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  1. Charles Schwab: Markets Repricing Risk Without Economic Downturn

    The stock market repriced without a recession, which Charles Schwab said is good news.
  2. Trading Without Noise

    False signals can drown out underlying trends. Find out how to tone them down and tune them out.
  3. E*TRADE's OptionHouse: Financial Stocks a Play on Rising Interest Rates

    With the Fed in rate-raising mode, E*TRADE said that financial stocks could be a way to play the market.
  4. Nvidia's Soaring Stock Is Leaving S&P 500 In The Dust

    Nvidia's sizzling stock has been tearing up the market recently, and the bull run may not be over.
  5. Vanguard Funds Join Cboe ETF Marketplace

    Six Vanguard ETFs are now included in Cboe's ETF Marketplace.
  6. Salesforce Could Gain Another 20%: Jefferies

    Analysts see CRM gaining another 20% as competitive pressure from rival Microsoft eases up.
  7. A Tale of Two Toy Makers: Mattel and Hasbro

    With the annual Toy Fair looming, lets look at the two biggest toymakers.
  8. Apple's World Smartphone Market Share Above 50%

    Apple's smartphone global market share surpassed 50% in Q4 for the first time in its history.
  9. Bitcoin Price Retreats From $10K As Mysterious Buyer Emerges

    Bitcoin's price fell below $10,000 amid rumors that a mysterious cryptocurrency buyer may be manipulating prices.
  10. How to Donate to Charity Using Bitcoin

    Charitable donations are not just a nobler use for your cryptocurrency than "lambo" – they're also tax-deductible.
  11. Teva Stock Spikes After 13F Filing of Buffett's Berkshire Is Revealed

    Warren Buffett has the Midas touch: Teva soared after 13F filings showed Berkshire invested $358 million in the drug maker.
  12. Should You Leave Coinbase? Some Bitcoiners Say Yes

    Digital currency exchange Coinbase is under fire amid rumors of bitcoin price manipulation and fraud.
  13. Billionaire Ray Dalio's Bridgewater Bets Big on ETFs: 13F Filing

    Bridgewater Associates, the firm of hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio, took large positions in ETFs, 13F filings show.
  14. TrueCar Stock Set to Test Support After Weak Guidance

    TrueCar shares moved lower in pre-market hours following its fourth quarter results, but traders will be watching these key ...
  15. U.S. Steel Stock at Cusp of Historic Breakout

    U.S. Steel has rallied back to a long-term trendline that could yield a major breakout in reaction to infrastructure legislation ...
  16. Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Accused of Overcharging Users

    Coinbase customers are furious after the cryptocurrency exchange overcharged them or hit them with duplicate charges.
  17. Dual-Class Stock Slammed by SEC Official for Fueling "Corporate Royalty"

    Dual-share classes offer little value over the long-term and should eventually lapse, according to the SEC commissioner.
  18. 5 Safe Dow Stocks for a Crazy Market

    As markets take a tumble it's worth considering stocks with a track record for being safe havens.
  19. Stock Strategies for a Highly Volatile Market

    With volatility and inflation on the rise, it may be time to rethink your investment strategies.
  20. Amazon, Twitter, YouTube Considering Bidding 'Hundreds of Millions' for NFL Rights

    Tech companies are reportedly queuing up for the rights to stream Thursday night NFL action.
  21. Luxury Retail Stocks ‘Too Cheap to Ignore’: Nomura

    An analyst recommends buying the brands themselves rather than traditional brick & mortar retailers.
  22. Tesla Bear Turns Optimistic on Model 3 Production

    While Tesla may be exiting its 'manufacturing hell,' one bear recommends selling the stock anyway.
  23. Target Eyes Boost From Tax Cut, Delivery Service

    A team of bulls expects TGT to gain over 10% as America's No. 2 retailer wages war against Amazon.
  24. Amazon Eclipses Microsoft in Market Value: A 1st

    After Apple and Alphabet, Amazon is now the No. 3 company by market cap. Sorry, Microsoft.
  25. Amazon, BofA Team to Provide Loans to Merchants

    The e-commerce giant faces off against Square and PayPal in the large-scale lending space.
  26. Bitcoin Price Topped $10,200 Amid Cryptocurrency Rally

    Bitcoin's price spiked over $10,200 amid a widespread rally for cryptocurrencies for the second day in a row.
  27. Market Volatility Prompts Massive Swing in VIX Futures

    Recent market volatility has caused traders to make record bets on the Volatility Index, which is a good sign to fasten your ...
  28. Is Someone Manipulating the VIX?

