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  1. The US Dollar Is Breaking Out

    A strong close for the U.S. Dollar Index this week could have an impact on commodities, global equity markets and other assets ...
  2. Easy Money Out of Chipotle: Miller Tabak

    The easy money is now out of shares of Chipotle with short interest in the stock waning.
  3. 3 ETFs to Gain Frontier Markets Exposure

    Learn what reforms are benefiting frontier markets and discover three ETFs that can provide investors with exposure to these ...
  4. How RESA Could Reform Workplace Retirement Plans

    Seven bills introduced in the House and Senate signal a desire from Congress to make significant changes to workplace retirement ...
  5. Hyperinflation Produces Surge In Bitcoin Trading In Venezuela

    The price of bitcoin doubles every 18 days in Venezuela as the country veers down a dangerous road of achieving 1 million ...
  6. Viacom Could Enter Long-Term Uptrend

    Viacom stock is testing moving average resistance for the fourth time, raising the odds for a breakout that finally establishes ...
  7. Counter-Trend Trade in Hindustan Construction

    Although Hindustan Construction shares have been crushed year to date, the reward/risk may finally be skewed in favor of ...
  8. Overstock Blockchain Unit Sees $270M Investment

    Shares of e-commerce retailer are poised for a 20% rally in Friday's session.
  9. Amazon Launches Kit To Install Alexa in Cars

    Amazon released an Alexa developer kit for vehicles as it aims to take on Apple and Google.
  10. Goldman Says Sell Intel On Next Gen Chip Delays

    Goldman Sachs is the latest Wall Street firm to express caution on Intel, which faces stiff competition from AMD.
  11. World Bank To Launch Novel Blockchain Bond

    The World Bank announced it has chosen Commonwealth Bank of Australia to launch the world's first blockchain bond.
  12. Netflix Rival Roku Channel Worth $1B: Needham

    Roku's move to bring its Roku Channel to the web could boost its valuation to $1 billion and draw interest from suitors argues ...
  13. Tesla's Former Engineering Chief Rejoins Apple to Work on Car Program

    Doug Field has been hired to work with the team in charge of Apple's self-driving car program.
  14. Macy's Seen Rising 12% Despite Weak Profit Forecasts

    Shares of Macy's Inc. are on the cusp of a significant breakout that may send the stock higher by 15%.
  15. Microsoft Stock May Rise 10% on Strong Cloud Sales

    Analysts are looking for Microsoft to rise even higher, by as much as 10% from the current stock price.
  16. 6 Reasons Why the Tech Bull Market May End

    Key drivers of tech stock outperformance have peaked, RBC Capital Markets warns.
  17. Yale Study Identifies Cryptocurrency Price Movers

    New research from Yale finds momentum and investor interest drive the price of digital tokens.
  18. Tesla Shares Rise on Report Board Will Explore Musk's Proposal

    The automaker’s board will reportedly explore Elon Musk's proposal to take the company private and is expected to exclude ...
  19. Broadcom Stock May Fall 8% Amid Anemic Growth

    Broadcom faces more declines after dropping 13.5% since announcing the CA deal.
  20. Buy on Dip If Market Falls 5% to 10%: Bill Stone

    The market could decline, which presents a buying opportunity, says the veteran strategist.
  21. Visa, Mastercard Seen Rising 12% on Robust Profits

    Both stocks have dramatically outperformed the S&P 500 this year.
  22. 4 Blue Chips Seen Breaking Out As S&P Hits Record

    Apple, Alphabet, Medtronic and EOG Resources could post even bigger gains, market watchers say.
  23. New York Caps Uber, Lyft New Licenses for a Year

    The city has imposed a yearlong license cap that will hit the cab-hailing services Uber and Lyft.
  24. What to Watch For in SEC Bitcoin ETF Decision

    Supporters of bitcoin ETFs have waited on an update from the SEC. Here's what to watch for.
  25. Goldman Downgrades Seagate; Shares Slide 6%

