 2018 highs.
  16. 7 Threats to the Booming Economy: Alan Greenspan

    The former Fed chairman sees various crises erupting out of problems that have been ignored for too long.
  17. Amazon Plans to Pick 2 Cities for New HQ: Reports

    The online retailer is reportedly planning to split its second headquarters evenly between two cities.
  18. Nvidia May See 18% Price Swings After Earnings

    Nvidia's stock has dropped nearly 30% over the past month.
  19. Stalling S&P Sales Growth Threatens The Bull Market

    A below-average proportion of S&P 500 companies are beating revenue estimates, sending a bearish signal.
  20. Will Lowe's Turnaround Pick Up Steam?

    Lowe's shares moved marginally lower on Monday morning after the company announced plans to close more than 50 stores.
  21. Qualcomm Options Traders Bet Stock Will Plunge 15%

    Qualcomm's stock has dropped 15% since September.
  22. Avis Budget and Hertz Under 'Death Cross' Warnings

    Car rental companies Avis Budget and Hertz Global report earnings with negative weekly charts.
  23. 3 Specialty Chemical Stocks for the Trader's Lab

    Learn why the U.S. chemicals industry has a favorable outlook, and explore three specialty chemical stocks that offer current ...
  24. US Defense Stocks Could Rally Into Year End

    U.S. defense stocks fell sharply in October but should offer major buying opportunities in coming weeks.
  25. Canada's Leading Sector Gets Oversold

    A massive drawdown in the healthcare sector suggests that a neutral or bearish approach to Canadian stocks remains best.
  26. Is Cryptocurrency Dead for Good?

    Coins may come and go, and many cryptocurrencies are indeed likely to fail, but can sector continue to forge ahead unabated?
  27. CVS Reports Earnings Below 'Reversion to the Mean'

    Drug store chain CVS Health is "too cheap to ignore" with a P/E ratio of just 10.04 and a dividend yield of 2.74%.
  28. Goldman Promoting Fewest to Partner Since 1998: WSJ

    The bank is set to name its smallest class of new partners in two decades.
  29. Square's Stock May Drop 11% After Results

    Square's stock has more than doubled in 2018.
  30. Roku's Stock May See a 23% Price Swing After Earnings

    Roku's stock has already seen its share of volatility in 2018.
  31. 9 Innovation-Driven Large Caps Poised for Rapid Growth

    Our second look at a Boston Consulting Group and Fortune magazine list of stocks with superior prospects.
  32. Stock Market Volatility Continues Despite Strong Fundamentals

    Positive economic data and strong earnings could continue to offset political uncertainty as markets digest midterm election ...
  33. Berkshire Hathaway Doubles Profit Helped by Lower Taxes

    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway doubles operating profit on lower taxes and insurance gains in the past quarter.
  34. Apple Plunges Into Correction

    Apple stock fell into correction territory after its earnings release.
  35. Managing Countertrend Trades

    When trading against the primary trend, it's just as important to manage your risk when you're right as it is when you're ...
  36. Peter Thiel Says There Won’t Be Anymore Breakthrough Consumer Internet Companies

    The PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor says Silicon Valley's downslide can be attributed to groupthink and politics. ...
  37. Wells Fargo Forecasts Double-Digit "Monster" Market Rally

    For investors willing to take on risk in return for solid returns in 12 months, one bull recommends doubling down on tech, ...
  38. Gilead Stock to Jump Double Digits: Morgan Stanley

    Bulls are "perplexed" by Gilead's sell-off on the back of an announcement by UnitedHealth regarding a new rewards program. ...
  39. Buy Roku on the 25%+ Dip: Wedbush

    A handful of positive growth drivers including Roku's "exceptional platform," smart TVs, advertising, and Roku Channel are ...
  40. Amazon Stock’s Plunge Is a Compelling Entry Point: Stifel

    While investors were upset with Amazon's top line miss in Q3, Stifel argues that the focus should be more on the growth of ...
  41. Facebook Seen Rebounding As Much As 10%

    Facebook's stock has struggled in 2018, dropping by 14%.
  42. JPMorgan Says 2019 May Be ‘Seminal' Year of Rising Risk

    After a very volatile 2018, JPMorgan sees 2019 as a 'seminal year' with additional risks and other underlying trends.
  43. Netflix Stock Seen Rebounding 10% Short-Term

    Netflix Inc.'s stock has dropped by 24% since peaking in July.
  44. China Driving Auto Stocks Higher

    Learn about China’s plan to revive its embattled auto industry, and explore three U.S. automotive companies that make significant ...
  45. Is India's Small-Cap Underperformance Over?

    Improving performance in Indian small caps should continue to support the bounce in the broader market.
  46. Apple Stock Near 3-Month Low Despite Strong Earnings

    Tim Cook's decision to discontinue quarterly iPhone sales data isn't sitting well with Apple traders.
  47. Buffett in Las Vegas Power Struggle With Sheldon Adelson

    Two of America’s richest men are battling it out to decide who controls the energy supply that powers the state of Nevada. ...
  48. Investors Interpret Apple's Decision to Withhold iPhone Numbers

    Investors don’t appear to be very happy with Apple’s decision to overhaul its reporting structure.
  49. Nike's Stock Poised to Rebound 10% Despite Slowing Growth

    Nike's stock has fallen 10% from its September highs.
  50. Why Bank of America Is a Bargain

    Despite falling nearly 15% off this year's highs, Bank of America is one big bank well positioned for big gains.
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