    An anonymous whistleblower has alerted regulators to "rampant manipulation of the VIX index." They aren't the first.
  29. Charles Schwab: Volatility Caused Market Drop, Not the Other Way Around

    Volatility caused the stock sell-off, not the other way around, says Charles Schwab strategist Liz Ann Sonders.
  30. Salon Wants to Use Your Computer for Cryptocurrency Mining wants to borrow readers' computers to mine the cryptocurrency Monero to make up for lost ad revenue.
  31. Investors Move to Cash in February: Merrill Fund Manager Survey

    With stocks selling off in the beginning of February, fund managers around the globe moved to cash.
  32. Peter Thiel Is Breaking Up With the Tech Industry

    The VC kingmaker is leaving Silicon Valley, moving his home and businesses to Los Angeles.
  33. Vanguard Lowers Fees on a Canadian Bond ETF

    Vanguard has lowered the fees on one of its biggest bond ETFs in Canada.
  34. TD Ameritrade: Construction, Transportation Companies Could Benefit From Infrastructure Bill

    The infrastructure bill is far from a done deal, but TD Ameritrade said there are some industries that should benefit from ...
  35. Deere Stock Plows Out of Correction Before Earnings

    Deere reports earnings on Friday with a market-neutral P/E ratio of 24.29 and a dividend yield of 1.49%.
  36. Jana Partners Bought Facebook, Comcast and Teva: 13F Filings

    Hedge fund billionaire Barry Rosenstein's Jana Partners added 12 new positions, according to recent 13F filings.
  37. TripAdvisor Stock Breaks Out to Fresh Highs After Earnings Beat

    TripAdvisor shares broke out from key resistance levels following Q4 earnings, but traders will be watching these key levels ...
  38. 10 Banks With Soaring Dividend Payouts

    Bank stocks outperformed during the recent market plunge, and hefty dividend hikes are likely.
  39. Intel Shares May Rebound 12% By June

    Options traders are betting that Intel stock could top $50 by June after a recent drop-off. Here's why.
  40. What Investors Fear Most

    The yuan! Trump! North Korea! Brexit! Inflation! We brought together two years of survey data to show how quickly investors' ...
  41. Citadel Advisors' Stock Holdings Rose 18.2% In 4Q: 13F Filing

    Ken Griffin's investment firm Citadel Advisors handily beat the S&P 500 in Q4 of 2017, according to 13F filings.
  42. Hedge Fund Billionaires Bet on Consumer Discretionary Stocks: 13F

    The latest 13F filings show that hedge fund billionaires invested in consumer discretionary stocks in Q4 of 2017.
  43. Apple's 'Other' Sales to Hit $22B in 2019: Analyst

    Setting aside iPhones & Macs, sales of Apple's Watch, AirPod, HomePod will contribute big revenue.
  44. 'Dog of the Dow' Coca Cola Reports Without Fizz

    A "Dog of the Dow" for 2018, Coca-Cola has an elevated P/E ratio of 42.09 with a favorable dividend yield of 3.35%.
  45. Shopify Stock Tests Breakout Support After Earnings

    Shopify broke out to an all-time high near $140 ahead of earnings and is testing new support following a bearish sell-the-news ...
  46. What Is the Difference Between Blockchain ETFs and Bitcoin ETFs?

    Investors often confuse blockchain with bitcoin. This confusion carries over into ETFs. How do blockchain ETFs and bitcoin ...
  47. Litecoin Price Spikes 32% On News Of LitePay Payment Processor

    Litecoin prices spiked by 32%, in part due to the upcoming launch of LitePay, a payments processor.
  48. Apple Stock Buyback Could Lift EPS 30%: UBS

    The iPhone maker’s earnings per share could increase as much as 30 percent above current estimates if it buys back 10 percent ...
  49. Jeweler Accused in $1.8B Banking Fraud in India May Have Fled the Country

    Modi and his relatives have been accused of swindling $1.8 billion (114 billion rupees) from the Punjab National Bank, India's ...
  50. 6 Momentum Stocks For a Volatile Market

    Momentum stocks could prove strong buys.
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Stock Analysis
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    Between the closing bell and the next opening bell, a number of factors can affect the attractiveness of a particular stock ...
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    Intrinsic value is the actual value of a company or an asset based on an underlying perception of its true value including ...
  2. Bubble

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  3. Swap

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