    Seagate Technology is likely to face some challenges next year, Goldman Sachs predicts.
  26. Facebook, Yahoo Lose to Rivals in Site Rankings

    Facebook has emerged as the biggest loser in terms of the web traffic in recent times
  27. Amazon Captures 5% of All Retail Spending: Bloomberg

    Amazon accounted for 5% of all retail spending in the U.S. last year and that could hit 6% in 2018.
  28. Morgan Stanley Gets Cautious on Chip Stocks

    Morgan Stanley sees soaring semiconductor stocks as being overvalued with high inventories.
  29. Is EOS the New BTC? Pay Attention to Peter Thiel

    Thiel has a unique acumen for investing and picking winning startup ideas. Thiel is now making moves in the crypto world ...
  30. Walmart Could Jump 15% in Coming Weeks

    Walmart stock may have completed a rounded bottom that will support a healthy recovery rally following Aug. 16 earnings.
  31. Will Intel's Rally Close the Gap?

    Intel shares have steadily recovered from their late July lows, but traders will be closely watching these levels ahead.
  32. Market Momentum Has "Broken Legs": Morgan Stanley

    Morgan Stanley is warning that a breakdown in growth stocks, with too few carrying the market, could set the stage for a ...
  33. Elon Musk Risks Reputation With Tweets: Bernstein

    With little follow-up since tweeting that he wants to take Tesla public, Elon Musk's reputation could be at risk, according ...
  34. Rite Aid, Albertsons $24B Deal to Fight Amazon Scrapped

    Plans to merge the two companies into a food and drugs retail powerhouse were halted amid shareholder opposition.
  35. 5 Biotech Stocks Offering Healthy Gains

    The biotechnology sector is having a strong year and a number of biotech firms look set to rise higher.
  36. Netflix Breakout May Boost Stock 11% Short Term

    An analysis of Netflix's technical chart is now suggesting shares may rebound by roughly 11%.
  37. Tech Stocks Will Get Big Boost From Buybacks: Goldman

    U.S. corporations, including tech companies, are buying back $1 trillion of their own stock this year.
  38. How Blockchain Can Protect the Global Economy

    The 2008 financial crisis gave rise to support for decentralized digital currencies.
  39. Morgan Stanley Thinks Berkshire Should Buy This Airline

    Analysts reckon cash-rich Berkshire could pay a 19% to 36% premium for a major U.S. airline.
  40. SEC Probing Tesla CEO Musk's Tweets: Reports

    Officials at the Securities and Exchange Commission's San Francisco office are reportedly trying to find out whether Tesla ...
  41. 3 ETPs to Play Buffett's Moat Advantage

    Learn about Warren Buffett's "moat" investment strategy and discover three ETPs that provide exposure to companies with an ...
  42. Facebook Stock May Fall More on Slashed Estimates

    Facebook stock is down 14% since its disappointing earnings report last month.
  43. Berkshire Hathaway Breaks Out, Leading US Stocks Higher

    The recent breakout could be the beginning of a 25% move higher for shares of Warren Buffet's holding company.
  44. Disney, Amgen Benefit From Shift to Value Stocks

    As value stocks get more attention from investors, the two should get more attention.
  45. Tesla Buyout Plan Poses Big Risks For Investors

    Stock investors have limited upside and major downside risk.
  46. What Are the Top U.S. Imports?

    Take a closer look at the United States' top imports.
  47. Top 3 Snap Inc. Shareholders

    Get the story on the top three individual shareholders in Snapchat.
  48. Micron Seen Rebounding 16% Amid Bullish Forecasts

    Micron will post dramatic earnings and revenue gains in the current quarter, analysts estimate.
  49. What Are the Top U.S. Exports?

    As worries of a trade war escalate, take a closer look at the United States' top exports in 2017.
  50. Crypto Market Caps Plummet on Bitcoin ETF Woes

    Cryptocurrency values plummeted as investors reacted to an SEC delay on a bitcoin ETF decision.
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